Reinvent Your Mondays


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Employee engagement, that elusive key to productivity and profits seems to be slipping even further despite the attention paid to it. Engaged employees need two vital keys, job fit and competent leadership. Are you making sure that your employee selection process takes this into account?

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Reinvent Your Mondays

  1. 1. Reinventing Mondays!Empower Performance Group canhelp you and your employees lookforward to Mondays again. Engagedemployees will help you reducepeople problems, systems problemsand make sure your business is asprofitable as possible.Your employees are your stars, andwe’ll help you let them shine asbrightly as possible. Our process isnot a “quick fix”, but it will have youunderstanding your employeesstrengths and weaknesses, talents andliabilities on a much deeper level.We know that Employee Engagementis the foundation of success in any Job Fit:organization. Engaged employees are As Jim Collins said, we help you “putmore productive and will attract like the right people, in the right seats onminded talent to you. the bus.” When people are able to doEmployee engagement depends on what they do best every day at work,two key factors: there’s no telling how far they’ll go.1. Job Fit, and Leadership Competency:2. Leadership Competency Gallup surveys have consistently foundAs much as we want to believe that that employees want managers whoemployees always leave for more really care about them and take anmoney, the reality is they quit because interest in progressing in their career.they aren’t happy. The fit with their Managers need more than justjob and with their supervisor, go a technical skill to achieve this goal,long way to creating that happiness. leadership is all about people.
  2. 2. Problem: Alternatives: A recent survey by Management Journal Some organizations have tried to found that only 25% of Canadian improve engagement through what we employees are actively engaged at work. call a system of bribery. This includes They also found that 60% of employees dangling numerous incentives and are not engaged and 15% are actively benefit programs in front of employees. disengaged. How does your company The problem here is that while stack up? Do you have enough engaged engagement is not free, it can’t be employees to stay competitive in todays bought either. An eye opening study by market? Turnover, low productivity, and the Saratoga Institute found that only decreased morale are some of the costly 12% of employees were really motivated results of low employee engagement. by this kind of motivation. Our Solution: Lack of engagement is costing business a fortune in lost productivity, increased expense, and lowered revenues. We know that the foundation of Employee Engagement rests on two main cornerstones, Job Fit and Leadership Competency. Our process includes the following steps: 1. Measuring the engagement levels in your workplace now 2. Determining how well fitted employees are and creating solid development and succession plans. 3. Measuring the competency of leaders and implementing development plans and accountability. 4. Increasing trust and communication between employees and leadership at all levels.Contact us today for an initial consultation, and schedule a Workplace Engagement Survey.