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Vivek Khurana (Founder, SoundSource Consultancy) shares how Drupal could be used by the Publishing Industry.

Vivek shares as part of SoundSource Consultancy's initiative of giving back to the Open Source community and SoundSource's Open Source Training initiative.

To design custom Enterprise Solutions, contact:

Web: www.soundsource.in
Mail: business@soundsource.in

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  • Drupal For Publishing Industry - Sound Source Consultancy Knowledge Initiative

    1. 1. www.soundsource.in Drupal for publishing industry by Vivek Khurana SoundSource Consultancy vivek@soundsource.in
    2. 2. The publishing workflow www.soundsource.in A publication starts with  Creating the team  Allocating stories/task to the team  Writers submitting the stories  Editors providing annotations on the story.  Selecting the story to be published.  Creating the layout of publiscation  Proof reading and approval of layout.  Sending to press for printing.
    3. 3. The manual way www.soundsource.in  Stories are exchanged over email or thumbdrive.  Comments are written in email or using comment system of word processor.
    4. 4. Problems of manual www.soundsource.in sharing  Dependent on email.  Not possible to track changes.  Not possible to revert to a older version.  Workflow is not automated and prone to errors.  Collaborative writing is difficult.  Access control not possible. All documents are editable by all.  Time consuming.
    5. 5. How to avoid problems www.soundsource.in  Implementing an electronic workflow.  The workflow should allow you to create a team and allocate tasks to the team.  Generate alerts when task is overdue.  Generate allerts when a team member finishes the work, so that other member can start working.  Implement version control to track the changes.
    6. 6. What is drupal www.soundsource.in  Community driven web based CMS.  Lots of modules.  Healthy and helpful community.  Very active development.  Commercial support available from several providers.  Integrates with several other softwares via modules.
    7. 7. How can drupal help ? www.soundsource.in  Built in revision control.  Modules for task management and tracking.  Comment system allows sharign views.  Access control system for granualar access of the system.  Categories, taxonomy, tags help you arrange content.
    8. 8. Which modules to use www.soundsource.in Lets look at problems and solutions one slide at a time
    9. 9. Creating a team www.soundsource.in  Create drupal roles, one role per team.  Create drupal users and add users to roles.  Give permissions to roles onthe modules.  Your team is ready.
    10. 10. Advance team www.soundsource.in  Install storm module.  Create organization in storm.  Add storm attribute keys to suite your needs.  Create storm people.  Add storm people to storm teams.
    11. 11. Creating tasks www.soundsource.in  When using storm, you can use storm tasks.  Else install job tracker module.  Create tickets in job tracker module with due dates.
    12. 12. Creating content www.soundsource.in  Create category to match your needs.  Create a story for each of the task decided.  When working on a book, book module will come handy.  Enable revisions for each story or book page.  Give permissions to authors, for creating content.  Create content :-)
    13. 13. Editing content www.soundsource.in  Simplest are the drupal comments.  For Drupal 5 use Annotate module. (unstable for D6 at the time of presenting)  Annotate module allows, text annotation.  Annotate module allows editorial annotations.  Newer version of Drupal will have a module called annotation which will allow text as wella s image annotation
    14. 14. Defining the workflow www.soundsource.in  Drupal allows pretty complex workflows around content states.  Workflow and rules module allow creation of rules based on processes.  Rules allow you to define an action on change of content state.  So define rules when the content is changed, added or deleted...
    15. 15. Sending for layout www.soundsource.in  Drupal 5 comes with modules for exporting content in various formats. Drupal 6 export is work in progress at the time of presenting.  You can give read only access to designers for the content.  Copy paste is the simplest solution :-)  When designer team is geographically separated use Save to FTP module to export content as HTML and upload to a ftp server. (works for D6)
    16. 16. Verifying the layout www.soundsource.in  Layout team can attach the pdf of the publication as a node using File node module.  Alert can be set for all stakeholders to review the pdf on upload.  Drupal comment system can be used to give feedback on pdf.
    17. 17. Q&A www.soundsource.in
    18. 18. www.soundsource.in Easy to use free software www.soundsource.in Open source solutions |Open source training |Open source consulting