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Sourcingstar -Introduction


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Sourcingstar -Introduction

  1. 1. SOURCINGSTAR Let Sourcingstar be your source forinnovative, stylish, easy–to– live with designer– quality products. From formal–traditional to something a bit more casual, we have vendors and designs that will suit.
  2. 2. Established by a panel of creative thinkers, Sourcingstar started on a strong foothold of innovative ideas, rich experience, thriving markets and a trustworthy approach. Our strength lies in the niche we carve through our inbuilt experience of sourcing diverse products, sustaining a satisfied list of clientele along the way.Mission StatementTo allow our clients to leverage what we know and who we know toreduce costs, assure quality and grow their business.Vision StatementOur continuous endeavor to develop knowledge, systems and skillsto add more value for our clients
  3. 3. Why we’re different OUR SOLUTION ORIENTED APPROACH- We believe that a quick solution can prevent a process hold up, our work reflect this strongly, we encourage our vendors to keep us in loop all the time so we can smoothen out processes. OUR TO THE POINT ,365 DAYS COMMUNICATION- We are set up so that our clients get crisp and quick response 365 days in year without worrying about weekends or various holidays!! INNOVATIONS- Our extensive market research has always helped us to be the in the first group to know about new product designs and technology innovations in the industry. This make our clients leaders in the market for new products.We Work for You… and That is Saying SomethingOur compensation is clearly defined and agreed upon, up frontOur only promises and commitments are to you - our client.
  4. 4. We hope to hear from you soon !!SOURCINGSTARAddress: - B-6, Export Promotion Industrial Park, Greater Noida. U.P. 201306 INDIAPhone # +91-120-2341834Mobile Phone # +91-9811543120Fax # +91-120-2341838E-mail: shailendra@sourcingstar.comSkype: shailendra.sourcingstarWeb :