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AWS Health Tech Day • SourceFuse


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Speaking to Community Hospitals, Global Pharmaceutical Companies, and HealthTech Startups, SourceFuse CEO, Gautam Ghai enlighten the crowd with insight into AWS. And how easy it can be to add agility, improve collaboration, and makes it easier to incorporate new technological innovations.

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AWS Health Tech Day • SourceFuse

  1. 1. SourceFuse & AWS Scale up your Healthcare Business
  2. 2. About SourceFuse Our offices: India, Hong Kong, Jacksonville, London, Kuala Lumpur, Manila 250+ 55+ 5+ yrs Technologists AWS Certified DevOps Automation Delivering innovative custom applications since 2005
  3. 3. SourceFuse’s Growth: A Timeline
  4. 4. Key Skills ● Digital Transformation ● Design & Development ● DevOps ● Automation Testing ● Mobility ● Product Engineering ● Analytics on the Cloud CapabilitiesPartnerships & Alliances Cloud Based Services Monitoring and Security Frameworks and Platforms Advance Consulting Partner Devops Competency Public Sector Partner
  5. 5. Our Healthcare Software Development Services ensure that your products are secure, scalable and most importantly compliant to the various healthcare standards.. Our Healthcare Philosophy & Services “We, at SourceFuse, believe in the power of digital technologies and the cloud in bringing disruptive innovation and transformation which will enable all Healthcare stakeholders to put the patient in the center of their universe - while being cognisant and compliant to the evolving regulatory landscape” Healthcare Product Development Cloud Computing for healthcare has unleashed newer possibilities for every kind healthcare business. With SourceFuse you can look to uncover all imaginable possibilities with the cloud, with rapid development in a secure and compliant environment. Healthcare Cloud Computing At SourceFuse we aim to provide a fundamental data exchange between systems. This is done by implementing common format of data exchange and enabling systems to interpret the data correctly. We ensure, whether it is IoT systems or medical devices or Telehealth – your data is constant everywhere, secured and manageable. Data Integration & Interoperability Innovation in healthcare opens possibilities to new cyber-attacks. Our healthcare cybersecurity consultants implement best practices, use AI to thwart attacks and keep your systems and data safe from malicious attacks. Security In Healthcare
  6. 6. Our Healthcare Expertise Enterprise Health Applications Consumer Health Applications EMR/EHR and Medical Practice Management Telehealth and Telemedicine Medical Logistics and Care Management Clinical Trial and Clinical Data Management Physical Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition and Medication Electronic Personal Health Records and Patient Portals Peer Interaction Systems and Social Health Medical e-commerce and Medical Marketplaces
  7. 7. Created a first-to-market product for a $1.6B enterprise to innovate around ride-sharing for healthcare transportation ● Built a consumer/patient app ● Streamlined and Integrated existing systems ● Created significant earnings through cost savings RelayRide - Leveraging AWS Polly & Connect
  8. 8. Further Advancements in RelayRide: Creating In-App Translation Directly In The Chat Interface ● Amazon Translate: A cloud service that uses Machine Translation to convert text between different languages. ● We hooked into the Amazon Translate API to localize our clients’ application and process multilingual data. Turning Spanish text on the senders’ side, into English text when delivered. And vice versa. ● Creating in-app translation feature to help contracted drivers pick-up patients in need of care, with cross-lingual communication. ● Easing patient anxiety, increasing patient attendance, and productivity.
  9. 9. Real - Time In App Translation Demo RelayRide
  10. 10. ❖ Cloud based EHR solution catering to a number of specialities ❖ Integrated Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) ❖ Patient Portal let’s patients view their medical information from anywhere over the internet ❖ HIPAA compliant to maintain privacy and security of patient data ❖ Compatible with Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) for Meaningful attestations and CMS reporting ❖ Full-featured workflow management, encounter forms, and approvals engine to handle complex and customizable care flows Successful Implementations.. SaaS-based enterprise electronic health record (EHR)
  11. 11. Mobile Apps for Patients & Caregivers ❖ Mobile apps for Patients and Caregivers ❖ Patients Connect with their Doctors ❖ Track Treatment Plan and Doctor Appointments ❖ Log & Track Meals and Medication ❖ Access Educational Content ❖ Caregivers (Nurse/Doctor/Family) Track Patient’s Treatment Journey
  12. 12. ❖ Sourcefuse helped Live Being Fit to design and develop their suite of Fitness offerings wrapped in easy to use mobile apps ❖ Integration with industry leading fitness tracking devices - Fitbit and Google Fit ❖ 1-click to get expert recommended programs based on the user’s profile ❖ A single solution with emphasis on Exercise, Nutrition as well as Mindset ❖ Access to Fitness blogs by expert coaches ❖ Access to hours of free fitness related content ❖ Ability to easily define and track personal goals Say hello to health, one habit at a time.
  13. 13. ● Gautam Ghai-- CEO ● ? Questions