Lesson 16 Spring 2009


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Lesson 16 Spring 2009

  1. 1. we use will/shall: for an unplanned event in the future, for an offer, for a promise. I'll open the door door. I'll help you with that going to + the infinitive: a future plan or prediction Yesterday my fridge broke down - I decided that I’m going to buy a new one. The weather’s going to be cold tomorrow the present continuous: plus a time expression: for an arrangement that we have planned for a fixed time - tonight/tomorrow etc Yesterday my fridge broke down, I decided that I’m buying a new one on Saturday the present simple: for fixed events like a train timetable, a formal arrangement or a programme with a time expression The bus leaves at nine o’clock The Prime Minister is to open a new school next week
  2. 2. The present perfect refers to a time.... ? before now the past perfect refers to a time .........? before an action in the past So - the future perfect refers to an action.......? BEFORE a point in the future