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SPC Newsletter - Fall 2011

  1. 1. THE PIPELINE Volume 9 • Issue 2 fall 2011 The NewsleTTer for aNd abouT sPC emPloyeesPresident’s Message Welcome to the latest blessed to have the amount of work that we fill this void with work from the sectors I edition of Southern have on the books and each of us should feel mentioned previously. Piping Co.’s newsletter. very fortunate for that. I am cautiously optimistic that we will have a Looking back on 2011, The economy continues to be one of the much better performance in 2012, but opti- we have seen every- main topics of the nightly news broadcasts mism does very little to ensure this. Rather it thing from incredible with very little good news on that front. I no is hard work and innovative ideas from each heat to tornados, earth- longer have a good feel for when the econo- of you that determines the outcome of our quakes and hurricanes. my will improve, but I would like to share projects and we need both from all of you toChris Williford And that was just in the some construction projections with you from help us be successful. last six months! I am Fails Management Institute, a well-respectedready to welcome in 2012. On a more seri- Finally, I cannot stress to each of you the national construction consultant firm based importance of working safely. We want ourous note, I hope none of you or your family in Raleigh. In their most recent nationalsuffered from these calamities. employees to be able to go home in one piece construction outlook, they are projecting to their family each and every day, but we2011 has shaped up to be the most chal- growths ranging from 27% to 40% from now also must have a good safety record in orderlenging year we have ever experienced at through 2015 in Commercial, Health Care to pursue future work. More and more theseSouthern Piping Co. I hope we have learned and Educational construction and these are days, contractor safety records are used assome valuable lessons from our experiences three construction sectors that we rely on part of the prequalification process to deter-that we can apply to future projects. Although heavily for a large part of our revenues. mine if we are allowed to work for generalwe have struggled, we have survived which is In contrast to those numbers, military spend- contractors and certain owners. NIP IT!, ourmore than can be said for some of our com- ing is declining quickly. I recently attended safety program, has been in place for aboutpetition which, in a few instances, have been the 2011 FEDCON Summit which is a six months and I think everyone at SPC willforced to close their doors. gathering of military construction managers benefit from it. We must continue to foster aGoing forward into next year we are carrying for North Carolina military installations and culture of looking out for each other on oura solid backlog, but the profit margins are the construction professionals who perform work sites. We are our brother’s keeper whenvery thin. Certain divisions have been award- work on these bases. The military’s message it comes to safety.ed several nice projects over the last month was that appropriations for the national base As I end this letter, I want to wish each ofand we continue to pursue several others that realignment program will wind down by you a safe and happy holiday season. Makewe are optimistic will be awarded to us soon. 2013 meaning that our military construction the most of the time you get to spend withAs usual, our service divisions have been program, which has been very important to your family.bright spots and continue to perform very our revenues over the last two years, willwell with steady growth. Overall, we are very drop off drastically as well. Hopefully we canHarnett Health Systems – Harnett County HospitalBy JD Wiggins & Styron Wood – Wilson Plumbing & Construction DivisionsHarnett County Hospital is an 116,839 systems. Additionally, SPC is presently The Wilson Construction/HVAC Divisionsquare foot full service, two story facility installing the storm water piping systems has started underground hot water & chillthat includes 50 private inpatient medical- (rain leaders) to assist the GC with drying water mains from the central utility plantsurgical beds, emergency department, and in the building and will start in-wall rough- to the hospital. This effort is led by Pauloperating rooms. This facility will also inn within the next few weeks. Brandon Boykin and Roger Amerson. As the build-have a 5,285 square foot Central Energy Bair, Travis Hunt, and Crew members have ing progresses, Willie McKeel & KevinPlant which will house the boilers, chill- worked hard on this project demonstrating Powell will move on site to oversee theers, and water heaters to facilitate the main team work and passion for success. project and its completion.building.SPC has teamed up with Brasfield andGorrie to self perform the Plumbing,Medical Gas, and HVAC for this project.The plumbing division started the under-ground in late June of this year. Due tothe design changes, jump start by B&G,and record rainfalls for this area, we arenow 90% complete with all underground
  2. 2. THE PIPELINEECU- School of Dentistry By John Taylor – Wilson Plumbing DivisionThe Wilson Plumbing Division is continuing as the construction manager. Our scope of work from ourour efforts on the new East Carolina School work consists of dental vac, domestic water, Winston-Salemof Dentistry. sanitary sewer, storm, instrument air, medi- divisions CADThis project is a five story, approximately cal gas, natural gas, RODI water, lab waste, Department.186,000 sq.ft. structure with Balfour Beatty WAGD, potable and non potable water. This Their work and scope of work, just under $5m effort from domestic water to med gas has in original contract, is makes the added quality, efficiency and accelerated School Of Dentistry the largest production to our installation of plumbing plumbing division job to date. systems. The field staff consisting of pipefit- SPC has faced many challeng- ters and welders have been able to perform es on this project which range well with the collective team efforts. from a 10-month schedule to the We commend everyone with their commit- 56-hour work week. A contribut- ment and dedication to finishing this project ing factor to this projects success before schedule and once again demonstrat- has been the plumbing pre-fab- ing to ECU and Balfour Beatty that SPC sets rication shop as well as team- the standard in the plumbing industry.Rocky Mount High School Project By William Gay, Ricky Barnes & Donna Raper – Wilson Construction DivisionRocky Mount High School is a 248,512 outside air units, water to water heat pumps Our coordination department faced multiplesquare foot, two story building along with for domestic hot water and exhaust systems. challenges due to space limitations and ismultiple concession buildings and a field the first job to be downloaded from our in-house which was designed to achieve LEED® house CAD department directly to the newGold certification. Vulcan system located in our sheet metalThis project is a combined Plumbing and fabrication shop.HVAC contract. The insulation for both The project is entering the final stages ofcontracts is being completed by Cardinal completion and special thanks goes out to allInsulation. The HVAC system is made up of of the crews for their hard work!numerous water source heat pumps, directBank of America By Cris Stennett & Chris Owens – Raleigh DivisionSPC was awarded the Bank of America proj- The projects in Raleigh consisted of four The change-outs were completed in fiveect in April 2011. Because there were several change-outs in which work could only be weekends. The biggest challenge was havingbranches in our area, Raleigh Division was done during weekends because of disrup- everything running by business opening onthe point of contact, with Chris Owens as tions to customers during our normal oper- Monday. Chris Owens said proper planningthe Project Manager/Coordinator. Al Pitts ating hours. and excellent field help was the key to mak-managed the Goldsboro and Wilson jobs. The Raleigh team included Mark Eubanks, ing this job profitable.Arthur Crocker and Matt Lomax spearhead- Michael Price, Jeremy Price, James Houck, Thanks to everyone who gave up youred the Surf City BOA. Jacob Britt, Sherwood Ellis, and Greg Hill. weekends to accomplish the goal!Progress Energy–Preventative Maintenance Contract By Cris Stennett – Raleigh DivisionProgress Energy has 50 Telecom sites that ed for the night. He was able to rent a car to ing sure the cattle didn’t escape. Talk aboutthe Raleigh Service Division was the lowest return to Raleigh the next day, but the van working until the cows come home!bidder for 2011 preventive maintenance. had to be towed 500 miles. One 4-wheel Glenn!!!These sites are located from Wilmington to drive truck rental later, he was able to climb Come Back!Asheville with Glenn Atger and Jamey Beal the mountain without incident.on the road during the month of June servic- Utility companies and tower owners leaseing these units. mountain roads from the farmers. GlennThe biggest challenge occurred during the made some new friends with the cattle roam-climb up Brown Mountain when the van’s ing freely in his work area. The techs weretransmission gave out; leaving Glenn strand- responsible for securing the gates and mak-
  3. 3. The “Design-Build” Process – BOA Kinston ProjectBy Elton Smith, Business Development – Raleigh DivisionThe Bank of America – Kinston project construction with an estimated comple- the Daikin system in existing installationswill involve the start-up team from the tion date of November 18, 2011. the Bank should realize an energy sav-Raleigh Division with Greg Hill overseeing This project located in Kinston, North ings of 50% - 60%. Daikin was selectedthe unit refrigeration piping, branch selec- Carolina involved evaluating three differ- because it allows for no interruption intors (unit component that allows for the ent options to replace the existing system. mode changeover.simultaneous heating and cooling opera- The first was to install a chilled water sys- With a short construction schedule andtion on a single system) and the REFNET tem with a 30 ton air cooled chiller located the requirements to keep the first floorjoints which distribute an equal flow of in the present location of the existing system in operation the project will needrefrigerant in every branch of the piping condensing unit. The second option was to be constructed in two phases with thenetwork. Also, Kevin Hill will providing to install a variable refrigerant flow sys- change-over of the first floor occurringthe electrical and control wiring for this tem. This is a system that is gaining more during the weekend of November 11thproject, which includes individual zone consideration due to its flexibility and – 13th and being back on-line Mondaycontrollers, the Daikin Intelligent Touch energy efficiency. This is a heat pump sys- morning the 14th and the completion ofController for the Building Management tem utilizing variable refrigerant flows to the second floor scheduled for NovemberSystem, as well as the integration of the maintain space conditions. The third and 18th.BACnet for the systems integration into final option would be to install a 30 tonthe existing overall BMS communications. The greatest challenge to this job will be packaged rooftop unit with eleven variable the installation and change-out of theThis project is being performed as a volume fan powered terminal units with existing system with little to no disruption“design/build” project. The project has electric heaters. As with the other options of the Banks operation. The key elementsbeen estimated, with all field investigation, a DDC control system would be installed. in this project will be a well-coordinatedengineering and construction performed In the final evaluation of each of these effort in the demolition, pipe and equip-by Southern Piping Company. The design options it was found that the final installed ment installation, duct fabrication, finaland engineered drawings were developed cost was equivalent. Therefore the Bank connections, system start-up and commis-“in-house” and permitted by the Town of asked for an evaluation of the anticipated sioning.Kinston. Presently this project is under energy savings. Based on the analysis ofTech Corner By Mark Williford, VP of Support Services I was home the other "Immediate Reply Requested". LESS likely. However, every time that you day going through the Obviously, this must be very important. buy something and use your credit card or mounds of unwanted mail When I take the time to see what is so give them your address or email address, we received from anyone important, it is usually someone that has they store that info for marketing pur- that has a catalog, or a already somehow preapproved my credit poses. Once you are in their database it is credit card to offer or a and my reply will allow me to refinance hard to get out. And then, they may share car to sell. Those things my house at the new low rate. Pretty mun- or sell your information to other market-often go straight to the trash without a dane and harmless stuff, especially if you ing companies. Then, the word is out thatglance. Sometimes I take the time to page dont let them hook you more than that. you like to buy stuff and all of a suddenthrough the new Dell catalog, but not that Funny how that sounds very much like you are overwhelmed with junk mail.often. The mail that often catches my eye what many of us see in our email inbox The problem is that even though you areare those addressed to me using my full on a daily basis. You get a lot of stuff that unlikely to open a package or envelope atfirst name and those that come addressed you really care little about. If I had never home containing anthrax or some other"Personal and Confidential". Usually they ordered anything or purchased anything deadly disease; you are very likely todont have a lot of markings on the enve- from J Crew, would I still get the catalog or have the opportunity to get the electroniclope, just my name and something like,1 the email? All I can say is that it would be equivalent on a daily basis in your per- Continued on back page >yearCelebration In October one year ago, Southern Piping Company welcomed Cardinal Insulation into the SPC family! The employees of Cardinal Insulation gathered for their quarterly meeting and enjoyed a meal together celebrating the mark of the one year anniversary as an affiliate of SPC. In honor of the occa- sion, Mark Williford, SPC Vice-President, and Buren Williford, SPC Chairman of the Board, attended the luncheon meeting and shared their gratitude and support with the group. By Bruce Wall – Cardinal Insulation
  4. 4. The Pipeline Southern Piping Company Post Office Box 3006 Wilson, NC 27895 THE PIPELINE< "Tech Corner" continued from page 3 sonal or business email account. What can time to actually read all pletely legitimate. Many you do to stop this onslaught of unwanted the things you are say- of them will have all of and unrequested mass communication? You ing YES to. All the markings of a UPS probably will not stop using the internet or those toolbars email or they will try email, so let me make a few suggestions: on your com- to catch you by telling 1. Do not give out your email or other puter are there you that the IRS really addresses to everyone that asks for it. Ask as a result of needs to get a hold of you. There why they need it or check to make sure it programs that run are many different types of bait. is necessary. on your computer on a reg- They will want you to click on a ular basis. But, when they link that either downloads a file 2. Take a moment to read some of those update, they ask you if it or opens a link to a site or even "Privacy Terms" that you click "yes" to so is okay if they install the latest search one that opens an attached file. quickly. That will give you some idea of what toolbar. When you just click through, Be careful and check things out thoroughly they will do with your information. you agree to have them installed. and you can often tell that things are not 3. Set up a separate personal email address what they appear to be. Youve heard a few suggestions about keep- for that type of stuff and forward messages to ing safe, but now lets get really serious. The Never open anything that ends in .exe and your other email address. Then, if the spam anthrax of the email world usually comes never open anything that has more than gets out of control you can cancel that email to you in the form of phishing. Phishing is one suffix like .pdf.exe. These folks play on address and set up another one. what gets you to open that envelope that I your curiosity. Don’t be so curious. If it is 4. Just say no! was talking about earlier. Phishing, just like a business e-mail and you cannot tell if it 5. Just say no again! fishing, has a lure to try to bring you close is legitimate, forward it to the corporate IT 6. When you say yes to emails and to so that you can be hooked, caught, cleaned, helpdesk and have it looked into first. programs that want to install or update cooked and consumed. These emails will Be careful out there, there are lots of things something on your computer; take the come to you and look like they are com- that are not what they seem.