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Social Media Exchange For The Cultural And Heritage Sectors Delegate Pack


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The delegate pack for the Social Media Exchange for the Cultural and Heritage sectors - June 1st 2009

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  • I like this presentation ' Social Media Exchange For The Cultural And Heritage Sectors '. my favorite slide from this last one slide 'Training With Sounddelivery' This slide measure all social network sites [twiiter,facebook,flickr, etc...] are Exchange.

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Social Media Exchange For The Cultural And Heritage Sectors Delegate Pack

  1. 1. presents THE SOCIAL MEDIA EXCHANGE for the Cultural and Heritage Sectors Monday 1 June 2009 London 2 Welcome letter 3 Speakers 6 Masterclasses 7 Surgeries 8 Schedule 9 Floor Plan 10 Partners and Supporters 11 About sounddelivery 12 Training with sounddelivery
  2. 2. 2 Welcome THE SOCIAL MEDIA EXCHANGE Dear Delegate, On behalf of sounddelivery I’d like to welcome you to the first Social Media Exchange for the Cultural and Heritage Sectors. Today’s event brings together people working in museums, galleries, libraries, archives and heritage organisations as well as those working in traditional charities and the public and private sectors. Today is your opportunity to make connections, learn new skills, compare, contrast and bounce ideas off other delegates. You’ll leave the event with practical skills and inspiration – and that’s a promise! We have a fantastic line-up of inspirational speakers and to them and to everyone who has supported this event – thank you. I want to say a huge thanks to Deborah Lamb at English Heritage for subsidising 20 delegate places, John Vincent at The Network, Paddy McNulty at MLA London, Miriam Levin and Rebecca Vallins at Our Place and HeritageLink for all their advice and support. Much of the material from today will be available on a website set up especially for the day Enjoy the day and all that you take away from it. Best wishes Jude Habib Founder/Director sounddelivery PARTNERS SUPPORTERS
  3. 3. THE SOCIAL MEDIA EXCHANGE Speakers 3 JULIE BALLANDS LAURA CROW – Outreach Officer for Culture – Outreach Officer for Culture Shock, Tyne and Wear Museums Shock, Tyne and Wear Museums Julie is currently working on Culture Shock Since completing her degree in animation, – a large scale digital storytelling project Laura has worked freelance as an animator for Tyne and Wear Museums. She is also and facilitator for organisations based a freelance filmmaker, with a particular interest in working with in North East England. She currently works as an assistant people and communities whose voices aren’t often heard outreach officer for the project, Culture Shock, with Tyne and in mainstream media. She has previously delivered digital Wear Museums, helping to produce 1000 digital stories inspired storytelling projects for Tyneside Cinema, Gallery of Modern Art, by museum collections. Glasgow and North East African Community Association. DAVE BRIGGS – Digital Enabler Dave Briggs is a digital enabler - helping FRANCES CROXFORD people and organisations decide what – Consultant and Account they need to do with the social web, then Manager at Jane Wentworth equipping them with the tools and skills Associates they need. An author of a prolific, well-read and respected Frances has worked with Jane Wentworth blog on digital engagement, clients past and present include Associates since 2006 as a brand consultant 10 Downing Street, BERR, IDeA, Uk Online Centres and Cisco, and account manager. Her clients include the Natural History amongst others. Museum, Scottish Opera, Glasgow School of Art and Sheffield Galleries and Museums Trust. Previously, she spent eight years as Product Developer for Tate, and has worked on exhibitions including Matisse/Picasso, Olafur Eliasson and the Terry Frost retrospective at St Ives. STEVE BRIDGER www. – Social Media Evangelist Steve Bridger is an experienced online community builder and mentor, encouraging charities to find and promote an authentic voice for their organisations, particularly through storytelling and fundraising networks. He is an award- winning blogger, a contributor to several reports on online MARK ELLIS fundraising and a sought-after conference speaker. In the UK – Senior Producer, sounddelivery he is Flickr for Good Evangelist. Mark is an experienced radio news journalist, podcast and programme producer. He worked at the BBC for more than eight years, delivering social action campaigns on issues including homelessness, domestic violence and PAUL CLIFFORD social exclusion; and was a news editor shaping the BBC news – E-learning Officer, Access and agenda for Cambridgeshire and the south coast. As a senior Learning, Museum of London producer at sounddelivery Mark has created audio slideshows, Paul Clifford has been involved in creating video content, podcasts, and has led many training sessions in blended learning sessions in museums podcasting and social media. for over 10 years using handheld devices, cutting edge applications and open source software and the social media phenomena.
  4. 4. 4 Speakers THE SOCIAL MEDIA EXCHANGE LUCIE FITTON JUDE HABIB – Inclusion Officer, Museum of – Director, sounddelivery London Jude set up sounddelivery, a social media Lucie has managed the inclusion programme training and production company, in 2006 at the Museum of London for four years. to help non-profit organisations embrace The programme aims to engage those at the changing media landscape and find risk of social exclusion with their heritage, and provide them new ways of getting their messages across. A key part of the with opportunities to gain new skills. Lucie previously worked work that sounddelivery does is train organisations to create for a number of years in the welfare to work sector with long- their own podcasts, social networks, blogs and other social term unemployed people. Prior to this she worked in mentoring media to bring their stories to life and reach new audiences. In and youth work, and taught English as an additional language. her former life Jude spent twelve years working for the BBC as She has a BA in Ancient History & Archaeology and an MA in a reporter, producer and project manager. She spent five years Museum Studies. developing and delivering social action campaigns through radio, TV, online and mobile phone. She is passionate about storytelling and believes social media has an important role to play in the Cultural and Heritage Sectors. PATRICK FORBES – Head of Documentaries at Oxford Film and Television ALI HOLDER Patrick is one of Britain’s leading documentary – Information Development film makers. His BBC4/2 series on the Librarian, Westminster Libraries National Trust won the Bafta and Grierson Ali Holder has worked for Westminster awards for best factual series. His subsequent BBC 2 series on Libraries for over 10 years, initially as a Russia’s oligarchs has been seen worldwide, and also won an general reference librarian and latterly award for best documentary series. The BBC has just transmitted as one of a team of Information Development Librarians, his series on English Heritage to critical acclaim. maintaining and developing the website as well as using, promoting and training staff in their ever-expanding range of online information resources. KATE FOX – New Media Managaer, Mersey FRANCIS NIELSEN Basin Campaign – Outreach and Social Inclusion Kate is New Media Manager for the Mersey Officer, Wolverhampton Arts and Basin Campaign. In the course of her work, Museum Service she has blogged from the back seat of a Francis has worked for Wolverhampton Arts solar-powered 2cv, recorded audio clips on the deck of a North and Museum Service for six years in many Sea oil tanker, and facebooked in the guise of a wooden salmon different roles. For the past year and a half she has worked as named Samantha. Most importantly she managed to persuade the Outreach and Social Inclusion officer, developing audiences her CEO that social media is worth doing. for the three sites under the Wolverhampton Arts and Museum service umbrella.
  5. 5. THE SOCIAL MEDIA EXCHANGE Speakers 5 DAN PHILLIPS CHEWY TREWHELLA – Deputy Director, Their Past Your – Developer Advocate, Google Future, Imperial War Museum Chewy’s job is to make technical things Formerly policy adviser for history in accessible and relevant to non-technical schools and for the heritage sector within people. He is particularly knowledgeable the Department for Education and Skills, he about Google’s APIs and webmaster has been at IWM for 6 years, managing a range of educational programmes. He’s has a BEng in Software Engineering, and activities online and off. But he doesn’t do Facebook. he’s been with Google since November 2005. NICK REYNOLDS JOHN VINCENT – Editor, BBC Internet Blog – The Network Nick has had the following jobs in the BBC: John has worked in the public sector since Senior Producer, World Service Radio, the 1960s, primarily for Hertfordshire, Commissioning Editor, World Service, Lambeth and Enfield library services. In Senior Adviser, Editorial Policy, assistant 1997, he was invited to become part web producer BBC Music Online and is Currently Editor, BBC of the team that produced the UK’s first review of public Internet blog. His personal blog is libraries and social exclusion, and, from this, co-started “The Network - tackling social exclusion” (which now has some 140 organisational members across the UK). John runs courses and lectures, writes, produces regular newsletters and e-bulletins, and lobbies for greater awareness of the role that libraries, archives and museums play in contributing to social justice. MARTHA ROBERTS 2009 is The Network’s 10th anniversary year – Communications Co-ordinator, National Trust After an MSc in science communication, Martha worked for BBC Wildlife Magazine, where she started a monthly wildlife podcast from scratch before moving to the National Trust press office ANDREW WILSON where she has been producing wildlife and countryside, and – Co-Director, Blink news-linked podcasts on all aspects of the charity’s work. Andrew Wilson is co-director of Blink a not-for-profit creative technology research organisation working across the cultural, technology and commercial sectors, with an eight year track record including the Guardian’s text message poetry competition; City Poems in Leeds and MADELEINE SUGDEN Antwerp, commended in the British Interactive Media Awards, – Content Manager, KnowHow and Bluevend, installed in Tate Britain and featured in the NonProfit Independent on Sunday. After web roles at universities and RNIB, Madeleine is currently Content Manager for KnowHow NonProfit, a new website for people working in charities and nonprofit organisations funded by the Big Lottery Fund. The site is a mix of relevant and practical content, a charity soap opera, e-learning modules and forums where users can share experience. Through her work on large sites she is committed to developing content which is useful, interactive, accessible and meets the needs of the audience. She is a keen museum and gallery visitor.
  6. 6. 6 Masterclasses THE SOCIAL MEDIA EXCHANGE Masterclasses The Power of Blogging DAvE BRIggS – Digital Enabler Can you dig it? Heard about blogging and want to start your own – but don’t DAN PHILLIPS – Deputy Director, Their Past Your Future, know where to start? This session will provide The What, Why Imperial War Museum and How of blogging, discuss the pros and cons and will look An overview of digitisation outputs at the Imperial War Museum, at how you can create a personal voice for your organisation and creative ways to use and respond to museum objects in the in words. virtual world. From source material for site visits, to blogs and online exhibitions, this workshop will shine a light on digitisation and its possible outcomes. Picture This STEvE BRIDgER – Social Media Evangelist Learn how you and your organisation can achieve the maximum Social Networking; The Challenge of benefit from digital storytelling - with top tips for embracing the Keeping Up With Youth Culture Flickr photo-sharing community. FRANCIS NIELSEN – Outreach and Social Inclusion Officer, Wolverhampton Arts and Museum Service Through the presentation of a live case study, this master class Podcasting: From nothing to something will look at how organisations respond to changing social beautiful networking mediums.; how they are used by young people to MARTHA ROBERTS – Communications Co-ordinator, communicate with each other and how to make use of them to National Trust convey your message and engage with new audiences. Lessons from how we at the National Trust entered the audio world, learning to make beautiful, useful and interesting podcasts from nothing, and why you should bother. My other handheld is an iphone. . . PAUL CLIFFORD – E-learning Officer, Access & Learning, Museum of London How can we use social media to promote social How the Museum of London is delivering a plethora of blended inclusion? learning sessions in its galleries for the full range of museum JOHN vINCENT – The Network and Lucie Fitton, Museum audiences using a range of mobile devices including PSPs, of London iphones and ipods, applications like Twitter, Quick Response Lots of us are experimenting with using social media - and we’re barcodes and augmented reality. reaching new audiences too. But how can we ensure that we use media to effectively target and reach people who would not normally get involved in museums and cultural heritage? This Web Content – Build and Engage Your Audience Masterclass will look at how social media can build partnerships MADELEINE SugDEN – Content Manager, KnowHow and other networks which begin to reach beyond the usual NonProfit targets. Does your web content engage, inform and entertain your audience? Five questions will help transform your site. Succeeding online using free Google tools CHEWY TREWHELLA – Developer Advocate, google Group Tweeting – finding your organisation’s In this session, you’ll get a chance to see how to use things voice on Twitter such as Google Analytics, Google Website Optimiser, Google ALI HOLDER – Information Development Librarian, Webmaster Tools and more to control and optimise your Westminster Libraries online presence. This interactive session will enable you to ask Relative newcomers to Twitter, Westminster Libraries took the questions on anything Google. plunge in early 2009, having realised that this was a very useful bandwagon to be on. Ali will discuss the hows and whys of their approach, issues encountered and lessons learned so Building up your social media presence from far. Of particular interest are the possible conflicts between an scratch – and with very little money organisational, ‘official’ voice and the more chatty, personal KATE FOx – New Media Manager, Mersey Basin Campaign interaction favoured on Twitter. Also how the rest of the One small organisation’s adventures in new media. Pick organisation (in this case the Council as a whole, as well as the the brains of a low-tech, low-budget outfit that’s blogged, library management) perceive and engage with Twitter and other facebooked, videoed, minidisked and twittered since 2006. Web 2.0 sites.
  7. 7. THE SOCIAL MEDIA EXCHANGE Masterclasses and Surgeries 7 A Storyteller’s Journey: from story circle to Pocket-sized film productions and texting broadcast ghosts JuLIE BALLANDS AND LAuRA CROW – Outreach Officers ANDREW WILSON – Co-Director Blink for the project Culture Shock, Tyne and Wear Museums Visitors’ own mobile phones are a huge potential resource for Using the example of Tyne and Wear Museums’ Culture Shock even the smallest organisations. Two detailed case studies, and project, this session looks at how to engage audiences in digital a demo with live monsters. storytelling projects within the museum and heritage sector. Lessons learned about how to adapt the process to suit different groups will be shared, alongside an overview of the process and equipment needed to run your own successful project. Surgery Sessions World Press for Good Blogging DAvE BRIggS – Digital Enabler Hands on practical workshops going through the How To of a Tempted to set up your own website, but don’t know where range of social media applications. to start? This session will show you how the blogging tool Wordpress can be used to create simple websites – and Podcasting: The ins and outs integrate into your existing web presence. MARTHA ROBERTS – Communications Co-ordinator, National Trust MARK ELLIS – Senior Producer, sounddelivery Afternoon Panel Discussion A practical approach to how to get started, from equipment, interview technique to downloading free editing software – Social Media, Storytelling and Building Brands – come and have a go. Bringing Stories to Life My other handheld is an iphone . . . interactive PAUL CLIFFORD – E-learning Officer, Access & Learning, FRANCES CROxFORD, Museum of London Consultant and Account Manager A practical guide to using PSPs and iphones in museum at Jane Wentworth Associates galleries including the best applications and accessories. Come and create. PATRICK FORBES, Head of Documentaries at Oxford Film and Television NICK REYNOLDS, Mobile Phones – Five Minute Vulcan Mind Meld Editor BBC Internet Blog ANDREW WILSON – Co-Director, Blink Five minute one-to-one brain exchange sessions. How could HOSTED BY JuDE HABIB, you try out mobile phone ideas with your visitors and how much Founder/Director sounddelivery might it cost? Google Notes and Queries THE SOCIAL MEDIA EXCHANGE is all about making CHEWY TREWHELLA – Developer Advocate, google connections, sharing ideas and knowledge and getting to grips Chewy answers all your Google related questions and shows with new ways of working. you the latest Google applications for cultural and heritage sectors. Getting Involved on the Day: Tag your blogs, tweets, videos and pictures with #smex09 The Art of Storytelling Through Twitter ALI HOLDER – Information Development Librarian, All the material from the day will be available on Westminster Libraries KATE FOx – New Media Manager, Mersey Basin Campaign And you’ll be able to continue the conversation and discussion If you’re not using Twitter within your organisation this practical online surgery session will use live demos to show you the what, the why and the how of Twitter? Happy Tweeting.
  8. 8. 8 CONFERENCE ROOM 1 & 2 SEMINAR 2 SEMINAR 3 ROOM 4 SEMINAR 4 ROOMS HALL 3,5 & 6 REGISTRATION 9:00-9:45 AND BREAKFAST Schedule OPENING Jude Habib 9:45-10:15 INTRODUCTION ALI HOLDER ANDREW WILSON PLEASE NOTE KATE FOX MADELEINE SUGDEN Westminster Libraries DAN PHILIPS Blink Mersey Basin Campaign KnowHow NonProfit These rooms 10:30-11:10 MASTERCLASS 1 Building your social media Web Content – Build and Group Tweeting – Finding Imperial War Museum Pocket-sized film your organisations voice Can you dig it? productions and are available presence from scratch engage your audience on Twitter. texting ghosts. throughout the JOHN VINCENT JULIE BALLANDS AND day for your The Network CHEWY TREWHELLA MARTHA ROBERTS DAVE BRIGGS LAURA CROW own sessions or MASTERCLASS 2 LUCIE FITTON Google The National Trust Digital Enabler 11:25-12.05 Museum of London Tyne and Wear Museums Succeeding online using Podcasting; from nothing The power of blogging to allow re-runs Using social media to A storytellers journey; from free Google tools. to something beautiful of earlier promote social inclusion story circle to broadcast FRANCES NIELSEN popular KATE FOX PAUL CLIFFORD ANDREW WILSON Wolverhampton Arts DAN PHILIPS masterclasses Mersey Basin Museum of London Blink and Museum Service Imperial War Museum 12:20-13:00 MASTERCLASS 3 Building your social media Social Networking; the My other hand held is Can you dig it? Pocket-sized film presence from scratch challenge of keeping up an i-phone productions and with youth culture texting ghosts. Networking 13:00 -14:15 LUNCHTIME and Surgeries JOHN VINCENT ALI HOLDER JULIE BALLANDS AND The Network STEVE BRIDGER MADELEINE SUGDEN Westminster Libraries LAURA CROW LUCIE FITTON Social Media Evangelist KnowHow NonProfit 14:20-15:00 MASTERCLASS 4 Museum of London Group Tweeting – Finding Web Content – Build and Tyne and Wear Museums Picture This Using social media to your organisations voice A storytellers journey; from engage your audience promote social inclusion on Twitter. story circle to broadcast ROOM 6 MARTHA ROBERTS ALI HOLDER PAUL CLIFFORD CHEWY TREWHELLA DAVE BRIGGS ANDREW WILSON Westminster Libraries Museum of London The National Trust Blink SURGERIES Google Digital Enabler KATE FOX 15:05-15:50 My other hand held is MARK ELLIS Mobile phones; five minute Google notes and queries Wordpress for good Mersey Basin Campaign an i-phone . . . interactive sounddelivery vulcan mind meld The art of storytelling blogging Podcasting; the ins and outs through Twitter Panel Discussion 16:00-17:00 ROUND-UP and Round up Surgeries will run informally throughout lunchtime Coffee, tea and treats served throughout the day THE SOCIAL MEDIA EXCHANGE
  10. 10. 10 Partners & Supporters THE SOCIAL MEDIA EXCHANGE PARTNERS Heritage Link was set up in 2002 by national heritage groups English Heritage is the Government’s statutory adviser on the to promote the central role of the voluntary movement in historic environment. Officially known as the Historic Buildings the sector and to make their voice heard collectively and and Monuments Commission for England, English Heritage coherently. They have around 80 members - national is an Executive Non-departmental Public Body sponsored by organisations including the National Trust, Civic Trust, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). English Council for British Archaeology, Campaign to Protect Rural Heritage works with a range of Government Departments, England (CPRE) and The Society for the Protection of notably CLG and DEFRA, to help realise the potential of the Ancient Buildings (SPAB) as well as many smaller and more historic environment. English Heritage works in partnership specialised heritage groups. with the central government departments, local authorities, voluntary bodies and the private sector to conserve and Heritage Link provides a forum for members to formulate enhance the historic environment, broaden public access and promote policy on core issues as well as a support and to their heritage and Increase people’s understanding of the information network. It participates in all the major sectoral past forums. The Network is a network of organisations, including: MLA London is the strategic development agency for • Local authorities in England, Wales and Scotland museums, libraries and archives in the London. They are • National museums, archives and libraries core-funded by MLA Council, the Government’s agency • University Departments (including the Petrie Museum; for museums, libraries and archives. Leading strategically, the Research Centre for Museums and Galleries; the MLA promotes best practice in the sector, to inspire Manchester Metropolitan University) innovative, integrated and sustainable services for all. They • Professional bodies (such as the Chartered Institute of work closely with London Libraries, Renaissance London, Library and Information Professionals) and Archives for London. In addition to this MLA London • Heritage organisations (including English Heritage; the provides a wide variety of high quality and affordable training Heritage Lottery Fund) and events for the whole of the UK museums, libraries, and • Charities, voluntary sector organisations (including the archives sector; their events cover subjects from fundraising, National Literacy Trust) collection care, management skills, and marketing, through • Individuals committed to tackling social exclusion. to new media techniques, and audience development. More information can be found on the Training and Development It was formed in February 1999 and is 10 years old this year! section of their website: The Network runs courses, seminars and conferences, and publishes a monthly Newsletter and regular e-bulletins. It also coordinates a number of email lists and lobbies for greater awareness of the role of museums, libraries and archives in SUPPORTERS creating social justice. Our Place is for people who work in broadening access to heritage. It is an online space where you can network with peers, share and be inspired by project case studies, and discuss the challenges facing you today. It also contains news, resources and links to everything you need to know about engaging communities with heritage.
  11. 11. THE SOCIAL MEDIA EXCHANGE About sounddelivery 11 We’re passionate about storytelling. Our mission is to help organisations shape and sharpen their messages and navigate the changing media landscape to find new and exciting ways to get their stories heard. We specialise in working with organisations in the public, non-profit, community, cultural and heritage sectors, as well as businesses with a strong social commitment. Our mission is to: • help organisations understand and participate in social media • build confidence and knowhow through practical, hands-on training • create powerful content that engages and inspires people into action • give a voice to people and issues that are under-represented in mainstream media. Training Our training workshops give you practical experience of tools and techniques that will enable you to create messages and content that stands out. We can show you how podcasting, blogging and other forms of social media can make a difference to your organisation - and give you the confidence to put this knowledge into practice. We offer bespoke in-house training sessions or you can come along to one of our regular workshops. Production Audio and video are incredibly powerful and versatile tools for telling stories. Our highly experienced production team knows how to create compelling content that inspires people to take action. We produce broadcast-quality audio features, podcasts, videos and audio slideshows, working closely with our clients at every stage from developing the concept to delivering the final product. Consultancy We know that every organisation is different and that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to getting your message across to new and existing audiences. We use our expertise to help our clients identify and harness the potential of their stories. Contact us to discuss how we can help you. Our values Right from the early days of sounddelivery, our aim has been to work on projects that make a real contribution to tackling social exclusion and other important social issues. Living our values is very important to us. As well as seeking out media projects that address social and digital exclusion, each year we give a percentage of our profits to initiatives that provide support for people who are experiencing social isolation. For more information go to
  12. 12. 12 Training with sounddelivery THE SOCIAL MEDIA EXCHANGE Powerful Podcasting (One Day) Tell your stories in your own way and in your own words. In one day you’ll learn to carry out interviews and learn the skills you need to collect Social Media stories and case studies for your organisation. Basics sounddelivery has trained nearly 500 different (One Day) organisations to create their own audio content. This practical workshop explores the No production skills are needed for this course ever-changing social media landscape from blogs and podcasts, wikis to social Next workshop networks. By the end of the day you’ll have Friday 19th June a solid understanding of the range of social media tools available and most importantly know how to use them Digital Storytelling: Powerful Audio Slideshows (One Day) The BBC, Guardian Unlimited, Christian Aid and Medecins Sans Frontieres are just some of the organisations who truly understand the power and cost effectiveness of digital storytelling through audio slideshows. In one day you will learn how to combine photographs and sound to tell stories. Video for the Web Audio production skills are Building on our successful podcasting essential for this course workshop our one and two day video workshops will take you through all the stages of video production for the web with a focus on telling the story, hands on production and camera technique, editing a short package and cross promoting across the web. Creative No production experience is needed Communications for this workshop (Half day currently in-house only) A bespoke brainstorming day using role playing and team-work to get those creative juices To book a course, please contact: flowing whether you’ve got a forthcoming media campaign or just want to come up with ideas for future projects and campaigns. 020 8888 2951 07803 721481