Social value slides Wilts VSF 3 July


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Social value slides Wilts VSF 3 July

  1. 1. Social Value After the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 Wiltshire Voluntary Sector Forum 3 July 2013
  2. 2. What does the Act say? “The authority must consider— (a)how what is proposed to be procured might improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of the relevant area, and (b)how, in conducting the process of procurement, it might act with a view to securing that improvement.” – Exemption for urgent procurements – Does not overrule procurement legislation (my emphasis)
  3. 3. Also requires authorities: • To consider whether to undertake any consultation as to what it should consider in order to comply with its main duty under the Act.
  4. 4. What is Social Value?
  5. 5. What is Social Value? No universal definition Social Enterprise UK: Social value asks the question: “If £1 is spent on the delivery of services, can that same £1 be used, to also produce a wider benefit to the community”.
  6. 6. What is Social Value? "social value refers to wider non-financial impacts of programmes, organisations and interventions, including the wellbeing of individuals and communities, social capital and the environment. These are typically described as 'soft‘ outcomes, mainly because they are difficult to quantify and measure.“ Measuring Social Value, Demos
  7. 7. What’s Happening?
  8. 8. An uphill battle... You have to know languages when you go to sell something… …but when you go to buy everyone does what he must to understand you.” Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Love in the time of Cholera
  9. 9. Challenges • Only 18% of commissioners regularly engage with potential providers to design a tender • Criteria for awarding contracts – TOP: Cost – BOTTOM: Community engagement potential Future Service Partnerships, LGiU,
  10. 10. What you can do: Find out locally: 1. What are the local priorities? 2. Is there clear political leadership 3. What counts as having met the Act’s requirements?
  11. 11. Insert Social Value... here here here here here
  12. 12. “…there’s an onus on us to make the biggest difference we can… It’s not enough to show that you did something. You have to show that what you did is better than anything else you could have done.” Peter Wanless ( former Chief Executive, The Big Lottery Fund) Demonstrate your Impact
  13. 13. September – December Events •Commercial Skills Masterclass for Public Service Delivery •Proving Your Impact on a Shoestring •Communicate Your Impact •How to Measure your Impact – An introduction to Proving you make a difference An Introduction to Outcomes and How to Measure them What are we Doing?
  14. 14. Proving Our Value • 5 research partnerships • new approaches and measures to collate data and evidence impact; • 5 methodologies for impact assessment • Dedicated PhD student
  15. 15. Acknowledgments This presentation is based on material from: • John Dawson, Local Commissioning and Procurement Adviser, NAVCA • Jenni Inglis, VIE • Helen Vines, Vinesworks • Charlotte Hanson – Proving Our Value, South West Forum
  16. 16. 01392 247901