5e consulting’s business planning process & templates


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5e consulting’s business planning process & templates

  1. 1. 5e Consulting<br />helping execute your<br />projects<br />Business Planning Process & Templates<br />www.5econsulting.in<br />5E Consulting, india, ahmedabad, sourabh agarwal, readesign, architecture, project management, sustainabilityl estate, Project Feasibility, Research, Technology and system, Economic commercial, Legal, green building, leed, griha, sustainability, Swapnil anil, real estate demand assessment, Ahmedabad, ranchi, cept, nicmar, energy star rating, interior design, earned value management, pert, cpm, Microsoft project, primavera, material management, multiplex, truck terminal, amusement park, bridge, building, park, garden, bus stop, viability study, planning, infrastructure, environment, usgbc, igbc, teri, leed ap, housing, construction, contractor, sbst, school of building science and technology, flyover, industrial shead, shed, water harvesting, heat island effect, third party inspection, telecom towers, eoi, rfp, storm water management, energy modeling, renewable energy, carbon credits, 5e, five elements, five e, 5, e, consultants, consultancy, consulting, rainwater harvesting, solar energy, wind energy, green power, green e, construction activity pollution prevention, fsi, saleable area, gicea, carpet area, builtup built-up, area super builtup mckinsey plants reuse recycling resource reduction Rajkot solid waste management ocean villa resort cottage tourism tourists survey opinion survey cvc classified volume count mdf agrifibre board rfp eoi tender estimation quantity survey hvac air conditioning power albedo aquifer architectural architect performance index performance monitoring dashboard basis of design commissioning report agent biofuel vermin-composting vermin composting waste to energy blackwater brownfield vc pe funding venture capital private equity bankable feasibility reports document power point excel ms project leed rating platinum certified 1so 9000 14001 automation density carbon dioxide climate change rainfall flood commissioning authority Inddor environmental quality air quality controls factor End-to-End Integrated Solution Provider linking the entire value chains from Planning & Architecture to Engineering/Design to Project Management across various sectors: Core Infrastructure, Urban Services, Public Health Eng, Transportation and Value Added/ Themed based/ Integrated Development. premier design engineering and consultancy organization Budget Business Process ModelingTransportation <br />
  2. 2. HO & Registered Office <br />Mumbai<br />Ahmedabad<br />Rajkot<br />6 Mangal, 3A VishrutBunglows, <br />Opposite A School<br />Subhashchowk, Memnagar<br />Ahmedabad 380052<br />Contact Mr. Sourabh Agarwal<br />Landline +91-79-40055790<br />Mobile +91-9662124866<br />Email sourabh@5econsulting.in<br />Tagore Apartment<br />Tagore Road<br />Rajkot<br />Contact Mr. TusharVadodaria<br />Landline <br />Mobile +91-98987 06178<br />Email tusar.v@5econsulting.in<br />E-8, Suman Apartments, <br />OppAggarwal Residency, Shankar Lane, <br />Kandiwali West, Mumbai-64<br />Contact Mr. ParthivSoni<br />Landline <br />Mobile +91-9930316916<br />Email sonyparthiv@gmail.com<br />Hyderabad<br />Associated Companies<br />Wise Financial Solution Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad<br />Varishta Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad<br />Mr. Raghuram AVG<br />102 A, Sri Dattasai Commercial Complex, Opp. Saptagiri Theatre, RTC ‘X’ Roads, Hyd - 500020<br />Contact Mr. Raghuram AVG<br />Landline +91-04-27627607<br />Mobile +91-9701010000<br />Email varishtaconsultants@gmail.com<br />
  3. 3. 5e Consulting’s Business Planning Process & Templates<br />www.5econsulting.in<br />
  4. 4. A 10 Step Planning Process<br />Step 1<br />Define Customer/Connection Targets<br />Step 2<br />Define Revenue Targets<br />Step 3<br />Define Network Creation/Technology Plan<br />Step 4<br />Define Marketing Plan<br />Step 5<br />Define Sales Plan<br />Step 6<br />Define Operations Plan<br />Step 7<br />Define Customer Services Plan<br />Step 8<br />Define Billing & Collection Plan<br />Step 9<br />Define Other CAPEX/OPEX Items<br />Step 10<br />Define EBIDTA<br />www.5econsulting.in<br />
  5. 5. Step 1 - Define Customer/Connection Targets<br />Step 1.1<br />Define Segments & Products<br />Step 1.2<br />Define Plans<br />Step 1.3<br />1<br />Define Postpaid/Prepaid Mix<br />Define Which Cities to Operate in<br />Step 1.4<br />Step 1.5<br />Define Month wise acquisition spread<br />Step 1.6<br />Define New Customer Acquisition Targets<br />Step 1.7<br />Define Allowable Churn Targets<br />Step 1.8<br />Define Active Base Targets<br />Data Source/Inputs From<br />CEO/Strategy Head/Head Marketing<br />Template<br />www.5econsulting.in<br />
  6. 6. Step 2 - Define Revenue Targets<br />Step 2.1<br />Define Installation Revenue<br />2<br />Step 2.2<br />Define Access Revenue<br />Step 2.3<br />Define VAS Other Revenues<br />Define Total Revenue<br />Step 2.4<br />Step 2.5<br />Define ARPU (Average Revenue per unit)<br />Data Source/Inputs From<br />Strategy Head/Head Marketing/CFO<br />Template<br />www.5econsulting.in<br />
  7. 7. Step 3 - Define Network Creation/Technology Plan<br />Step 3.1<br />Define NOC Level Plan<br />3<br />Step 3.2<br />Define International Bandwidth Plan <br />Step 3.3<br />Define Inter City Bandwidth Plan<br />Define Intra City bandwidth Plan<br />Step 3.4<br />Step 3.5<br />Define Customer Level Access Plan<br />Data Source/Inputs From<br />Strategy Head/CTO/Head Marketing/CFO<br />Template<br />www.5econsulting.in<br />
  8. 8. Step 4 - Define Marketing Plan<br />Step 4.1<br />Define ATL Activities - Common<br />4<br />Step 4.2<br />Define BTL Activities - Common<br />Step 4.3<br />Define ATL Activities – Product Specific<br />Define BTL Activities – Product Specifics<br />Step 4.4<br />Data Source/Inputs From<br />Strategy Head/Head Marketing<br />Template<br />www.5econsulting.in<br />
  9. 9. Step 5 - Define Sales Plan<br />Step 5.1<br />Define Sales Channel Mix<br />5<br />Step 5.2<br />Define Productivity Norms for Channel<br />Step 5.3<br />Define Number of Sales Agent per stream<br />Define Cost per Sales Agent<br />Step 5.4<br />Define Overall Cost of acquisition <br />Step 5.5<br />Data Source/Inputs From<br />Strategy Head/Head of Sales/Head Marketing<br />Template<br />www.5econsulting.in<br />
  10. 10. Step 6 - Define Operations Plan<br />Step 6.1<br />Define Operations Channel Mix & Ops Inventory<br />6<br />Step 6.2<br />Define Productivity Norms for Channel & Usage<br />Step 6.3<br />Define Number of Field agents per stream & Consumption<br />Define Cost per Field Agent & Per equipment<br />Step 6.4<br />Define Overall Cost of Operations<br />Step 6.5<br />Data Source/Inputs From<br />Strategy Head/ Head Technology and Head Operations<br />Template<br />www.5econsulting.in<br />
  11. 11. Step 7 - Define Customer services Plan<br />Step 7.1<br />Define CS Channel Mix & CS Inventory<br />7<br />Step 7.2<br />Define Productivity Norms for CSE & Usage<br />Step 7.3<br />Define Number of CSE & Consumption<br />Define Cost per CSE & Per equipment<br />Step 7.4<br />Define Overall Cost of Servicing<br />Step 7.5<br />Data Source/Inputs From<br />Strategy Head/ Head CS/Head Operations<br />Template<br />www.5econsulting.in<br />
  12. 12. Step 8 - Define Billing & Collection Plan<br />Step 8.1<br />Define B&C Channel Mix<br />8<br />Step 8.2<br />Define Productivity Norms for B&CE<br />Step 8.3<br />Define Number of B&CE<br />Define Cost B&CE<br />Step 8.4<br />Define Overall Cost of Collection<br />Step 8.5<br />Data Source/Inputs From<br />Strategy Head/ Head B&C/Head CS<br />Template<br />www.5econsulting.in<br />
  13. 13. Step 9 - Define Other CAPEX & OPEX Items<br />9<br />Step 9.1<br />Define Other CAPEX Items<br />Step 8.2<br />Define Other OPEX Items<br />Data Source/Inputs From<br />Strategy Head/ Head Finance/Head HR<br />Template<br />www.5econsulting.in<br />
  14. 14. Step 10 - Define EBIDTA<br />10<br />Step 10.1<br />Define EBIDTA<br />Data Source/Inputs From<br />All Functional Heads & CEO<br />Template<br />www.5econsulting.in<br />