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Sales Force Europe has sales resources based in every key European market. We have been working here for many years, opening up markets, building service provider relationships and establishing distributor networks for our clients. We specialize in advising high-tech companies on the most cost-effective way to enter the European market, and then bringing them significant sales results quickly for minimal investment.

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Sales Force Europe Presentation

  1. 1. Overview of Sales F S l Force Europe E Services and Cli t B Si d Client Benefits fit January 2008 J 1 confidential Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2008 All rights reserved
  2. 2. What we do Sales Force Europe (SFE) provides the strategy, contacts and sales resources to enable high-tech companies to enter the European Marketplace rapidly and profitably 2 confidential Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2008 All rights reserved
  3. 3. Presentation Overview What SFE offers you - Focused management team - In-country technical sales - Centralized support Some current clients Your sales alternatives compared Summary of SFE advantages Next t N t steps 3 confidential Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2008 All rights reserved
  4. 4. Focused Management Team Name Responsibility Proven Track Record Rick Pizzoli Managing Director Founder SFE, VP Europe Maple Optical - Based in Madrid Systems, Systems a $100M start-up. Dir BD start up Nortel EMEA, Dir Seinet Group, Spain Mladen Matijas CTO – Sales Engineering Euro Dir BD for multiple US based start-ups; - Based in Paris VP Sales Engineering CQOS, Biz Dev at Nortel targeting ISP wireless and carriers N t lt ti ISPs, i l d i Nick Service Marketing Director 20 yrs of European marketing and business - Based in Madrid management experience, Oxford education, hands-on European support for clients Torben Rankin Business Development Director Strategic and financial consultant, 10 years - Based in San Francisco international business management experience on 3 continents, Chartered Marketer, tri-lingual. John Armstrong Business Development Director Over 20 years technology marketing, VP/senior - Based in San Jose, California positions, VP Chief Analyst worldwide telecoms & networking Gartner Group-Dataquest. Sales Directors In-country sales, develop regional Ex Sales VPs/Dirs of major manufactures, 25+ channels and end-users end users service providers and channels 4 confidential Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2008 All rights reserved
  5. 5. In-country, outsourced sales team Complete European Coverage y j p y 25+ sales executives available, every major European country covered - W Europe: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, Benelux… - E Europe: Russia, Romania, Poland - Other: Turkey, Dubai, South Africa, Japan, Latin America 50+ channel partners signed up with clients, supporting 1,000s of resellers 50+ Service Providers and major end users signed with clients Experience and Credibility Each sales executive has minimum of 10 years European technical sales experience and has been selected from 100s of applicants Most have worked with the SFE management team at Nortel, Cisco, 3Com, Ericsson, Lucent, Alcatel, etc., and have proven sales records Market Focus Networking & Internet related applications - VoIP, Wireless, Switching, Access, Transport - Software applications 5 confidential Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2008 All rights reserved
  6. 6. Benefits of in-country personnel In-country technical sales executives Indigenous to local markets: language culture, contacts language, culture - Shared resource, each manages only 2-3 clients - vs. US or UK-based primes - not as effective on the continent Trained and technically proficient with client’s technology - Transparent to end customer – viewed as your sales team p y - Quarterly sales quotas, weekly sales calls Client interviews and approves each sales resource - Resumes (CVs) and references provided Benefits to our clients In-country Primes visit customers on a weekly basis, low travel $ Localization of sales strategy, material and positioning Develop prospects / channels to rapidly build revenue stream, manage costs Address multiple markets for less cost and less delay Later can hire direct in markets when business justifies, then transfer accounts Leads captured and tracked via 6 confidential Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2008 All rights reserved
  7. 7. SFE centralized support Sales Management Define objectives select target markets propose sales team objectives, markets, Develop and manage team to ensure deliverables are achieved Access to many potential partners and channels Participate in weekly sales calls, 1 point of contact Manage legal, IP and tax related issues with regional experts - Special pricing available for legal support, ex Baker & McKenzie Partner Marketing Localized sales strategy - Localized pricing and positioning - Translations (at cost) and localization Channel marketing and b d awareness d brand Ch l k ti Events, PR, seminars, partnerships DB marketing to 1000s of channels 7 confidential Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2008 All rights reserved
  8. 8. Some current SFE clients 8 confidential Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2008 All rights reserved
  9. 9. Your sales alternatives compared 1 –Hire direct European team 2 –Engage Sales Force Europe Engage 9 confidential Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2008 All rights reserved
  10. 10. Why choose Sales Force Europe? Answer: Faster time to revenue, significantly lower costs European sales logistics Traditional directly Sales Force Europe and comparison criteria employed sales staff Loaded labor rate for senior $15K - $30K per month loaded $5K - $7K per month retainer per European-based sales rep labor rate + Bonus / Commissions rep / country + 10-20% commissions Administrative overhead, facilities, Significant additional cost for No additional costs, other than recruitment, benefits & tax, legal, dedicated facilities, benefits, client-approved travel IT, IT EU HR policy compliance li li legal, recruitment, etc. l l i Average time before ready to 6 – 9 months, after planning, 2-4 weeks engage with customers recruitment, and localized lead Ready to engage after sales rep development selection and training g Time to revenue from start 12 – 18 months on average 4 – 6 months on average Cost of personnel changes, Significant legal costs, plus up to No risk, continuation of firings, redundancies one-year severance pay agreement based on meeting depending on country quarterly objectives 10 confidential Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2008 All rights reserved
  11. 11. Market entry timeline: direct team Internal Recruitment & Facilities Lead Customer, Planning Localized Development D l t Planning VP Europe Recruitment Phase Sales Team Build Prospects & Channels Engaged Block of Time / Legal / Tax planning Revenue Lost Lead Customer Closed Product Localization Costs Facilities Built Out Revenue Ramps Proyect launch 6 months 1 year 11 confidential Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2008 All rights reserved
  12. 12. Market entry timeline: SFE team Phase 1: P hase 2: Phase 3: SFE R esearch SF E Business D evelopm ent Revenue Growth A nalysis SFE Business D evelopm ent Prospects & C hannels Engaged Lead C ustom er D evelopm ent & C losed In-country sales team expands to new m arkets M arketing & Product Localization Legal/Tax planning Success Fees based C osts on Time & Revenue Port Sales Support/H elp D esk Milestones Facilities Revenue Ramps 1 year 6 m onths Proyect launch 12 confidential Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2008 All rights reserved
  13. 13. Compare financials: direct team Full Time Option Monthly loaded labour rate for a full-time senior sales executive in Europe ranges from $15K – $30K per month Resources / staff / employees take 3-6 months to find and hire, and another 6 months to fire if they don’t perform or located in wrong market Additional fixed costs include: facilities, recruitment, benefits & tax, legal, IT, EU HR policies… 1st year costs to establish European facilities & team = $1M+ 13 confidential Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2008 All rights reserved
  14. 14. Compare financials: SFE team Available day 1 y Senior technical sales executives dedicated 7-10 days a month $5-7K monthly retainer (dependent on country and experience) - Covers time commitment to hit objectives - Covers base costs: salary, benefits, existing facilities, IT, coms, local travel - Does not include pre-approved customer related travel or events 10-20% commission on sales once client receives payment 1-year extendable contract - Quarterly objectives must be met every quarter for retainer to continue Other business models available Includes VP Sales support from Rick Pizzoli Other Centralized Resources include: Marketing, S l E i M k ti Sales Engineering, O i Operations, etc. ti t $3-5K per month provides 5-10 days a month support SFE provides 3-4 resources for the price of 1 full time employee 14 confidential Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2008 All rights reserved
  15. 15. The Sales Force Europe advantage SFE provides a formula that creates high multiples of return for limited investment risk 3-4 senior sales resources for the price of 1 full time - Located close to the customer / channel, immediately available Top talent, strong in technical sales excellent local contacts talent sales, - Trained in your technology, using your business cards and contracts, so transparent to end-user customer Targeted sales campaigns including individual q g pg g quotas and monthly y pre-planning of activities Centralized sales management and marketing support Market analysis to fine-tune sales approach and mitigate risks y pp g Existing channel partners & Service Provider relationships Benefits: Lower costs & greater revenue opportunities 15 confidential Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2008 All rights reserved
  16. 16. Next Steps 1. Define European target revenue, markets and other objectives Month 1 2. Define profile of sales team p Month 1 3. Team search and selection, resumes/CVs provided to client Month 1 4. European visit (or teleconference) to interview and agree on team p ( ) g Month 2 5. Agree on terms, sign agreements, launch sales effort Month 2 6. Product training, emails, business cards, etc. g, , , Month 2 7. Launch marketing effort Month 2-3 8. Target to close lead channels / customers g Month 3-4 9. Revenue Month 4-6 10. Cash flow positive in Europe p p Month 9-12 16 confidential Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2008 All rights reserved
  17. 17. Contact Rick Pizzoli Managing Director General Castaños 9, 2D Madrid 28004 Spain Phone +34 91 310 0070 Mobile +34 659 449 202 E-Fax +1 415 276 6038 17 confidential Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2008 All rights reserved