Smartboard Training Guide 18 To 25


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Smartboard Training Guide 18 To 25

  1. 1. Training Manual Modules 15 to 21: Intermediate
  2. 2. 15 Screen capture 16 Inserting links 17 Scanning 18 Audio CDs or DVDs 19 Screenshade 20 Powerpoint 21 Quick reference Index
  3. 3. Click on the "Capture" icon to quickly, but with slightly lower resolution, capture and if required crop images or text from any webpage/document. This is the window that opens 15
  4. 4. Note that you have the option of having the image pasted to the page you're working on, or of a "page 2" being opened for it. The screen capture toolbar functions are, from left to right: 1) Capture a square area. Useful for graphics. 2) Capture the white screen area- the advantage of this would be to capture your, or your students scribblings, but I normally just save the whole page as the document's original name + done. 3) Capture the white screen area AND the toolbar icons. 4) Capture an irregular freehand area. Useful for graphics (e.g. removing part of a photo without recourse to photoshop style software) 15b
  5. 5. To insert a link into the notebook page (so that it can be opened just by tapping it): Open internet explorer and "copy" (or "cut") the "www." address- (highlight the address, then lick and choose "copy" or "cut"). Go to the "insert" option on the top toolbar. Choose "link". Put the cursor in the gap for the address, right click and choose "paste". Click "ok". The link can be dragged from the top (where it always first appears) to wherever you want it. 16
  6. 6. Also, you can scan a limited number pages from coursebooks (giving the copyright acknowledgement) and show them on the smartboard, and write over them 17
  7. 7. 1) Place document in scanner. 2) Start; then My computer, then double click. (scroll to the bottom if needs be) on HP Scanjet 3800 and choose “ok”. 3) Select the area to be copied by left clicking and dragging the red “scan area” box to cover the required area. 4) Right click and choose “copy image”. 5) Open smartboard notebook. 6) Right click and choose “paste”. 17
  8. 8. HOW TO PLAY AUDIO CDs OR DVDs 1. Put the DVD or CD in the tray (it’s usually in the right hand side of the monitor) 2. Go to start, then my computer 3. Right click on the CD/DVD once its real name has been recognised by the computer 4. Choose POWERDVD, and let it set itself up . IT’LL TAKE A BIT OF GETTING USED TO Press play (the right pointing arrow in the central circle) Press skip for the next track, and pinpoint using the thin line at the bottom on the left. 18
  9. 9. A screen shade can be pulled down or across, to hide then reveal material, and can be saved "in position" in the document as this screen shade has been 19
  10. 10. Lastly, smartboard documents can be quickly and easily converted into powerpoint documents (they are better for printing and putting into stcLIVE) by clicking on 'file' then 'export' powerpoint. The new powerpoint will be saved adjacently to the smartboard document. 20