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Matlab titles


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Matlab titles

  1. 1. MATLAB Communication PapersS.No Titles Code Year1 Optimal Channel and Relay Assignment in OFDM-Based Multi- MC01 2012 Relay Multi-Pair Two-Way Communication Networks2 Effects of Channel-Estimation Errors on Receiver Selection- MC02 2012 Combining Schemes for alamouti MIMO Systems With BPSK3 ICI Reduction using Extended Kalman Filter in OFDM System MC03 20124 Multi-User Resource Allocation for a Distributed Multi-Carrier DS- MC04 2012 CDMA Network5 Accurate Analysis of Double-Weight Optical CDMA With Control MC05 20126 Adaptive MIMO Transmission Techniques for Broadband Wireless MC06 2012 Communication Systems7 Adaptive MMSE channel estimation algorithms for MIMO systems MC07 20128 A novel H∞ channel estimator design method for DS-CDMA MC08 2012 communication systems9 Performance of power efficient LDPC coded OFDM over AWGN MC09 2012 channel10 XPM induced crosstalk in dispersion compensated fiber links for MC10 2012 DPSK and OOK modulation format11 A New Channel Equalizer Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference MC11 2012 System12 Blind carrier frequency offset tracking based on multiuser MC12 2012 interference cancellation in OFDMA uplink systems13 Pre-Dft Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding For Sc-Fdma MC13 201214 Dynamic Resource Allocation in MIMO-OFDMA Systems with Full- MC14 2012 Duplex and Hybrid Relaying15 Power and Channel Allocation for Cooperative Relay in Cognitive MC15 2012 Radio Networks16 Channel allocation for a three-node cooperative cognitive radio MC16 2012
  2. 2. network17 On Performance Improvement of Wireless Push Systems via Smart MC17 2012 Antennas18 Noise Adaptive LDPC Decoding Using Particle Filtering MC18 201219 Blind Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation for Interleaved OFDMA MC19 2012 Uplink20 Frequency offset estimation and cell search algorithms for OFDMA MC20 2012 based mobile WiMAX21 MMSE-Prewhitened-MLD Equalizer for MIMO DFT-Precoded- MC21 2012 OFDMA22 MMSE-Based CFO Compensation for Uplink OFDMA Systems with MC22 2012 Conjugate Gradient23 Frequency Synchronization for the OFDMA Uplink Based on the MC23 2012 Tile Structure of IEEE 802.16e24 Low-Complexity Energy-Efficient Scheduling for Uplink OFDMA MC24 201225 Link Performance Estimation Techniques for MIMO-OFDM MC25 2012 Systems with Maximum Likelihood Receiver26 On MIMO Radar Subarrayed Transmit Beamforming MC26 201227 Performance Evaluation of MIMO-OFDM in Tunnels MC27 201228 Spatial Multipath Resolution for MIMO Systems MC28 201229 A Multi-User MIMO Downlink Receiver and Quantizer Design MC29 2012 Based on SINR Optimization30 A Leakage-Based MMSE Beamforming Design for a MIMO MC30 2012 Interference Channel31 Cooperative Relaying for the Rank-Deficient MIMO Relay MC31 2012 Interference Channel32 Interference management in OFDMA femtocell networks: issues and MC32 2012 approaches
  3. 3. Image Processing PapersS.No Titles Code Year1 Robust tracking of persons in real-world scenarios using a MAT01 2012 statistical computer vision approach2 Image Features Extraction and Fusion Based on Joint Sparse MAT02 2012 Representation3 An improved Kalman filter algorithm base on quaternion MAT03 2012 correlation in object tracking4 People Tracking in Outdoor Environment Using Kalman MAT04 2012 Filter5 An embedded 3D human motion capture using the prediction MAT05 2012 provided from a walking model6 Quantitative Analysis of Information Loss in Digital Image MAT06 2012 Compression and Reconstruction7 Medical Image Fusion using the Convolution of Meridian MAT07 2012 Distributions(DT CWT)8 A Frequency-based Approach for Features Fusion Fingerprint MAT08 2012 and Iris Multimodal Biometric Identification Systems9 Red blood cell segmentation using masking and watershed MAT09 2012 algorithm: A preliminary study10 A Tree-Based Context Model for Object Recognition MAT10 201211 A new cascaded secret image sharing scheme based on PSNR MAT11 2012 steganography12 Image Signature: Highlighting sparse salient regions MAT12 201213 Dual Block Truncating coding based HD Display on LCD MAT13 201214 Context-Aware Saliency Detection based on the principle of MAT14 2012 local low-level considerations, global considerations, visual organizational rules, and high level factors15 Holistic Context Models for Visual Recognition MAT15 201216 Novel Masks for Multimodality Image Fusion using DTCWT MAT16 2012
  4. 4. 17 A Novel Architecture for an Efficient Implementation of MAT17 2012 Image Compression Using 2D-DWT18 Robust approach for Finger (Roi) extraction in Fingerprint MAT18 2012 recognition system19 Bi-dimensional median filter for parallel computing MAT19 2012 architectures20 DWT based Image enhancement based on HSV technique MAT20 201221 Multimodal biometric recognition using iris feature extraction MAT21 2012 and palmprint features22 Red blood cell segmentation using masking and watershed MAT22 2012 algorithm: A preliminary study23 A novel approach for the detection of new vessels in the MAT23 2012 retinal images for screening Diabetic Retinopathy24 Tracking multi-objects using combination feature and Mean MAT24 2012 Shift in Harris detection technique25 Optimal Scaling Factor Assignment for Patchwise Image MAT25 2012 Retargeting24 Robust iris segmentation based on learned boundary detectors MAT26 201225 Image Signature: Highlighting Sparse Salient Regions MAT27 201226 An encoding and identification approach for the static sign MAT28 2012 language recognition27 A new chaos steganography algorithm for hiding multimedia MAT29 2012 data28 Based on Binary Encoding Methods and Visual Cryptography MAT30 2012 Schemes to Hide Data29 Visual cryptography using hybrid halftoning and inter-pixel MAT31 2012 exchanging using key generation30 MRI mammogram image classification using SOM(self MAT32 2012 organized mapping) algorithm31 Research on shadow elimination in intelligent traffic MAT33 2012
  5. 5. monitoring32 Adaptive-Quantization Digital Image Sensor for Low-Power MAT34 2012 Image Compression33 Dual Block Truncation Coding for Overdriving of Full HD MAT35 2012 LCD Driver34 An improved clonal selection algorithm for articulated human MAT36 2012 motion tracking35 Image Features Extraction and Fusion Based on Joint Sparse MAT37 2012 Representation36 Holistic Context Models for Visual Recognition MAT38 201237 A vehicle license plate recognition system based on analysis MAT39 2012 of maximally stable extremal regions