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  • The Cornelius O’Connor House was built in 1875 by O’Connor himseof
  • Combs School
  • Emmanuel Lutheran Church Dakota City Nebraska built in 1860
  • Sgt. Floyd Memorial was built following the centennial of Floyd’s death in 1804
  • Prospect Hill Monument is in honor of a group of missionary pastors, who
  • Chief War Eagle Monument depicts the Sioux chief offering the pipe to the Great Spirit before offering the pipe to the warring tribes.
  • The Sioux City Art Center offers classes, and exhibits for the public. During the summer they will be displaying art from some of the area middle schools.
  • The Pierce Mansion
  • Lewis and Clark Interpretative Center
  • North Raccoon Water Trail 160 miles of river over 6. This is the Welcome Depot of the Trail in Perry Iowa.
  • Pipestone National Monument
  • Pipestone offers interpretative programs, demonstrations, a visitor’s center and a host of trails for hiking
  • The Homestead National Monument of America. It celebrates the Homestead Act of 1862. President Lincoln opened lands in 30 states for settlement with this act. It is the Ellis Island of Homesteading.
  • Badlands National Park The Badlands are a scenic wonder. With campgrounds, liking, Badlands Night Sky, children’s programming.
  • Devil’s Tower
  • Ponca State park
  • On of the cabins in Ponca State Park
  • Niobrara State Park
  • John G. Neihardt Center Bancroft Nebraska
  • Ashfalls Fossil beds
  • Fremont dinner train
  • John C. Fremont Days is held to promote the community of Fremont, Nebraska and to celebrate the life of the Pathfinder John C. Fremont
  • Winnebago Powwow July 26-29 2012
  • The Omaha Holiday Festival of Lights is an opportunity to get into the holiday spirit. Nightly caroling from November through December. This is a picture of the Gene Lehey Mall.
  • Heartland of America Park on the Omaha river front.
  • Blackbird Scenic Outlook
  • Gerald R. Ford Birthplace and Garden 3202 Woolworth Omaha
  • The Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center is dedicated to the art of preserving historical artifacts
  • West Branch Iowa Contains the where he was born, the library and museum and the gravesite and memorial.
  • Amana Heritage Museum
  • Amana Barn Museum
  • The kitchen of the Parents of MeMe Dowd
  • Wilder Chapel
  • This house is used in the television show for when they moved to DeSmett, South Dakota
  • Many states across the United States have quilt barn projects.
  • Travel local

    1. 1. Travel LocalDiscover the world around you
    2. 2. We Will Discuss• Sites to see in Dakota County• Sites to see in Sioux City• National/State Parks• Places that are off the beaten path• Historical places• Literary/ Movie locations• Other types of trips
    3. 3. Dakota County Sites
    4. 4. Sioux City Sites
    5. 5. National ParksMonuments, Parks & Trails
    6. 6. Pipestone National Monument"When you pray with this pipe, you prayfor and with everything." -Black Elk
    7. 7. 2012 is the 75 Anniversary th
    8. 8. State Parks
    9. 9. Off the Beaten Path
    10. 10. Historic Sites
    11. 11. Herbert Hoover Historical Site
    12. 12. Grant Home in Galena Illinois
    13. 13. Amana Colonies
    14. 14. Amana Church Museum
    15. 15. Barn Museum
    16. 16. Devil’s GulchGarretson, South Dakota
    17. 17. MaMie Eisonhower Birthplace
    18. 18. Literary & Film Museums, Sites etc.
    19. 19. Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad & Museum
    20. 20. Walnut Grove, Minnesota
    21. 21. Field of Dreams, Dyersville Iowa
    22. 22. Covered Bridges, Madison County, Iowa
    23. 23. John Wayne Birthplace, Winterset, Iowa
    24. 24. Quilt Barns Across America
    25. 25. Drive-in Movie Theatres