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Source Code Analysis - The Value Of Partial Code Scanning


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The presentation used by Maty Siman, the Founder and CTO of Checkmarx, during the webinar that discussed the benefits of being able to scan partial code samples (uncompiled / unbuilt code) as part of a static application security testing solution.

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Source Code Analysis - The Value Of Partial Code Scanning

  1. 1. Partial Code ScanningSource Code Analysis For The Masses Maty Siman, CISSP Checkmarx CTO
  2. 2. Checkmarx Application Understanding Enter void main() { int j = 0; int i = 0; j=0 i=0 while (i<10) Printf (j) Printf (i) while (i < 10){ if (i == 3){ j=j*2; } Abstraction j = j + i; If (i==3) i=i+1 j=j+I i = i + 1; } printf ("%dn", j); j=j*2 printf ("%d,n", i); } Use queries to pick the brain DB on security, quality & performance
  3. 3. Enabler: The Virtual Compiler Java .Net C, C++ VB/ASP PHP Apex Ruby Android Virtual Compiler Language Adaptor Syntax Compensator Linkage Resolver Code Enhancer Common Language Form Exhaustive Flow Scanner Detection Code & Flow Engine Data base
  4. 4. Partial Scanning Enables:Security Testing Throughout The SDLC CHECKMARX patented and revolutionary technology allows reviewing uncompiled code throughout the SDLC Time & Cost Static analysis tools find System Testing defects and design flaws “in phase” Integration Testing Unit Testing Cost to find/fix a defect Code Inspection during integration/system test is 15-90 times higher than at design/coding very difficult to run compiled code scans Design Coding QA Production [Escalating cost to find and fix a defect or design flaw as it is discovered late in the Software Development Life Cycle (IDC, 2005)]
  5. 5. Partial Scan Benefit Summary Scan source code = Easy setup Compile unnecessary = Full SDLC Analyzed for security = High accuracy Flexible Architecture = Scan anytime, anywhereTry Checkmarx immediately at:
  6. 6. Case Study 1:’s Gatekeeper •135,000 custom applications •200,000 developers growing community • Proprietary Scripting languagePowered by Partner/Customer Source code
  7. 7. Mandatory certification: salesforce.comThe first on-demand source codeanalysis tool solely built for aplatform as a service.
  8. 8. Case Study 2: Large ISVFully Automated Vulnerability Lifecycle
  9. 9. Case Study 3: Large ISV with ~20,000 customers WWSupports Clients Plug-ins
  10. 10. Eclipse Plugin – Enables Partial Code Scanning
  11. 11. Thank you !Maty SimanCTO, Checkmarxmaty@checkmarx.comTo learn more, please visit