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soundtalks: The Power of Social Media- The story of the Child's i Foundation


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soundtalks: The Power of Social Media- The story of the Child's i Foundation

  1. 1. soundtalks: The Power of Social Media & the Story of Child’s i Foundation
  2. 3. Contribution The personal contribution that each and every participant makes as they support Child’s i Foundation – whether through time, money or love – is something we recognise and value highly. Individual contribution, giving of credit where credit’s due, genuine advocacy – are all at the heart of our passion, and they determine how well we can respond to the needs of those we are seeking to serve.
  3. 7. Transparency We want our supporters to be part of our journey, to truly experience our successes, as well as our failures. We want them to speak up if they don’t believe in what we are doing and most importantly, we want them to know where their money is going. Crucial to the creation of a strong community is a culture of trust, honesty and transparency. We like to have conversations with our supporters, and create a credible and compelling groundswell of support for our project as we tell our story online.
  4. 12. We are a community Child’s i Foundation is a community organisation – this is “our” charity. Everything we do revolves around our community and the connections we make through it, and our ability to generate conversations and connect. We believe that it’s the supportive collaboration and interaction of our community with which we will make a real difference to children’s lives.
  5. 18. Doing things differently We’re committed to creatively striving for change in new ways, through both the work we do and the way that we do it. We do things differently, not for difference’s sake, but because we can. We’re committed to finding imaginative, invigorating solutions to the problem of child abandonment in Uganda.
  6. 23. ” We make families, not orphans”
  7. 26. Appendices