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ReportPlus: Create Dashboards with your iPad


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ReportPlus is an application for the iPad that allows you to create business intelligence dashboards connecting directly to enterprise data sources such as: SharePoint, SQL Server, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, Excel & OData.

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ReportPlus: Create Dashboards with your iPad

  1. 1. ReportPlus Business Intelligence DashboardsAn iPad Self Service Business Intelligence solution
  2. 2. ReportPlus
  3. 3. Self Service BI FlowConnect Pivot Visualize Dashboard Share
  4. 4. Connect• Connect directly from your iPad to popular enterprise data sources such as: – Microsoft Office Excel files – Microsoft SharePoint libraries – Microsoft SQL Server databases – Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services – Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services – OData web services
  5. 5. Connect
  6. 6. Filter & Pivot• Summarize data with pivot table• Apply different filter types: – Filter by value selection – Filter by rules • Top 10 | Bottom 10% | Starts with – Filter empty values• Sort columns• Add calculated columns
  7. 7. Filter & Pivot
  8. 8. Visualize• Customize the way data is presented to better suit the business needs, with one of several options: – Chart data • Bar Chart, Column Chart, Line Chart, Spline Chart, Spline Area Chart, Pie Chart, OHLC, Candlestick, etc – Map Chart – 2 Y-Axis Chart – Gauge View – Grid View – Conditional formatting
  9. 9. Visualize
  10. 10. Dashboard• Compose charted views in meaningful dashboards• Start with one of a selection of preconfigured Dashboard layouts• Drag and drop widgets around to customize the display• Modify the dashboard layout grid at any time
  11. 11. Dashboard
  12. 12. Share & Collaborate• Share Dashboard screenshots by email• Email the Dashboard configuration• Export annotated slides with the Dashboard information
  13. 13. Share & Collaborate
  14. 14. For more information