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Lost art of letter writing


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Lost art of letter writing

  1. 1. The Lost Art of Letter Writing
  2. 2. For hundreds of years, or at least sincepens and paper became commonplace,people who wanted to get in touch withother people separated by distance hadonly one way to do it: they wrote letters,the only means of long-distancecommunication, at least until the inventionof the telegraph in the 19th century.
  3. 3. Why the study of letters is important They are primary source materials They give us a look at the life and personality of the writer and the reader. Letters are the basis of English language communications.
  4. 4. Types of letters we will look like Governmental letters War letters Love letters Narrative letters Humorous letters
  5. 5. The American Revolution
  6. 6. Thomas Paine: Collected Writings
  7. 7. George Washington Writings
  8. 8. My Dearest Friend:Letters of Abigail and John Adams
  9. 9. The Debate On the Constitution
  10. 10. James Madison Writings
  11. 11. Americans in Paris
  12. 12. Letters of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
  13. 13. Dear Brother: Letters of William Clark to Jonathan Clark
  14. 14. The Civil War: The First Year Told by Those Who Lived It
  15. 15. Grant: Memoirs and Selected Letters
  16. 16. Letters of a Woman Homesteader
  17. 17. Nathaniel West
  18. 18. John Dos Pasos
  19. 19. World War II Radio Heroes: Letters of Compassion
  20. 20. Searching for Anne Frank
  21. 21. Signs of Life: the Correspondence of German POWS at Camp Algona, Iowa 1940-1946
  22. 22. Only the Least of Me is Hostage
  23. 23. Since You Went Away
  24. 24. The Greatest Generation Speaks
  25. 25. Three collections from Andrew Carroll
  26. 26. As Always, Julia
  27. 27. Ronald Reagan: In Love and at Work
  28. 28. Dear Mr. President
  29. 29. Funny Letters from Famous People
  30. 30. Letters to a Young Iowan
  31. 31. Hope you have a great week,Dan