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From collecting archives to managing information: ICRC information management projects


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From collecting archives to managing information: new activities and new roles for an archives service.
Presentation given at the ICA congress Seoul 2016

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From collecting archives to managing information: ICRC information management projects

  1. 1. From collecting archives to managing information: new activities and new roles for an archives service Alexandre Garcia – Brigitte Troyon Borgeaud –
  2. 2. The ICRC and its archives  Since 1863  15’000 employees in 80 countries 2  A organization valuing its history and memory   Archives and IM: 42 FTE
  3. 3. A broader scope of our mission Acquiring and preserving archives Records management Information governance 3
  4. 4. Information management as part of the institutional strategy ICRC Strategic Orientations 2011-2014 […] the organization will further develop its information management capacity, channelling, synthesizing, and sharing information so as to facilitate decision-making and to guide the process of adapting its humanitarian response to constantly changing situations. It will also better incorporate the use of new technologies in its work. ICRC Strategy 2015-2018 […] Improve collaboration and mobility throughout the organization and with partners by reinforcing the systems and tools for information management and exchange. 4
  5. 5. Information Management Program 5 Communication tools Collaboration Enterprise Search Records management IM
  6. 6. Managing the full information lifecycle Collaborate Share Search Preserve Create 6
  7. 7. An extended solution portfolio 7  Digital workspaces  Office applications  Messaging systems  Webinar tools  Enterprise search engine  Intranet CMS  ERMS  Library and archives systems New role: business owner of these applications  In charge of rules, processes, support, evolution
  8. 8. New relationship with users  More services intended for business units  Advice and support tasks covering the full information lifecycle  Access rules, classification, workflows, metadata, information architecture…  IM as a partner for the day-to-day work 8  Better understanding of business functions and information flows: a benefit for all the IM and archives activities
  9. 9. New relationship with IT Department  From a client to a partner  Integration of IM roles in IT processes:  Project steering committees  IM team associated in helpdesk workflows as a 2nd level of support  Application management (technical vs. functional): responsibilities are not always well defined 9
  10. 10. New institutional positioning  Implementation of an institutional strategy – ICRC Information Environment Strategy  Functional supervision of and support to staff with IM tasks in each business unit (pool of assistants) 10 Enhanced collaboration with other entities involved in information governance • ICT • Personal data protection office • Information security • Master data management • Business intelligence
  11. 11. Archives collections in a Information Management perspective  Capitalize on archives as information assets for the current ICRC operations  Reallocation of archivists positions from acquisition tasks to description, analysis and communication (intended to internal staff) 11
  12. 12. Implementing these new services  Organizational and/or HR challenge?  New roles, more focused on specific activities  risk of silos  Recruitment and training 12 Information Management Unit: 16 employees (archivists, records managers, project managers/analysts, webdesigner, support officers, pool manager) + 8 information management advisers in the field
  13. 13. Team know-how / skills 13 To enhance • Project management • Business analysis • Application management To capitalize on • Information analysis • Metadata management • Institutional memory • Network IM, RM, archivists: we are all information professionals
  14. 14. Future perspectives Support the ICRC digital transition  Continuous improvement of IM policies and solutions  Paperless processes  Long-term digital preservation  Data management 14
  15. 15. 15 Thank you! Contact Alexandre Garcia, Head of project Brigitte Troyon Borgeaud, Head of the Archives and Information Management Division