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Soupofthe day


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Soup of the Day Initiatives Brochure

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Soupofthe day

  1. 1. Soup of the Day Farm Kitchen to your Table, creating closed loop for sustainability Picture Product Food Products SOUP of the DAY is a food concept with a VISION to become a renowned food business that serves food with a HEART, creating an avenue for consumers to help the NEEDY while enjoying the food. The food bar operation serves : 1) Soup 2) Rice Meals 3) Pasta 4) Beverages 5) Bread 6) Desserts. SOUP of the DAY uses ingredients in season, organically grown produce by the partner indigeneous people and other local community based livelihood such as herbs, fruits and vegetables, poultry and meat. Key Facts Services SOUP of the DAY created a close loop to ensure sustainability. We empower the community Financing Need (USD) 25,000 based livelihood component of the loop through bridging resources and honing a new breed of social entrepreneurs: Country Philippines 1) Providing Production technical know how 2) Investors Sourcing/Bridging Stage start-up 3) Social Entrepreneurship Mentoring with Business Cinic support 4) Market Linkages Year of Establishment 2008 Market and Customers For a pilot Joint Venture with Xavier University-Ateneo de CDO, the products are to be sold in Food Service, OrganicFarming, Social Schools having its students the target market through the kiosk operation, owned and operated by Sector Entrepreneurship the students. The Xavier University -Ateneo de CDO main campus has 10,000 students and there are other three campuses totalling the target market to 17,100 plus including employees. Competition 2010 2011 2012 2013 The school has employee cooperative who service the food needed. There are also other food Sales 90,000 157,500 165,375 173,644 kiosk operating in the canteen. The usual food available does not give attention to safety and Net profit after tax 29,250 51,188 53,747 56,435 nutritional value of the food being sold. Soupofthe Day serves healthy food fresh from the organic farm to their table. Competitive Advantage Number of employees 15 15 20 30 The usual food available elsewhere does not give attention to safety and nutritional value of the food being sold. SOD Joint Venture with the Student Entrepreneur will do nutrition analysis,uses organic produce and prepared by Culinary Art expert following Food Safety Standards. Investments needed: Innovation Fixed Assets Purchases 10,000 Aside from providing solution to nutrition requirement and eating habit and changing preferences Working Capital 15,000 for food to nourish the youth, profit agenda and addressing social and economic sustainability, Soup of the Day food kiosk operation also aims to develop the students/participants to integrate in Total Financing Need 25,000 their professional lives the habit of doing business with a built in social enterprise method that will How to be financed: positively impact other people’s lives. This venture will train future entrepreneurs on how to handle Own Contribution 5,000 a real business in a competitive atmosphere that has built-in social values and responsibilities. Loans (debt) 10,000 External Share Capital 5,000 Social Entrepreneurship venture exists to engage different sectors of society – student Grant(s) / Other sources 5,000 entrepreneurs, indigenous peoples, partner communities, business leaders and technical specialists – in providing healthy meals to consumers through sustainable agriculture by optimizing the potential and stabilizing the supply of organic products. The effect of such synergy is sustained Entrepreneur & Management livelihood and income potential for the stakeholders while caring for the health of individuals and fo the health of mother earth. Mary Jean Netario - Cruz , President of Soup of the Day, Inc. has been in the Growth Strategy business of providing business consultancy services for SME's in the Philippines and The growth is ensured through collaboration with other support group and networks other than abroad. Her leadership makes possible to bring together experts in each field of operating the kiosk professionally. From single proprietorship, it is incorporated. business to ensure sustainability of the initiative. Development Impact Value for Money. Clients have the opportunity to eat nutritious food for the price of the usual Soup of the Day board of Directors includes Mr. Ferdinand Cruz, a world renowed canteen food. social entrepreneur in marine industy specifically in ornamental fish. He is the Training ground for Student Entrepreneurs. Profit from the kiosks ensure sustainability of the Executive Director of EASTI and in charge of community livelihood,Mr. Dante Student Entrepreneurship Program to provide real life training to more students who dream of Soriano, CPA and CIA managing partner of Soriano, Soriano & Associates, Noemi becoming social entrepreneurs. Pamintuan - Jara , Social Entrepreneur and CSR Consultant,Atty. Perincles Economic Success to Indigenous Communities. SOD-XU enlivens the local economy by Consunji, founding partner of Aranas Consunji & Barleta Law Offices,Chef Myra purchasing ingredients and raw materials produced by indigenous peoples (IP) in Mindanao who Querouz, Culinary Art, Josephine Ortiz HR professional, Jet Cases Abugan- would otherwise might not have a sustainable means of livelihood that is also beneficial to the Marketing and Tri-media professional Orvin Hilomen, Information Technology environment. IP communities will be trained to produce organic products continuously since they Consultant and Judy Find Abregan, documentarist. will always have access to a better and stable market. Financial Assistance to a Partner Public School. Part of profits from operations will go to a The Soup of the Day, Inc. board composition does not only ensure sound management chosen partner school whose students and/or parents will be trained to plant or produce but bridge multi-sectoral approach to give life to a simple business concept that is ingredients or materials needed by the business and by their households. Income from this start-up doable and effective. The Soup of the Day closeloop, top-bottom-top approach and agri-business will be used for the benefit of the partner school's students. new scheme of transparent partnership is a model that can be applied to business that Health and Wellness. It addresses the Nutritional needs of the student population ensuring their is run on a platform of Social Entrepreneurship, Natural Capitalism and Multi-Sectoral intake of proper nutrition for their wellness. Approach addressing Sustainability. Name of Author: MaryJean Netario - Cruz CONTACT INFORMATION: Phone/Mobile:+639225631672 Email: