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Offshore staffing services


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Offshore staffing services presentation - sourcePEP

- Hassle free
- Reduce Cost
- Focus on Core business
- Limitless staffing
- Short term contracts
- Smart Resource management
- Faster Turnaround time
- No bureaucracy and red tape

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Offshore staffing services

  1. 1. sourcePEP Simple outsourcing solution for small businesses
  2. 2. Content • About sourcePEP • Offshore-staffing • What We Do At Our End • What You Do At Our End • Features • Advantages • How to supervise offshore staff? • How to have clear communication? • How to maintain business standards? • Support • Our Offers • sourcePEP and You • Thank you
  3. 3. About sourcePEP • Located at the hub of Asia’s IT community Pune, India • We provide outsourcing of processes that are enabled by Information Technology. • sourcePEP customers: • Accelerate their time-to-market • Increase customer satisfaction • Enhance supply chain efficiencies • Reduce operating costs • Thus improve their overall competitive advantage.
  4. 4. Offshore Staffing
  5. 5. Offshore Staffing • Offshore staffing describes the relocation of business processes or task from in-house to the expert outside. • Offshore staffing helps reduce your business cost as you pay by the hour only • You can hire offshore staff for any flexible time period you wish. • During the contract period your hired staff will regularly communicate with you through chat, email or phone. • We help your monitor your staff’s quality of work thus truly becoming a alliance partner
  6. 6. What We Do At Our End 1. Arrange interviews and selections. 2. Maintain the staff on our payroll. 3. Hiring and retaining of employees. 4. Provide infrastructure and security. 5. Attest employee experience and credibility. 6. Ensure employee presence and output. 7. Enforce defined working standards & styles. 8. Provide daily/weekly progress reports.
  7. 7.  Define work standards and styles.  Delegate work to the employees.  Communicate continuously.  Receive daily/weekly updates. What You Do At Your End
  8. 8. • Pool of Technical competent and experienced resources always available for your instant and long term needs • You have an option of having full time / part time resources based on your needs • Ability to expand your team at short notice. • Systems and processes in place and hence there is no adaptation time required and you start getting output from day one. • Hourly and Monthly billing option available. • We hire resources with excellent written and verbal English. Features
  9. 9. Advantages • Hassle free • Reduce Cost • Focus on Core business • Limitless staffing • Short term contracts • Smart Resource management • Faster Turnaround time • No bureaucracy and red tape
  10. 10. How to supervise offshore staff? • PEP solution: We provide a Free dedicated project manager for teams above size 4. • His exclusive task is to manage the team and report back to you.
  11. 11. How to have clear communication? PEP solution: We tackle this as follows:  Start with a trial. Avoid jumping into it.  Use multiple communication methods.  Thorough analysis & reporting of each phase each day.
  12. 12. How to maintain your business standards? • PEP solution: We know sense of integrity amongst employees cannot be premeditated but a deliberate effort of building a good rapport would always be our priority.
  13. 13. Support • We demand good support for services we use, why should our customers be any different? • We understand that your business needs can’t always wait for “typical business” hours. • Your business is unique, and we are committed to making you uniquely successful by providing great customer support for 24 by 7.
  14. 14. Our Offers $4.99/hr Non Technical Support $7.99/hr Technical Support $11.99/hr Advanced Tech Support
  15. 15. • In dealing with clients, we believe in being as straightforward and transparent as possible. We would rather be realistic and loose some clients, than begin making impractical promises. • Our "customer driven" approach has provided us with a stable and sustainable business model. In the end, we believe our honest approach leads to better business for everyone involved. sourcePEP and You
  16. 16. Thank You For more details visit: