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The presentation brings the story of iamgurgaon with its complete details - goals, values, objective, achievements so far, running project details

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  1. 1. iamgurgaonWork Together. Make a Difference1
  2. 2. ORIGIN, METHODOLOGY &• iamgurgaon is an initiative aimed at awakening a responsible, aware and vigilant populace in order to makeour city a better place to live in.• It is a platform to encourage and enable the residents of Gurgaon and other stake holders to Improve livingconditions in Gurgaon.• This includes bringing together all interest groups: residents, the administration, corporate, schools, RWAs,NGOs, and developers, amongst others, in a collaborative partnership to effect change...StructureMethodologyMonthly focus area eventsAwarenessCampaignsResource web siteEnabling self governance network of arearepresentative to connectAcross group, to facilitateinitiativesProvide information Platform for discussion &solutionBuild database ofcommitted GurgaonResidentsRole Mentor Group Institutional Support Group Professional Support group Area Representative Project Head Volunteer Member
  3. 3. AREAS OF INTERVENTION & ISSUES Cleanliness Citizen Pride Water/Water Harvesting Condition of Physical Environment Greenery Traffic Rural/Urban disparity Infrastructure Environmental Awareness Family Facilities Civic sense Voting GovernanceIssues
  4. 4. General IssuesEvents/ActionCleanliness • removal of encroachment, localized treatment• of open sewageZONE A (Cyber City Road)•Road Show – each building•Road pe raahi bhai – bhai•Nukkad Natak•Awareness Campaign- Poster in all Offices-EDMS to all Offices- Banner at visible locationsZONE B (Golf Course Road)Immediate Action – Golf Course Round About(Itrack, Make my Trip)Smriti Vatika –concert every month, runTree planting with pledges every run/treeplanting/community buildingsPresentation to corporate for fundingZONE C (Galleria Road)Immediate Action –Development of Road Berm alongHamilton Road (AIRTEL)Planting Drives- Shri Ram- Mothers Pride- Little FootprintsNo car zone event near schoolPresentation to Hamilton Court, Ridgewood, Regency,Windsor RWANukkad Natak at Galleria (exhibition)Sale of Jute Bags/IAG bags, donationsZONE D (New Road)Immediate Action – Development of Chowk on new roadNature walkHuman Chain to protect Ridge (environmental association)Green • Garbage Management and Disposal• Planting along road berms/medians/verges/roundabouts• Garbage bins (bio degradable and nonbiodegradable)Water Rain water harvestingTraffic • pedestrian movement to be defined- zebra• crossing• designated parking areas• street lighting• Uniform signage• Sidewalk• Street furnitureCondition of PhysicalEnvironmentPublic toiletsACTION PLANMG Road – towards DelhiNH - 8Golf CourseShri Ram SchoolGalleria MarketRoad Stretch near Healers HospitalSmriti VatikaSector - 55Golf Course Round AboutChowk on New RoadEntry to New Road from MGRoadZone AZone DZone BZone CMG Road – towards NH-8 NH-8 – towards JaipurAnand SchoolFocus AreaZone BZone AZone DZone CDLF 9A BuildingCyber city RoadGolf Course RoadGalleria Market RoadNew RoadAnalysis/Issues of IAG Survey: Across all Zones
  5. 5. .EARLY PROJECTSInitiatives Delivered in 2009-2012•Iamgurgaon has and is working on a number of infrastructure related projects with the aim of making Gurgaon abetter place to live and work in.• Designed and held events to encourage people to plant trees at the Bio-diversity park. Atal Kapoor has beenappointed as the consultant to MCG for the biodiversity park.• Cleaning initiatives - adopting market (DLF shopping mall - Arjun Marg) with Nukkad Natak to spread message oncleanliness. Worked with DLF RWA to get parking and signage’s for easy access to the market.• Organized runs with Running and Living focusing on greening, cleaning and water.• Greening of Triangles, roundabouts on the road – with the support of corporates.• Organized events in markets to encourage people to carry their own bags for shopping with help of school.• Worked with apartment buildings to maintain patches in front of their buildings, manage their own garbage anddiscourage use of polythene.• Monitored Sulabh employees on cleaning of the roads and help in improving their techniques. A core member,Mr Harish Capoor, is also a sanitation consultant to Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon.• Working closely with MCG on many projects related to the Master plan for water harvesting and its implementation.• Working on a water campaign with MCG to create awareness.• Working with other NGO’s and individuals to enhance the green cover in Gurgaon.• Working with the Cyber City Association, DLF and other Corporates to improve the conditions in the area.• Involved with underprivileged schools to provide platform to participate in social activities.
  6. 6. CORE TEAMSwanzal Kak KapoorSwanzal is a partner at SAKA architects and has a specialization in urbandesign. She is passionately committed to ecological design and aparticipatory approach to urban developmentLatika ThukralLatika has worked with Citibank for 18 years. Her dream was to set up anNGO called ‘Save Gurgaon’ which has been realized two years later withiamgurgaon.Gayatri SinghGayatri co-founded Q2AMedia in 2000, a successful education contentcompany. She won the Tata TiE Stree Shakti Award in 2009 (an award forwoman entrepreneurship).Atal KapoorA leading architect with 20 years experience in India and abroad. Atal hasexperimented with the innovative use of materials and “green architecture”.Deep KalraDeep is the pioneer of Online Travel in India. His company,MakeMyTrip.com is the dominant player in the travel industry and also thelargest ecommerce business in India.Renu KalagnanamRenu ,a qualified architect, moved to Gurgaon 7 years ago. While huntingfor home and school, the barren landscape of the Millenium city left herwith a need to make a difference.Priti SanwalkaPriti Sanwalka has lived in Gurgaon for more than 10 years. She is achartered accountant by qualification and has worked in one of the largeMNCs in Gurgaon.
  9. 9. THE VISION
  10. 10. HABITAT PLAN
  11. 11. GLIMPSES & IMAGES(phase – 2) 25,000 plants20,000 plants1500020000completed
  14. 14. DETAILS – THE
  15. 15. DETAILS - PARKING The entire expanse of the parkinglot allows for percolation of water. In addition the grading of the spacewill collect water in s rain waterharvesting tank . Solar panels will create shade forthe parked cars as well as providenight lighting for the entrance andvisitor centre.
  16. 16. DETAILS – NATURALWATERBODIESWho doesn’t know the importance of creating a natural pond! “iamgurgaon”with the help of MakeMyTrip and Bacardi has created two natural ponds at theBiodiversity Park. This project cost 10lakhs to create.
  17. 17. NURSERYWhere do you get the flora of Aravali, is there enough knowledge vis-à-vis micro-habitats, growing plants?There was no nursery that provided forest plants of Aravali region in the country. At best, 20 percent of thespecies could be sourced from forest nurseries in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh had beenavailed. Coca Cola & KPMG foundation joined hands with “iamgurgaon” to build own nursery. This nurserywas created to be the backbone the project “milliontreesgurgaon” and to also be the main source of nativeAravali plants (trees, shrubs, herbs and climbers)Over last 5 “iamgurgaon” had traced the flora of the Aravali region with the help of naturalist andhorticulture specialist Vijay Dhasmana. We have identified trees, shrubs, climbers, herbs and grasses in theAravali and central mixed deciduous forests.All year round, we kept on procuring seeds, stem cuttings and germinating plants, apart from maintainingthe old stock.By the end of March 2013 we were able to germinate about 38 species in our nursery and in a very shorttime we had almost 35,000 saplings.Our biggest achievements have been:-•Collection of seeds of more than 50 species.•Successful germination of 57 species•Successful germination of Anogeissus pendula (Dhok) a signature species of the Aravali rangeIntroduction of 13 species to the park: Sterculia urens (Kullu), Boswellia serrata (Salai),Helicterus isora (Marodfali), lannea coromandelica (Gurjan), Albizzia odoratissima (Kalasirus), Albizzia amara (Krishna sirus), Bauhinia racemosa (Jhinjheri), Mitragynaparviflora (Kaim), Wrightia tinctoria (dudhi), Wrightia arborea
  18. 18. NURSERY
  20. 20. .
  21. 21. “Milliontreesgurgaon” is an initiative of iamgurgaon in a public-private partnership ofgovernemnt, NGOs, corporate, and civil society of Gurgaon. with one ambitious goal: to plantand nurture one million trees in Gurgaon. A large part of the Aravali range, its flora and faunahas been lost to rampant development and urbanization. “milliontreesgurgaon” intends torestore and revive and lost rich flora of Aravali species.Planting a million trees does seem a daunting task – but what would this mean to Gurgaon?The benefits to Gurgaon are huge .Sustainability is the key to this operation. We haveidentified locations that can be secured, monitored and fed with recycled water. The trees arecared and nurtured for 3 years.Since 2011, 75,000 trees have been planted and 45,000 only at Aravali Biodiversity Park, withthe involvement of over 35corporate, 30schools and 15000 inspired individuals acrossGurgaon.Maximum attention of the iamgurgaon team has had been directed towards finding the rightsaplings to plant. With great precision 57 Aravali species have been reintroduced in the parksince last year. Dhau is one such nature tree that is a “habitat specialist” and the quintessentialtree of the rocky Aravalis.MILLION TREES GURGAON
  22. 22. Why PlantationBENEFITS OF PLANTATION
  24. 24. Hoardings & PostersMILLIONTREESGURGAON –
  25. 25. ECO-BENCH PROJECTThe eco-bench project is an arts initiative by iamgurgaon and the Municipal CorporationGurgaon that seeks to involve the citizens of Gurgaon in the design and/or selection of parkbenches for the Aravalli Bio-Diversity Park, Gurgaon. This had been envisaged with the intentto offer citizens an opportunity to participate in the process of the park’s development whilefostering a sense of community and ownership. It will additionally add vibrancy and interestwithin the landscape of the park, providing places for rest, conversations or quietintrospection.The Eco Bench Design Contest started with 70 participants but unfortunately only 18 couldsubmit before the deadline.Judges KT, Savita and Pradeep went through rigorous discussions to select the 5shortlisteddesign based on the four criteria of sustainability, originality, ergonomics and viability andthey are the following:Finally only four of the final shortlisted contestants fabricated their beautiful benches at theBiodiversity Park with great fervor and zeal just in 9days. Keeping in mind the aspect of visualappeal, sustainability and from the standpoint of Biodiversity Park the winner has beenunanimously chosen through onsite voting and by judges selection.Finally the winner for Eco Bench Design Contest was Architect Henri Fanthome, followed byBrick By Brick and Saurabh Surayan.
  26. 26. EARTH DAYThis Earth Day on April 22nd was celebrated with kidsforgurgaon – an iamgurgaon initiative tostart the “carry your own bag” campaign in association with Galleria Market Association,corporate partner - Genpact and C&C Construction and DLF RWA. The day stood todemonstrate our support for environmental protection by pledging “Say no to Plastics &Carry your Own bag” and also emphasized the need to shift to reusable bags in Galleria.The market was packed all throughout the day with 400 school children and neighbourhoodchildren participating in wide array of activities like a Green Parade,a Green Quiz,Coin ASlogan, a Wishing Tree and a Carry your Own Bag Pledge Wall. In the evening, we had arecycled Newspaper bag making workshop by the children of Saksham. Participating schoolsincluded The Shri Ram School, Ridge Valley School, Kunskappskolan, Saksham and GauravNiketan The children of Search Years Kalasthali and Masti Ki Pathshala performed beautifulmusical performance in the morning and the children ofSikanderpur village presented a Nukkad Natak in the evening.
  27. 27. & ARAVALISCHOLARSSunehra SikanderpurProject
  28. 28. - Education- Health- Sanitation- Community Development- Empowerment- MicrofinancePROBLEMS
  29. 29. .ChildrenBasic English classesfor children in thegovt. schools inSikanderpur. Thework is outsidecurriculum workAnyoneEnglish classes foranyone who wantsto attend rangingfrom teenagers toadultsEnglishTrainingWorking withMs. Vinita IdnaniEDUCATION-We are in touch with NGOs and are finding ways to improvethe condition of the schools- People have started to monitor proper functioning of theschools and are ensuring that the children are actually goingto themWHAT ARE WE DOING
  30. 30. .SANITATION• We are talking to NGOs and set up certainprograms to spread awareness among thepeople of Sikanderpur in order to keep itclean• We are getting in touch with an NGOcalled Jamghat which will conduct streetplays to spread awareness to the peopleof SikanderpurHEALTH•Rotary will conduct free surgery topeople who have a cleft palate•We are trying to improve thecondition of the current hospital inthe village and get it functioning again•We are also in touch with theSikanderpur Charitable DispensaryCOMMUNITYDEVELOPMENT• Parks and playgrounds• Small departmental Store in which goods can bepurchased at lower prices• Programs to spread awareness among the peopleof the village to keep a clean Sikanderpur• We are exploring with a company called“Magic Bus”, the options of developing somesports in the village.WHAT ARE WE DOING
  31. 31. .EMPOWERMENT- Voter – Id• Writing complaints• We are getting in touch with an NGOcalled Janaagraha in order to get voterids for the immigrants- Plan with LabournetLabournet will be taking classes for peoplewilling to attend in the village. Theseclasses will inculcate certain skills in thepeople of the village and help them getemployed. Some training subjects are asfollows• Work Place Skills- (WPS)• Retail Sales• Tailoring• Beauty & Hair Care (Women)• Auto Mechanic• HospitalityWHAT ARE WE DOINGMICROFINANCEWe got in touch with acompany calledJanlakshmi FinancialServices to explore thepossibilities ofmicrofinance in thevillage. Janlakshmi hasnow started their projectin the village.
  32. 32. CITIZENS OUTREACHGenpact BMR Advisors NTTBlackRock BhartiAirtel Domino PrintechCargill Bacardi RBS DLFPunj Llyod Helion Advisors Pvt. Ltd. AMEXSaif Partners Bosch & Lomb KornferryCMS KPMG Baxter Convergys MakeMyTripLi & Fung Orient Craft MizuhoAecom CanonPromed Exports Coca ColaDLF Senior Citizens CouncilLetsWalkGurgaonRunning & Living GroupGarden Estate CommunityPedalYatriGurgaonMoms”GurgaonDrumCircleSOILRotary ClubShri Ram DPSRabindranath International SankalpSiddheswar SakshamAmity International VidyaRidge Valley HeritageVasant Valley Literacy IndiaScottish High Matrikiran
  33. 33. MEDIA
  34. 34. MEDIA