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South West Forum

  1. 1. South West Forum Supporting. Voluntary groups to be effective, collaborative influential and independent.  Local authorities and public agencies to have strong partnerships with voluntary groups.  Businesses to work with voluntary groups to mutual advantage. a
  2. 2.  South West Forum has beensupporting the South West’s 70,000social purpose organisations since 2000. The Forum has an excellentreputation nationally and we workclosely with other similar networks inEngland through Regional Voices We believe that the work of voluntarygroups is fundamental to an effectiveand healthy democratic societya
  3. 3. Supporting and enabling groups tobe better at doing what they wantto do drives all our work.a
  4. 4. We provide support, advice and consultancy in many fieldsbut our key areas of expertise lie in: Organising conferences, workshops and other events Developing and managing networks Independent facilitation and chairing Brokering and supporting consortia and partnerships Advice and workshops on demonstrating impact Training and support on voice, influence & campaigning Policy interpretation, analysis and advice Advice and support on commissioning strategies Support on contracting & sub-contracting relationships Developing online resources and social networks Voluntary sector involvement in new structures a
  5. 5. Key achievements and activities during 2010 and 2011 Big Society 9 local Big Society Roadshow events across the region attracting over 500 people House of Commons reception for South West MPs Vital and Voluntary - An action agenda for strong and dynamic South West voluntary and community organisations sent to all SW parliamentary candidates before the election and all MPs after. Understanding Big Society and Localism Conference for the public sector a
  6. 6. Key achievements and activities during 2010 and 2011 Impact Proving Our Value research projects commissioned from local university/voluntary sector partnerships. Online links and ‘signposting’ to resources and tools for measuring impact in place by end 2011. a
  7. 7. Key achievements and activities during 2010 and 2011 Voice Who’s Listening to the Big Society report published Successful programme of workshops for workers supporting the voice of voluntary organisations, including Equal Voices, Equal Rights event and training in the Axis of Influence frameworks. Support, advice, workshops to 19 local networks on voice and influence a
  8. 8. Key achievements and activities during 2010 and 2011 Influencing health reform 4 consultation events on health and social care reform including 2 Future Forum listening and engagement events. Input reflected in national Future Forum report Constructive “roundtable” event on voluntary sector involvement in Health and Wellbeing Boards. Will use this model for other policy discussions. Major South West conference, Healthy Communities, in November 2010 with Richard Wilkinson, author of The Spirit Level as a keynote speaker. a
  9. 9. Key achievements and activities during 2010 and 2011 Working with LEPs The Vital Link, research report on voluntary and social enterprise involvement in LEPs, published and widely circulated including to LEP Board members. Supported 5 local LEP roadshow events across the South West. LEPs with Social Purpose report from these events published Autumn 2011. a
  10. 10. Key achievements and activities during 2010 and 2011 Collaboration and networking Built the Community Learning, Employment and Skills Partnership (CLESP) to help voluntary groups secure Skills Funding Agency and other contracts. Now has over 120 members. Supported the South West network for local authority officers working with the voluntary sector – valued by participants. a
  11. 11. Key achievements and activities during 2010 and 2011 Information and communication Regular specialist e-bulletins available to all via our website Monthly newsletters sent to all members Disseminating the latest news, stories and policy updates via Twitter (800 followers and rising), Facebook and LinkedIn a
  12. 12.  41 conferences, workshops and seminars since 2010 – attracting over 1800 people Regular communication with over 2000 individual and 1200 organisation contacts “Inspiring, fun, very well delivered, empowering” “I don’t usually give 10/10 but I couldn’t think of what could have been better” “Lots of new information and positive suggestions” “So relevant to where we are at as an organisation” a
  13. 13. South West ForumUnit A1, The Innovation Centre, Universityof Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter EX4 4RN01392 West ForumSouth West Foruma