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Our top 7 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tips
Here are 7 (and a bit) key SEO tips we’d like to s...
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4) Get (digitally) socialising
Anyone reading this and not on LinkedIn has an immediate job to do ...
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Top 7 seo_tips_notes

  1. 1. In partnership with Our top 7 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tips Here are 7 (and a bit) key SEO tips we’d like to share with you, the main ones we recommend to anyone where SEO is important to them. We gained a lot of nuggets and techniques when implementing our own SEO successfully (we went from page 72 to page 1 in less than 3 months). There is a lot to SEO, so this list is not comprehensive, but it is a terrific start for any small business. We run a half-day seminar on SEO at the British Library - check for dates and how to book. 1) Get on the map Registering with Google Maps (see gl=us) allows you to appear when someone types in your company name and location - for example “Lucidica London”. Make sure then when you give Google your company name it has your keywords in it. For example instead of telling Google your company is called “Lucidica”, call it “Lucidica | IT Support London”. This 15 min task has given clients 1000% increases in traffic and if you’re lucky a huge amount of real-estate when a potential client searches in Google 2) Get Techie (or at least get someone who is!) The web is technical, so you need to ensure that the technical sides of your site and your SEO efforts are tip- top. The important things to focus on are: • Metatags: should be able to be changed in your CMS (content management system). These are the tags at the top of every webpage describing what it’s about. • Anchor Text: is the text you click on when you move from page-to-page on the web, in short is not as good as hyperlinking Lucidica-IT Support London • Tagging: particularly if you are selling products, make sure you have ‘alt tag’, ‘title tags’ and image names right on your images. In short, ensure you get a bit of help around the technical stuff (our seminars on SEO are great place to start). 3) Get Links: Use your head & ‘emotional labour’ Seth Godin talks about emotional labour as juxtaposition to manual labour. It takes effort to put your opinion out there, to offer yourself up for criticism. But this is the only way to become a content provider. Otherwise you’re just a copycat trying to follow in the footsteps of people who have tried the techniques before. You have something no SEO company has, your industry knowledge and your experience; be genuine and think about what you can give away free in order to garner links coming into your site. a) Get blogging b) Offer content and opinion free to other sites c) Find what the customer wants not what you think they want, what is useful to them d) Read 131 link building strategies LUCIDICA.COM | 0844 414 2994 Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. In partnership with 4) Get (digitally) socialising Anyone reading this and not on LinkedIn has an immediate job to do after this! LinkedIn is still the biggest and best social networking site. Sign-up and ensure your website has decent anchor text in the website ‘description’. Beyond this join:,, and 5) Get Commenting Anywhere really, it doesn’t matter but just make sure you link to your site (and you’re not breaking the forum rules by doing so). Yahoo! Answers is a great place to start, answer a question and get a link to your site. Industry or Small Business forums are also awash with people asking questions you can comment on (or even better answer!). It’s ideal if you put the answer on your site and link back to it with decent answer text ideal, e.g.: “what vaccines do puppies need?” “We have a page about vaccination of your puppy here, and if you need a quality vet in North London, please contact us at” 6) Get Feedback and make it link Try to get people commenting on what you do and make it easy to give feedback, or offer prizes or incentives for feedback. If you’re in the hospitality industry tell people you’ll give them 10% off their next purchase if they write a review of you on TripAdvisor and send it to you. Offer weekly prize draws from the people who join your FaceBook group. Get people interacting on the web on your behalf and the links will flow in. 7a) Get randomising Google hates duplicated content, it hates people doing things en-mass. Make sure your links, text, anchor text and company profiles are as random as can be. So if you’re throwing Lucidica | IT Support London around the web over and over again, you’ll dampen your impact on Google compared to if you randomise even just three (although the more the better) phrases “Lucidica support IT in London for Small Business” & “London based IT Support company Lucidica” & “IT Support in London from Lucidica” Avoid large scale en-mass repetitive link building unless you’re sure the way you’re doing it is above board. The more random the less chance you have of Google deciding what you’re doing isn’t good. 7b) Get listed Get listed in your local directories. Some are free, some charge a small amount. Great ones to start with are: • Linkedin: (free, create a • DMOZ: (free, but takes a while to company profile as well as an individual one) appear - don’t hassle them, be patient) • Best of the Web: ($99 per year) • BT Tradespace: (free) • Joe ant: ($40) • Aboutus: (free) • The London Directory: • Splut: (free) (free as long as you’re in or related to London) • Cannylink: ($20) • Londinium: (free) • Quango: ($13) • Dmegs: ($10) • Jayde: (free) • Squidoo: (free, but you create • Touchlocal: (£120 per year) your own page about something) Though avoid anyone who charges through PayPal to a Hotmail/Googlemail/Yahoo account as they will at best take your money and give you nothing - at worst you’ll be penalised by Google. LUCIDICA.COM | 0844 414 2994 Page 2 of 2