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Dahlia and Chewy answer any of your Google related questions and show you the latest Google applications for the non-profit sector.

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About Google Grants

  1. 1. Google Grants An Introduction to the Google Advertising Programme for Non-Profit Organisations January 26th 2009 Google Confidential and Proprietary 1
  2. 2. Background “We aspire to make Google “We feel fortunate to have an institution that makes the the opportunity to contribute world a better place.” our resources, talent, energy, and passion helping to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.” Larry Page and Sergey Brin Sheryl Sandberg Founders, Google VP, Online Sales & Operations, Google Google Confidential and Proprietary 2
  3. 3. About Google Grants Supports organisations sharing our philosophy of community service to help the world in areas such as The Arts Education Science & Technology Global Public Health Environment Youth Advocacy Google Confidential and Proprietary 3
  4. 4. Google Grants Detail Google Grants provides free Google AdWords advertising to select charitable organisations. The programme is designed to help organisations extend their public service messages to a global audience in an effort to make a greater impact on the world. Recipients of a Google Grant award receive at least 3 months of free advertising through Google AdWords, with a cap of $10,000 per month. Your ads appear beside … And connect to People click 1 2 3 related search results… your organisation your ads… Google Confidential and Proprietary 4
  5. 5. Google AdWords The Power of AdWords – With Google AdWords, you only reach people interested in your organization's information and services. How it works - When Google users search on keywords related to your organisation, your ad appears next to relevant Google search results under the Sponsored Links sections. A click on your ad takes users directly to your website. So instead of looking for an audience, you've got an audience looking for you! Google Confidential and Proprietary 5
  6. 6. Your Target Audience When creating keyword lists, a good question to ask yourself is: “If I were researching information or opportunities my organization offered, what would I type?” The more specific your ad text and keywords, the increased chance you will attract users interested in learning more about your organization: Google Confidential and Proprietary 6
  7. 7. Tracking Performance From within your AdWords account, you can review the performance statistics of your ad campaigns. You will be able to view the number of times your ad was viewed (an impression), the number of clicks to your ad, etc. You can even track conversions, such as donations, newsletter signups, and volunteer registrations! Since you have access to all of this valuable information at your fingertips, you can make strategic decisions on how to expand your account, as well as what poorly performing keywords and ad text to tweak. Google Confidential and Proprietary 7
  8. 8. Google Grants Application Eligibility Organisations that are either religious or political in nature are not eligible, including those groups focused primarily on lobbying for political or policy change. * How to Apply Your application is more likely to be successful if you have a basic understanding of the Google AdWords programme. You'll be asked to provide sample keywords, ad copy, and a brief statement about how your organisation will benefit from participating in the Google Grants program. When you submit your completed application online, the Google Grants committee is responsible for selecting award recipients. Once we select award recipients, all applicants will receive email regarding the status of their application. If your organisation is selected, you will receive an award notification via email with detailed instructions for setting up your account, and contact information for a Google Grants specialist and we will help your organisation get up and running. *Google reserves the right to award advertising to any organisation. Selections are made at Google's sole discretion, Google Confidential and Proprietary 8 and decisions regarding award recipients are final.
  9. 9. FAQ Frequently asked questions about Google Grants Google Confidential and Proprietary 9
  10. 10. Eligibility Can I apply for Google Grants if I am currently participating in Google AdWords? Provided they meet all of our other eligibility requirements, Google AdWords advertisers are eligible for Google Grants consideration. Should your organisation be accepted, we can convert your paid AdWords account to run under the Google Grants programme. Please note that we cannot refund your account for clicks accrued prior to your Grants award. Can I apply for Google Grants if I am currently participating in Google AdSense? No. Organisations currently participating in the Google AdSense programme cannot participate in the two programmes concurrently. If you are invited and decide to participate in the Google Grants programme, we will require that you cancel your AdSense account in order to receive your Grants award. Are organisations eligible that have a local or statewide focus, rather than one that is national or international? Yes. Organisations with local constituencies are eligible for the Google Grants programme. If I am a seasonal advertiser, am I eligible for the Google Grants programme? Yes. We encourage you to apply to our programme. If your activities are seasonal in nature and your organisation is selected, you will be able to advertise seasonally. However, we make our decisions on an ongoing basis, and there is no guarantee that you will be awarded a Grant during the right time of year for your organisation. If my non-profit does not have a website, can I apply to the Google Grants programme? No. You need to have a website to advertise with Google Grants. Google Confidential and Proprietary 10
  11. 11. Application When is the deadline to apply for a Google Grants award? There is no single deadline, as we screen Google Grants applications and select recipients on a regular basis. Once you submit an application, typically you will know within six months whether or not you will receive a Google Grants award. My non-profit organisation has more than one website. Do I have to fill out a separate application for each one? Organisations selected to participate in our programme are not limited to a single ad or one website. Unless each website promotes a unique non-profit organisation, it is not necessary to submit more than one application for your organisation. If it is selected for a Google Grants award, you can create separate ads for each service. If we would like to advertise a specific programme or service, do we need to describe the mission of our organisation or the specific service on the application? We would like to know the mission of your organisation as a whole, but feel free to elaborate on your primary objective in applying for this advertising award. Tell us more about what you hope to accomplish for your specific programme or service. What should I enter for the question regarding monthly website traffic figures? The number of monthly page views/impressions is sufficient, and your webmaster should be able to provide you with this number. Please note that a counter on your website is not necessary to answer this question. Will it really take six months to review our application? We do our best to process all applications as quickly as possible. You may hear back from us in less than six months, but there is no way for us to guarantee that will be the case. We appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime. Google Confidential and Proprietary 11
  12. 12. Miscellaneous Can I apply for a Google Grants award on behalf of a non-profit organisation I support? Because Google works directly with the non-profit organisations, we do not accept applications to the Google Grants programme from third parties. Please encourage the non-profit you support to visit our website for detailed information about our programme. If we are awarded a grant and can't get started right away, can we delay the start of the grant period for a few weeks or break it up into two separate chunks? No. When you're accepted, you will have a deadline to set up your account. It's not possible to break your award into different periods or delay your start date. Please note, most organisations selected to participate in our programme do receive more than our minimum of three months of free advertising. What are the costs involved if I decide to apply? Are there any commitments if my organisation is selected for a Google Grants award? Should your organisation be selected for a Google Grants award, you will receive free advertising on Google.ie. There is no cost for this service, but we will ask you for feedback about how the programme is working. What happens when the grant expires? When your grant award expires, your ads will no longer appear on Google. Google Confidential and Proprietary 12
  13. 13. Programme Guidelines Grantee Responsibilities AdWords is an online, advertiser-managed programme. You are responsible for the ongoing administration of your account and for ensuring that your Google ads remain accurate and timely. If you leave or change roles, you or your organisation must transfer this responsibility to someone else within the organisation. You must also notify us about this change. The email address associated with your AdWords account must be one that you or someone in your organisation monitors frequently. We will ask you to share feedback about your Google Grants experience and the impact of the programme on your organisation via surveys and other communications. Extent of your Google Grant Your ads must link to the URL included in your application. You must submit any significant changes of your primary site (or any URL that links to your Google ads) for our review before they are promoted via your AdWords account. Other websites belonging to your organisation require our review and approval before they can be promoted through your AdWords account. If your organisation's focus, website content and/or URLs change significantly for any other reason, please notify us about the change. Your AdWords Campaigns Your ads must reflect the mission of your organisation and your keywords must be relevant to your programmes and services. Strictly commercial advertising is not allowed through this programme. If you intend to promote products or services, 100% of the sales and/or proceeds must support your programmes. Your Google ads cannot link to pages that are primarily links to other websites. Google Confidential and Proprietary 13
  14. 14. AdWords Info How to make the most of Google Grants Google Confidential and Proprietary 14
  15. 15. AdWords Info 1. Targeting your audience Through AdWords, you can create a variety of campaigns (groups of ads for different audiences or services) as well as target your ads to different geographic locations and languages. 2. How to find you 1. Targeting Ask yourself which keywords – word combinations and phrases – you would type into the Google search box your to find your organisation's programmes and services. 2. audience 8. How to find 3. Keyword matching Analytics you Remember that the more specific phrases are always better than general keywords. And a short, well- targeted list of words is much better than a long list of general keywords. We've found that our most successful advertisers use a combination of the four types of keyword matching options (broad match, 3. 7. Targeted phrase match, exact match, negative keywords). Keyword Conversion Advertising matching Tracking 4. Reason for visiting The keyword matching options above will help you understand how to target your ad, but what about your ad 4. 6. text? Our experience shows that the more closely your ad relates to your keywords, the more likely a user is to click on your ad. Reason for Minimum visiting CTR 5. 5. Ways to respond Ways to respond Searchers click on your ad when they are interested in what you offer. Make it easy for them to find out more by sending them directly to a relevant destination (landing) page. This web page should refer to something from your ad. (If you offer a free newsletter, the link should go to an easy sign-up page. If you are promoting an event, the ad about that should link to the page about this specific event.) Finally, be sure your landing page easy and intuitive for the user to understand. 6. Minimum CTR To ensure your advertising is effective, we require that your account and individual keywords maintain a minimum clickthrough rate, or CTR. We define this as the ratio of clicks on your ad to the number of times it has appeared. Google Confidential and Proprietary 15
  16. 16. Thank You! Q&A Google Confidential and Proprietary 16