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  • To clarify - £55,000 is available to each of the 5 research partnerships across the region. SWF have developed a robust commissioning process with a 2 stage application process. All applications will be assessed and scored against published criteria with final decisions taken by an independent sub-group of the Project Advisory Group. Key timings: paperwork available for the Expression of Interest from the end of March on our website (we will notify current interested parties by email) though we recognise this is tight so we will have the questions / headings ready for circulation next week.Closing date: Wed 20th April.It is envisaged that we will do a good degree of shortlisting at this stage so this is an important stage.Successful stage 2 applicants will be informed in early MayFull Application & research framework will be available in late May, for submission by July 18th.Contracts will be awarded in August to commence in September.Contracts will last two years. We realise that it may be difficult for the delivery of the research to commence in September, but we would expect to see project activity commence then, and to deliver within the timescale.
  • Some of these will be fairly obvious, but to highlight a few key points:The proposal must meet theresearch parameters of the research, that is: The Service Area (s) to be evaluated falls into at least one of the priority areas.The project is feasible in terms of demonstrating impactful social actions in an economic context The project tests out economic indicators and some of the impact methodologies proposedThat the proposed project & research methodologies are robust and the outputs and outcomes relate to those of the research framework.That the resource model is appropriate and provides maximum scope:SWF will not be prescriptive as to how organisations wish to cost their proposals – However, we would like to see a proposal that Values all partners appropriatelyThat maximises theresources to undertake the work – balancing FCR against other approaches e.g. Studentships and inkind contributionsAny Leverage / added value demonstrated 
  • Research Organisations will be asked to describe your existing expertise / developing interest in vcs, sub-sector or impact workTo demonstrate the benefit, outcomes, impact & added value of project to academic community You will need to demonstrate willingness to be part of a bigger process, e.g. commitment to engage in dissemination findings, sharing practice and collaborate with other research projects at a regional level, and to operate within the demands of Lottery funding.You will need to show evidence of Collaboration: at minimum with yourvcs partners, but might also wish to consider pan-University and clustering models.
  • We would like to see evidence of a robust partnership with the vcs, with one or more partners named and clear roles identified (We will expect to see Partnership agreements at full application & Letters of support at EOI stage). We want to see & understand how vcs partners will be practically engaged through the project methodology and costings.You will be asked to identify the need for the research proposed and evidence any existing or developing interest in measuring impact: describing the client group, the current context (skills, needs, funding, strategic context), and the longer-term positive outcomes and benefits to all partners. We want to see evidence that partners have the capacity to deliver project or have identified plans to fill these gaps: skills, resources, and established links to beneficiary groups.
  • Although these are not essential criteria we are interested in projects that can demonstrate the following:We are looking for partnerships / projects where you see impact as a core part of your future work.We are looking to support partnerships with real longer-term potential (project evidence of outcomes include £ leverage, no, additional research collaborations etc.)Start working on your partnership now!We are looking for Added Value:Either through establishingLinkages to parallel strategic /academic processesAnd/orMaximising the resource opportunity
  • As part of the Proving Our Value project we would like to offer a range of support services to potential research partners and our wider membership. These might include:Impact TrainingAn Online matching service for vcs & HEI research partnersPartnership facilitation support – e.g. Resources such as sample partnership agreementsHandbook on Impact methodologies In your delegate pack you will an evaluation form which asks for your feedback on which of these might be useful to you, so please can you return these to us so we know how best to respond.
  • Finally – we are in the process ofdeveloping an online home for the project and will be posting up all the information from today and additional information as it is released.
  • POV - Commissioning Process presentation

    2. 2. KEY TIMINGS<br />Assessment: scores against published criteria<br />2<br />
    3. 3. What we are looking for:RESEARCH PROPOSAL<br /> <br />Proposal meets full research parameters<br />Project methodology is well planned & deliverable<br />Proposed research methodology is robust and appropriate to project’s research framework<br />Resource model is appropriate and provides maximum scope <br />3<br />
    4. 4. RESEARCH ORGANISATIONS (HEI)<br />Existing expertise / interest<br />Demonstrate benefit & impact of research <br />Willingness to be part of a bigger process<br />Evidence of collaboration<br />Capacity/skills to deliver research <br />4<br />
    5. 5. VCS PARTNERS<br />Evidence of robust partnership <br />Evidence existing impact work / interest <br />Evidence of need for research <br />Capacity to deliver project<br />Strong links with beneficiary groups<br />5<br />
    6. 6. TOP TIPS<br />Strong evidence need / interest <br />Real partnerships with potential<br />Added Value<br />6<br />
    7. 7. Coming Soon...?<br />Impact Training<br />Online matching service<br />Partnership facilitation support<br />Handbook on Impact methodologies<br />7<br />
    8. 8. PROVING OUR VALUE<br />THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF SOCIAL ACTION<br /> www.southwestforum.org.uk/provingourvalue<br />8<br />