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Advertise with and reach thousands of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered consumers in the Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, and Florida Keys.

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  1. 1.     In  the  past  decade,  South  Florida  has  witnessed  growth  in  its  Gay,  Lesbian,  Bisexual  and  Transgender  (GLBT)   community  that  was  literally  unimaginable  at  the  dawn  of  the  millennium.  A  population  of  roughly  180,000   individuals  that  was  scattered  from  the  Palm  Beaches,  Broward  and  into  what  was  then  called  Dade  County   has  exploded  into  a  potent  and  geographically-­‐linked  force  living  in  predominantly-­‐gay  exurbs  (notably  in   South  Beach,  Victoria  Park  and  Wilton  Manors)  that  is  likely  to  reach  500,000  individuals  in  just  the  next  few   years.  In  word  and  deed,  this  renaissance  has  truly  given  new  definition  to  the  rallying  cry  “We’re  here,  we’re   queer.”  It  was  only  a  matter  of  time  before  such  a  diverse  and  economically  powerful  community  would  want   a  source  of  news  and  information  that  was  geared  to  its  unique  needs.  In  January  2000,  attorney  and  activist   Norm  Kent  answered  that  call,  with  the  publication  of  The  Express,  Florida’s  first  truly  GLBT  source  of  local   and  national  news,  health  and  fitness  information,  entertainment  and  business.   The  impact  of  The  Express  was  felt  far  outside  South  Florida,  with  national  and  international  recognition   quickly  accruing,  and  a  rush  by  some  of  the  best-­‐known  names  and  minds  of  the  day  to  publish  their  views   and  ideas  within  its  pages.  The  Express  filled  an  important  niche  in  the  life  of  South  Florida’s  expanding  GLBT   community.  And  then,  in  2003,  it  literally  became  history.  In  spite  of  the  exponential  growth  of  the  region   and  its  GLBT  population  during  the  ensuing  years,  no  publication  stepped  in  to  fill  the  breach  and  offer  the   degree  of  factual,  thought-­‐provoking  journalism  The  Express  provided  South  Florida  and  its  GLBT  citizens.   Until  now.   In  December  2009,  Norm  Kent  announced  the  inauguration  of  a  new  publication  to  serve  the  unique  and   varied  needs  of  South  Florida  and  its  fast-­‐growing  GLBT  community.  joins  the   traditions  of  investigative  and  informational  print  journalism  with  the  real-­‐time  impact  and  urgency  of  24-­‐ hour  Online  News,  and  brings  it  to  our  readers  in  a  concise,  understandable,  thought-­‐provoking  format.  From   interviews  with  local  news-­‐makers  to  the  latest  information  on  HIV/AIDS,  South  Florida  has  not  seen  this   degree  of  GLBT  journalism.  Until  now.   On  behalf  of  Publisher  Norm  Kent,  I  invite  you  to  take  a  moment  to  read  the  attached  Media  Guide,  which  goes  into  detail  about  our  circulation,  readership  profile,   distribution  (over  350  distribution  points,  including  the  South  Florida  7-­‐11  store  locations  –  the  nation’s  only   weekly  GLBT  news  publication  so  distributed),  rate  card  information,  etc.  Our  reporting,  writing  and  features   reflect  the  diversity  and  needs  of  our  growing  community,  and  we  invite  you  to  become  a  part  of  it,  with   display  advertising  in  both  our  print  and  Web  editions.    Call  us  today  at  954.530.4970.  Gay  News.  Straight  Facts.     Warmest  regards,   Cliff  Dunn   Display  and  Internet     Marketing  Manager  
  2. 2. Headlines MEDIA GUIDE 2010 South Florida is home to one of the most di- verse and dynamic Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgender communities in the world, with metropolitan GLBT population numbers in our area expected to top 500,000 in just the next couple of years. Our communityÕ s stories are as unique as the individuals who live them. Such a potent force in the cul- ture, economics and politics of the region deserves a source for news and information thatÕ s as dedicated as the people we write for and about. The first decade of the 21st Century has seen a GLBT renaissance in South Florida, including the gentrifi- cation of numerous Ò gayborhoodsÓ in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Issues facing GLBT persons are numerous and complex, from partnership and employment benefits to adoption and civil lib- erties, marriage rights, health care and end-of-life choices. Such a varied agenda deserves careful reporting and thorough analysis. At SFGN, we have writers and columnists with the background and credentials to help you come up with real world answers for our lives. WeÕ re SFGN: Gay News. Straight Facts. local news From the openly gay sheriff Õ s deputy who preyed upon undocumented immigrant men, to the nation’s second-highest-ranked openly-gay municipal official (Broward County Mayor Ken Keechl, whose top-spot-title was usurped when Houston elected its own openly-gay mayor), South Florida is both a microcosm of news for the greater GLBT nation at large and an epicenter for events of wider-ranging import - ground zero for numer- b le: ous GLBT issues. We look at local news and events and report it from all angles, Ta HAs the 009 AR including the good, the bad and the ugly. When the Miami City Commission t s unanimously voted toand its impact rippled acrossits municipalWe bring the extend partner benefits to employees c ea s2 e Y An last year, the news the culture. Pla son ood Ric A eA issues, the players, the facts and their consequences in a straightforward, e R 7 en A G Am concise manner. If itÕ s being discussed around a water cooler, itÕ s been e B RG AY ud of pro t the discussed here. We donÕ t want to tell you what to think; we want to give you something to think about. No punches pulled, no holds e c o to b ele f Ken t u ch lped he ted barred. orm em N hav s. We e Uni s ek By rica n e f th me few w dent o national news yA t i Ga se pas Pres the t man yes, Just as the goings-on in tropical South Florida have a wider impact on the nation and righ es. So world at large, so does the news of the nation hit us where we live. New Hampshire’s gay t Sta marriage law. The elevation of openly-gay clergy to the upper hierarchies of their faiths. Less reverent men of the cloth who abuse their callings, and their parishioners. Conservative politi- cians caught in compromising positions (in some instances with women – and men – who are not their spouses). Anti-GLBT policies abroad. The future of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. If a story has national import – and local impact – you’ll find it in SFGN.
  3. 3. entertainment MEDIA GUIDE 2010 From Lady Gaga’s wild antics to what’s hot (and what’s not) in local nightlife, SFGN has the most compre- hensive entertainment coverage of any GLBT publication in South Florida. Dining reviews of local restaurants. An all-inclusive events calendar. The hottest acts in the hottest venues. Interviews with movers and shakers. Music. Film. Dining. Charity. Nightlife. Networking. Events. ThatÕ s Entertainment! Business From domestic partnership benefits in the workplace, to the purchasing power of gay tourism dollars. From the most powerful GLBT captains of industry, to the complexities of 21st Century commerce and finance. These issues directly impact our readers and their quality of life. Expert writers and newsmaker interviews help our readers become in-the-know, in language thatÕ s easy to read, understand and process. From the mar- ket to the marketplace, from Wall Street to Wilton Drive, the business of America is business, and we break it down for you. The Straight Facts about Gay Business News. opinions/editorials There are issues that directly affect GLBT concerns every day. Some of the finest minds and experts on GLBT issues make their home on our pages. From the activ- ism and authorship of New York City-based Wayne Besen, to the views and opinions of publisher and columnist Norm Kent, prepare your thoughts to be provoked. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Ours might raise some blood pressure. sports, HealtH & Fitness What do John Amaechi, Billy Bean, Rudy Galindo, Greg Louganis, Gareth Thomas, Natalie Cook and Holly Metcalf have in common? We’d never tell – but they did, and in the process became role models for other athletes, all out and proud. On the field of sport, it’s perseverance, stamina and drive that stand out above all. In SFGN, you’ll find the best of the best, along with information and advice on achieving and maintaining your own good health. From the latest in treatments to new studies on mental and physical health and wellness, weÕ ve got your most valuable asset covered: you. classiFieds Buy. Sell. Trade. Services and support. Massage and personals. Automotive, marine, electronic and electrical. Positions sought (and wanted). It’s not confidential, but it is in the SFGN Classifieds, brought to you in partner- ship with Hotspots Magazine, your neighborhood going out guide.
  4. 4. By-tHe-numBers MEDIA GUIDE 2010 • 88% of gay newspaper readers say they would be more likely to support businesses which advertise in a gay publication than ones that did not • 64% of GLBT consumers are very open about their sexuality with close friends • Over one-in-five GLBT households have children • South Florida’s gay and lesbian population may be one of the largest, and, from a demographic standpoint, one of the most attractive, with a full-time GLBT popula- tion of easily 500,000 • Among GLBT individuals who identify themselves as consumers of news, 94% at- tended or graduated college; 89% are employed; 66% own their primary residence and the average value of their primary residence exceeds $160,800 • 63% of GLBT consumers purchased a cell phone last year • 32% of GLBT consumers have at least two telephone lines in their home • 25% of GLBT consumers purchased a car last year • 43% of GLBT consumers plan to purchase/lease a new vehicle in the next 24 months (compared to 30% of heterosexuals) • 73% of GLBT consumers plan to redecorate their house or apartment (compared to 65% of heterosexuals) • 48% of GLBT consumers spend more than 16 hours weekly online (excluding email) • 9% of GLBT consumer time spent online is dedicated to Internet commerce • Most important voting issue: Lesbians – gay marriage Gay Males – the economy • Weekly spending on alcohol (median) $31 Likelihood of buying a product • 31% regularly make stock investments or using a service 12% advertised in a Unlikely • 19% gave over $1,000 to charity last year gay publication. • Personal Internet Usage (per week) 88% Lesbians – 10 hours Likely Gay Males – 12 hours
  5. 5. • TV Viewing (per week) 10 hours I go out of my way to MEDIA GUIDE 2010 buy products from • Dine out per week 3.5 times companies that 12% advertise to Disagree • Guardian of a cat 39% gay consumers. 47% • Guardian of a dog 48% 47% Somewhat Agree Agree • Drive a hybrid car 3% • Prefer vodka among spirits 52% • Purchased a plasma or HDTV in the last year 18.0% • Purchasing Behavior: other things being equal, GLBT consumers believe companies should do the following when reaching out to the GLBT population: advertise in gay media (72%); establish and publicize progressive policies towards GLBT employees (71%); show GLBT images in advertising (50%) • When GLBT consumers conduct business, it is important their financial institutions: . . . are very knowledgeable and experienced (89%); . . . have friendly and responsive employees (80%); . . . provide fast, efficient service (78%); . . . have competitive pricing (70%); . . . provide a variety of methods to access accounts (65%); . . . are convenient to where they live or work (64%); . . . have inclusive policies and ban discrimination against people like them (57%) • GLBT consumers most frequently use their credit cards for a) entertainment expenses b) travel expenses c) emergencies • The top three financial worries of GLBT consumers are a) loans and debts b) healthcare costs c) retirement • The three most attractive features for GLBT consumers when choosing credit cards are a) interest rate b) credit limit c) good rewards program Sources: Witeck-Combs Communications, Harris Interactive, Simmons Gay & Lesbian Markey Studies, MRI Advocate Subscriber Studies, Community Marketing, Inc. Gay & Lesbian Consumer Index, Gay & Lesbian Market Research Reports, U.S. Census data.
  6. 6. ADVAnTAGeS OF MEDIA GUIDE 2010 SFGN is the Only Real Newspaper for the Motivated, Affluent and Informed GLBT community of Miami- Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, and all of South Florida. SFGN delivers Hard and Accurate Journalism, Political Analysis, Entertainment, Insightful Opinions and Edi- torials, the Latest Health and Fitness News, and Honest Feature Reporting of the Genuine Issues and Items that Impact our Community. SFGN highlights and promotes the businesses and professionals, as well as individuals and organizations, that make a difference in the way we live our lives. SFGN covers the Politics, People, Passions, and Personalities that direct and drive our Diverse Community. South Florida is the gay and lesbian tourist Mecca, the epicenter for hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on our shores and in our businesses; because GLBT persons are financially-solvent and hard-working, with significant disposable incomes, advertisers wisely and vigorously pursue GLBT dollars. 15,000 copies are distributed at over 350 distribution points weekly throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties; in addition, SFGN is the nationÕ s only gay newspaper distributed at all local 7-11 stores. The print edition is read, brought home and shared with others in the community; the online edition is updated daily, with real-time News and Analysis of the Important Issues impacting our Readers.
  7. 7. policies MEDIA GUIDE 2010 SFGn is published weekly by, Inc. The Publisher is Norm Kent. The sexual orientation of advertisers, photographers, writers, or any persons portrayed in SFGn should neither be inferred or implied by their publication. All written copy, display copy, illustrations and photographs are published with the understanding that the advertisers are fully authorized and have secured proper written consent for the use of all submitted ad materials. Advertiser warrants that, Inc. may lawfully publish said materials and advertisers agree upon submission of any materials for publication to hold the publisher harmless for all expenses stemming from such publication, and to assume all liability for any expense, loss or damages incurred as a result of publication., Inc. accepts no responsibility for ads created by outside agencies or individuals or for errors or omissions in any published ad and cannot be held liable for any loss or damag- es resulting from our failure to publish any ad or to print and distribute the advertised number of copies., Inc. reserves the right to edit or reject any advertisement which the Publisher believes is in poor taste, or which advertises or promotes illegal items or activities. Advertisers agree prior to placing ads that if there is a publication error by our newspaper, the liability of SFGn is limited to the cost of the ad, by credit only SFGn lists of subscribers and advertisers are confidential and will not be sold or marketed to others; reproduction in whole or in part of SFGn ads or copy is impermissible without the written consent of the Publisher.
  8. 8. RATE CARD Center MEDIA GUIDE 2010 1x 2x 3x 6x 12x 18x 26x Spread SIZE AD Insertion Insertion Insertion Insertion Insertion Insertion Insertion Ads Front Page Advertorial with ad on front page $1,625.00 $1,543.75 $1,466.56 $1,393.23 $1,323.57 $1,257.39 $1,194.52 X Front Page Advertorial / Back Page included $2,145.00 $2,037.75 $1,935.86 $1,839.07 $1,747.12 $1,659.76 $1,576.77 X Front Page of Center Spread $1,235.00 $1,173.25 $1,114.59 $1,058.86 $1,005.92 $955.62 $907.84 X Back Page of Center Spread $1,105.00 $1,049.75 $997.26 $947.40 $900.03 $855.03 $812.28 X Full Page $975.00 $926.25 $879.94 $835.94 $794.14 $754.44 $716.71 X Half Page / Vertical $585.00 $555.75 $527.96 $501.56 $476.49 $452.66 $430.03 Half Page / Horizontal $585.00 $555.75 $527.96 $501.56 $476.49 $452.66 $430.03 Third Page / Vertical $390.00 $370.50 $351.98 $334.38 $317.66 $301.77 $286.69 For Back Page of Center Spread add 15% Third Page / Horizontal $390.00 $370.50 $351.98 $334.38 $317.66 $301.77 $286.69 Quarter Page Insertion / Vertical $351.00 $333.45 $316.78 $300.94 $285.89 $271.60 $258.02 Quarter Page Insertion /Horizontal $351.00 $333.45 $316.78 $300.94 $285.89 $271.60 $258.02 1/8 Page $165.00 $156.50 $147.53 $138.05 $129.05 $111.49 $98.37 Business Card 1/16 $116.00 $109.70 $1103.72 $98.03 $92.63 $87.50 $82.62 Classified Inch Display $39.00 $37.05 $35.20 $33.44 $31.77 $30.18 $28.67 Classified Ad / 3 Line Minimum $13 / 3 lines; $3 addl line X Business Directory Listing $150 / 6 months X Agencies receive 15% discount on all ads placed rev. 1/26/10 The Publisher expressly reserves the right to reject and not publish any advertisement, in whole or in part, which in our sole and absolute discretion is deemed inappropriate or offensive to our readers, fails to satisfy our publication standards, or violates any applicable law. Beyond the cost of the ad, we assume no liability or costs with respect to any ad, including but not limited to liabilities and costs arising from the following: (i) errors in or the omission of the advertisement, (ii) interruptions or limitations of publication due to fire, strike, sabotage, shortage of newsprint, or (iii) other circumstances beyond our control. Any order or request for the publication of an advertisement shall be deemed to be a representation and warranty to the Publisher by the agency and advertiser (i) that they are properly authorized to submit for publication the entire contents and subject matter of the advertisement, and (ii) that in the event that the ad contains the names, pictures and/or testimonials of any person, whether living or dead, all the necessary written consents with respect thereto have been obtained. In consideration of publication of an ad, the agency and advertiser, jointly and severally, agree that they shall indemnify and hold the Publisher, its officers, agents, affiliates, subsidiaries and employees harmless from and against all damages, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses arising out of or relating to such advertisement, including but not limited to the following: (i) all claims, demands, suits, actions, or proceedings arising directly or indirectly from the publication of any ad (including, but not limited to, claims or suits for libel, infringement of copyright or trademark, unfair competition, plagiarism, or violation of right of privacy) and (ii) reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses relating thereto.
  9. 9. FULL PAGE FULL PAGE 10 X 10.75 11.25 X 12.25 non-bleed Advertising Specs bleed 1/2 PAGE 4 7/8 X 10.75 3/4 PAGE 1/2 PAGE VERTICAL 10 X 7 5/8 10 X 5.25 HORIZONTAL 1/16 PAGE 1.375 X 2.50 1/4 PAGE 4 7/8 X 5.25 1/8 PAGE 4 7/8 X 2.50 SFGN Specs: Trim size: 11 X 12. Image Area: 10 X 11.25 (Bleed: 11.25 X 12.25. Bleed sizes are for cover stock sections only.) Acceptable File Formats: PDF Other formats such as QuarkXpress, InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator are acceptable only if all the supporting files (such as fonts) are submitted correctly. No Microsoft Publisher or Coreldraw are accepted. Print run: 15,000 Color: Grayscale or CMYK files only. 1/3 PAGE Resolution: 266 dpi at 100% of ad size. 10 X 3.5 Please see printer’s specs for additional instructions on how best to prepare files.