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Mca titles

  1. 1. MCA ProjectsMedical Information Integration Based Cloud ComputingAbstract—Current medical image processing applications require management of huge amountsof data and executive high-performance computing. How to manage and analysis this largeamount of data effectively is a major challenge. This paper shows the initial formulation ofmedical information integration model, it is designed to help medical workers and medicaldepartments to share data, integrate resources and analyses data. The model using the technologyof cloud computing to provide huge storage resources and powerful computing capacity. Theapplication level of this system is on the basis of service. Hadoop cluster is the main calculationmodule and storage unit. MapReduce as the distributed computing technology.Customer Relationship and Warehouse ManagementCustomer Relationship and Warehouse Management is a business strategy designed to optimizerevenue and increasing customer satisfaction, attracting new customers, retaining existingcustomers and understanding customers better. A successful CRM implementation can improvethe business process by improving selling and servicing functions. Because of the Internet,markets move faster and competition is much fiercer. Currently, they employ diverse informationsystems to maintain different aspects of customer relationships. Separate systems often giveincomplete and outdated information on the customer. CRM provides an integrated system tomaintain good relationships with customers.ISSUE TRACKING, MANAGING MONITORING AND REPORTING SYSTEMIssue Manager is a web-based application designed to help a workgroup keep track of issues andtasks via a shared central resource. The system was designed specifically with the IT departmentin mind, where quick access to shared data and history is a requirement, both from a internalorganizational perspective, as well as to fulfill the needs of the customers. The data is storedcentrally on the server, which make it specially suitable for distributed teams who can use justthe web browser to access it. No local software needs to be installed on the client and all webbrowsers are supported. The application itself can be installed virtually on any web server,whether internal within the organization, or external, hosted by a web hosting company. Severaldistribution versions are provided, including ASP and C# for installation Windows servers.
  2. 2. Additionally, you may add your own logo in the header, change color scheme via CSS(Cascading Style Sheets), or even remove, add or rename fields shown on the screen.Issue Tracking features:Secure, multi- level web access via login authentication Issue assignment by person, priority andstatus Full text search Comprehensive, sortable issue grid with summary by status Bookmarksfor rapid access to commonly used queries Issue history tracking - each response is individuallytracked Single click export of selected records to MS Excel Color-coded priorities with customcolor setup Fully customizable look and feel via HTML templates and Cascading Style SheetsFull compatibility with all web browsersSupport for ALL databases, including MS SQL, MS Access, etc.Source code in ASP.NET/C# and ASP/VBScriptONLINE TERMINAL IMPORT AND EXPORT PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENTSYSTEMIt involves the EXIM document preparation which consists of the container details, in whichvessel it is to be loaded or unloaded, from which container handling agent (CHA), which mainline operator (MLO) has authorized .It also mentions the yard and ship planning for the importedcontainers and the containers to be exported resp ectively. It also calculates the store rent forimported and exported containers. For the imported containers the rent is calculated from thedate-time of containers placed in the yard to the date-time of containers has been gate-out. Forthe exported containers the rent is calculated from the date-time of containers has been gate- in tothe date-time of containers has been loaded in the vessel. The details about the vessels such asvessel number, vessel name, vessel voyage number, vessel capacity, from loca tion, to locationwas collected from the vessel operator by interview method. Also the details of vessel operatornamely vessel operator code, vessel operator name, address, city, country, fax number, phonenumber, e- mail and contact person.INTRANET COMMUNICATION, CONSULTATION, DATA SHARING ANDHELPDESK MANAGEMENT SYSTEMThis Project is aimed to developing the Online Help Desk (OHD) for the Software Company tothe facilities in the office. This is an online application that can be accessed throughout theCompany. This system can be used to automate the workflow of service requests for the variousfacilities in the office. This is one integrated system that covers different kinds of facilities likedata sharing inside the company, getting the information from the higher authority and send thereply. Employee can log in a request for service for any of the supported facilities. Theserequests will be sent to the concerned people, who are also valid users of the system, to get them
  3. 3. resolved. There are features like email notifications/reminders, addition of a new facility to thesystem, report generators etc in this system. There are registered people in the system (HR,System Admin, Team Leader, team Members). Some of them are responsible for maintaining thefacilities (like, the System-assistant is responsible for keeping the System ready with all theequipment in proper condition, the Admin is responsible for taking forward Employee’complaints/requests to the faculty/administration etc).INVENTORY CONTROL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (WINDOWS BASED) An inventory management system automatically monitors inventory amounts, providesinformation concerning inventory, and decides if an order for replacement inventory should beplaced. The system includes storage for inventory, an indicator for monitoring and reporting thelevel of current inventory, and a controller for receiving information from different inventorysuppliers and for integrating such information with information on current inventory amountsand estimated future use to decide if an order for replacing inventory should be made. An orderis placed automatically to a supplier and the progress for the delivery of replacement inventory isautomatically monitored. A method using this system for managing inventory includes the stepsof automatic gathering information about the current inventory and deciding whether and whenreplacement inventory should be ordered.ONLINE JOB PROVIDER AND SEARCH PORTALThis project is aimed at developing online for the group of Job Provider. This is a web-basedtool. Any user can post the resume and can search the jobs. The user can attend the examinationsand results can view by registered user. This is useful for a office, Consultancies. Admin canview the Company details and the can providing Authority to the users and their employees. Afacility for this project is Search the job by registered user and also searches suitable candidatesfor suitable job by the job provider.ONLINE COLLEGE COUNSELING SYSTEM The objective of the project is to develop an online counseling system for selecting college-counseling process. Using this system we can control the whole counseling process. This projectinvolves both the administrator and the user to access the system. The users are allowed toperform some limited operations likeCollege detailsCounseling scheduleAdmission details
  4. 4. But the administrator can access the system directly to perform such operations likeMark entryCounseling date allotmentsCounseling processThis system automatically calculates the eligibility and the cut off marks of the students.E-BANKING TRANSACTION SYSTEM WITH PORTAL FOR BANK OFFICIALS ANDCUSTOMERS The project titled “E-Banking Transaction System” is designed using ActiveServer Pages .NET with Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2003 as front end and Microsoft SQLServer 2000 as back end which works in .Net framework version 1.1. The coding language usedis Visual Basic .Net. The project contains customer account creation, their translation such as deposits,withdrawal and interest entries through online by the bank networks. The customer of one branchcan make translation in any other branches of the Bank. At any time, the current account status of any customer of any branch can be viewed inany / all branches by administrator, staff, and customer. The project is mainly designed forreducing the burdens of the bank officials. The transaction could be made only through the bankofficials. The customers can only view the services provided by the bank. Also the customer canview their account details anywhere.NETWORK TRAFFIC ANALYSIS AND INTRUSION DETECTION USING PACKETSNIFFERComputer software that can intercept and log traffic passing over a digital network or part of anetwork is better known as packet sniffer. The sniffer captures these packets by setting the NICcard in the promiscuous mode and eventually decodes them. The decoded information can beused in any way depending upon the intention of the person concerned who decodes the data (i.e.malicious or beneficial purpose). Depending on the network structure one can sniff all or justparts of the traffic from a single machine within the network. However, there are some methodsto avoid traffic narrowing by switches to gain access to traffic from other systems on thenetwork. This paper focuses on the basics of packet sniffer and its working, development of thetool on Linux platform and its use for Intrusion Detection. It also discusses ways to detect thepresence of such software on the network and to handle them in an efficient way. Focus has alsobeen laid to analyze the bottleneck scenario arising in the network, using this self developed
  5. 5. packet sniffer. Before the development of this indigenous software, minute observation has beenmade on the working behavior of already existing sniffer software such as wireshark (formerlyknown as ethereal), tcpdump, and snort, which serve as the base for the development of oursniffer software. For the capture of the packets, a library known as libpcap has been used. Thedevelopment of such software gives a chance to the developer to incorporate the additionalfeatures that are not in the existing one.SOUND-BASED MULTIMODAL PERSON IDENTIFICATION FROM SIGNATUREAND VOICE Person identification as a security means has a variety of important applications. Manytechniques and automated systems have been developed over the past few decades; each has itsown advantages and limitations. There are often trade-offs amongst reliability, the ease of use,ethical/human rights issues, and acceptability in a particular application. Multimodalidentification and authentication can, to some extent, alleviate the dilemmas and improve theoverall performance. This paper proposes a new method of the combined use of signatures andutterances of pronounced names to identify or authenticate persons. Unlike typical signatureverification methods, the dynamic features of signatures are captured as sound in this paper. Themultimodal approach shows increased reliability, providing a relatively simple and potentiallyuseful method for person identification and authenticationOnline Movie reservation system using EJB (Enterprise Java Beans )t is concept of developing a web portal, where a customer can book movie tickets in theatres thatare made available in the site. The transfer of tickets is also done immediately, i.e., as soon as thereservation is confirmed .This involves a network of cities. The following should be facilitatedon the portal for user’s convenience. Here we using enterprise java beans for the server. It willact as a client server architecture. We can send acknowledgement to the customer using SMS ande-mail systems.• Availability of tickets on mentioned date and time in specified City• Online Bookin....DATABASE MIGRATION- REAL-TIME CROSS-PLATFORM MIRRORINGProject will run on database migration can take place over LAN or WAN co nnection withoutdisruption to the network users.Warehouse Management System (WMS)Introduction The majority of the problems that occur in the warehouse occur because of a lack of
  6. 6. control: a lack of inventory control, operational control and/or management control. To become adynamic, consistent organization, all the operations must be under “control”. In order to achievethis control, all the tools and technology available has to be used to get control and manage thewarehouse operations. A control system is a means, mechanism or procedure by which wemanage these operations. There are three basic objectives of a control system, either manual orcomputerized: To identify and coordinate the work that has to be performed.To direct the achievement of the work to maximize performance (productivity of warehouseresources and customer satisfaction) and minimize or eliminate human errors.To report the status of the work that needs to be, or was, doneGraphical Password Authentication using Cued Click Points (CCP)Various graphical password schemes have been proposed as alternatives to text-based passwords.Research and experience have shown that text-based passwords are fraught with both usabilityand security problems that make them less than desirable solutions. Psychology studies haverevealed that the human brain is better at recognizing and recalling images than text graphicalpasswords are intended to capitalize on this human characteristic in hopes that by reducing thememory burden on users, coupled with a larger full pas....A Web Search Engine-Based Approach to Measure Semantic Similarity between WordsABSTRACTSemantic similarity measures play important roles in infor- mation retrieval and NaturalLanguage Processing. Previous work in semantic web-related applications such as communitymining, relation extraction, automatic meta data extraction have used various semantic similaritymeasures. Despite the usefulness of semantic similarity measures in these applications, robustlymeasuring semantic similarity between two words (or entities) remains a challenging task.We propose a robust semantic similarity measure that uses the information available on the Webto measure similarity between words or entities. The proposed method explo its page counts andtext snippets returned by a Web search engine. Various similarity scores for two given words Pand Q, using the page counts for the queries P, Q and P AND Q. Moreover, we propose a novelapproach to compute semantic similarity using automatically extracted lexico-syntactic patternsfrom text snippets. These different similarity scores are integrated using support vectormachines, to leverage a robust semantic similarity measure. Experimental results on Miller-Charles benchmark dataset show that the proposed measure outperforms all the existing web-based semantic similarity measures by a wide margin, achieving a correlation coefficient of0:834. Moreover, the proposed semantic similarity measure significantly improves the accuracy(F -measure of 0:78) in a community mining task, and in an entity disambiguation task, thereby
  7. 7. verifying the capability of the proposed measure to capture semantic similarity using webcontentAnalysis on Credit Card Fraud Detection Methods Abstract—Along with the great increase in credit card transactions, credit card fraud hasbecome increasingly rampant in recent years. In Modern day the fraud is one of the major causes ofgreat financial losses, not only for merchants, individual clients are also affected. Three methods todetect fraud are presented. Firstly, clustering model is used to classify the legal and fraudulenttransaction using data clusterization of regions of parameter value. Secondly, Gaussian mixture model isused to model the probability density of credit card user’s past behavior so that the probability ofcurrent behavior can be calculated to detect any abnormalities from the past behavior. Lastly, Bayesiannetworks are used to describe the statistics of a particular user and the statistics of different fraudscenarios. The main task is to explore different views of the same problem and see what can be learnedfrom the application of each different technique. Abstract—Along with the great increase in credit cardtransactions, credit card fraud has become increasingly rampant in recent years. In Modern day thefraud is one of the major causes of great financial losses, not only for merchants, individual clients arealso affected. Three methods to detect fraud are presented. Firstly, clustering model is used to classifythe legal and fraudulent transaction using data clusterization of regions of parameter value. Secondly,Gaussian mixture model is used to model the probability density of credit card user’s past behavior sothat the probability of current behavior can be calculated to detect any abnormalities from the pastbehavior. Lastly, Bayesian networks are used to describe the statistics of a particular user and thestatistics of different fraud scenarios. The main task is to explore different views of the same problemand see what can be learned from the application of each different technique.MOTION HUMAN DETECTION BASED ON BACKGROUND SUBTRACTION According to the result of moving object detection research on video sequences, thispaper proposes a new method to detect moving object based on background subtraction. First ofall, we establish a reliable background updating model based on statistical and use a dynamicoptimization threshold method to obtain a more complete moving object. And then,morphological filtering is introduced to eliminate the noise and solve the background disturbanceproblem. At last, contour projection analysis is combined with the shape analysis to remove theeffect of shadow, the moving human body are accurately and reliably detected. The experimentresults show that the proposed method runs quickly, accurately and fits for the realtime detection.