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Ieee 2012 titles for embedded

  1. 1. 28,South Usman Road,, TNagar, Chennai-17. Ph : 044-43855940 Mobile : +91-9042085008 Web : email : temasolution@gmail.comS.NO PROJECT TITLE CODE YEAR ELECTRICAL 1. Remote management and control system for LED based plant factory using ZigBee EM001 2012 and Internet 2. Design of Automatic Meter Reading based on Zigbee EM002 2012 3. Compact Emergency Lamp Using Power LEDs EM003 2012 4. Intelligent Lighting Control for Vision-Based Robotic Manipulation EM004 2012 5. ZigBee based energy efficient outdoor lighting control system EM005 2012 6. Accurate and Wide-Field-of-View MEMS-Based Sun Sensor for Industrial EM006 2012 Applications 7. Symmetric Current-Balancing Circuit for LED Backlight With Dimming EM007 2012 8. Compact Emergency Lamp Using Power LEDs EM008 2012 9. Microcontroller-Based High-Power-Factor Electronic Ballast to Supply Metal Halide EM009 2012 Lamps 10. Intelligent Lighting Control for Vision-Based Robotic Manipulation EM010 2012 11. Implementation of photovoltaic system into microcontroller EM011 2012 12. Microcontroller-Based Peak Current Mode Control Using Digital Slope EM012 2012 Compensation 13. Low-Cost Undergraduate Control Systems Experiments Using Microcontroller-Based EM013 2012 Control of a DC Motor 14. Development of a three phase induction motor controller for solar powered water EM014 2012 pump 15. Design and implementation of a single phase grid tie photo voltaic inverter EM015 2012 16. Agent-Based Electrical Power Management Model in Consideration of Weather EM016 2012 Change 17. Advanced metering infrastructure for smart grid applications EM017 2012 18. Issues, challenges and opportunities for utilization of demand-side resources in EM018 2012 support of power system operations 19. A load identification method for residential building applications EM019 2012 20. Cost optimization of wireless-enabled metering infrastuctures EM020 2012 21. Intelligent energy management system for smart offices EM021 2012 22. Integrated fault location system for power distribution feeders EM022 2012 23. Measurements of electrical potential of constant charge objects EM023 2012 24. Investigation load estimation methods with the use of AMI metering for distribution EM024 2012 system analysis Further more details visit : send your request to :
  2. 2. 28,South Usman Road,, TNagar, Chennai-17. Ph : 044-43855940 Mobile : +91-9042085008 Web : email : temasolution@gmail.com25. Planning energy consumption of home appliances in real home network environments EM025 201226. Anticipatory lighting in smart building EM026 201227. An Approach of Household Power Appliance Monitoring Based on Machine Learning EM027 201228. Design and performance analysis of water pumping using solar PV EM028 201229. Lighting control system based on DALI and wireless sensor networks EM029 201230. The research of electric car battery monitoring system based on ARM EM030 201231. Battery Energy Storage for Enabling Integration of Distributed Solar Power EM031 2012 Generation32. A Passive Optical Fiber Anemometer for Wind Speed Measurement on High-Voltage EM032 2012 Overhead Transmission Lines33. A Low Power CMOS Voltage Regulator for a Wireless Blood Pressure Biosensor EM033 201234. Design of solar photovoltaic micro-power supply for application of wireless sensor EM034 2012 nodes in complex illumination environments ROBOTICS35. Limbless Locomotion: Learning to Crawl with a Snake Robot EM035 201236. Inertial sensor based wireless control of a robotic arm EM036 201237. Optical Navigation System for Robotics Application EM037 201238. Development of vision-based sensor of smart gripper for industrial applications EM038 201239. Robots for Environmental Monitoring: Significant Advancements and Applications EM039 201240. Time to play with a microcontroller managed mobile bot EM040 201241. Short-range wireless communication based on AVR microcontroller: Remote control EM041 2012 system of aircraft model for example42. Design and conceptual development of a sunbathe laundry robot EM042 201243. Design, control and implementation of a ball on plate balancing system EM043 201244. Wireless underwater mobile robot system based on ZigBee EM044 201245. Multi-sensor arm rehabilitation monitoring device EM045 201246. Rehabilitative arm assist device EM046 201247. Maneuverability and grasping experiments in tele operation of non holonomic/twin- EM047 2012 armed robots48. A Reconfigurable Snake Robot Based on CAN-Bus EM048 201249. Connecting a Human Limb to an Exoskeleton EM049 2012 Further more details visit : send your request to :
  3. 3. 28,South Usman Road,, TNagar, Chennai-17. Ph : 044-43855940 Mobile : +91-9042085008 Web : email : temasolution@gmail.com50. Automatic Design and Manufacture of Soft Robots EM050 201251. Robot Motion Planning in Dynamic, Uncertain Environments EM051 201252. A Fully Autonomous Indoor Quadrotor EM052 201253. Auditory Feedback and Sensory Substitution During Teleoperated Navigation EM053 201254. Robot Finger Module With Multidirectional Adjustable Joint Stiffness EM054 201255. Development of a Hand-Assist Robot With Multi-Degrees-of-Freedom for EM055 2012 Rehabilitation Therapy56. Wireless Piping Inspection Vehicle Using Magnetic Adsorption Force EM056 201257. Dependable Humanoid Navigation System Based on Bipedal Locomotion EM057 201258. Locomotion of a Modular Worm-like Robot using a FPGA-based embedded EM058 2012 MicroBlaze Soft-processor59. Robust Precision Position Detection With an Optical MEMS Hybrid Device EM059 2012 EMBEDDED60. A Mixed Filtering Approach for Track Condition Monitoring Using Accelerometers EM060 2012 on the Axle Box and Bogie61. An Accelerometer-Based Digital Pen With a Trajectory Recognition Algorithm for EM061 2012 Handwritten Digit and Gesture Recognition62. Detecting Aircraft With a Low-Resolution Infrared Sensor EM062 201263. An Integer Linear Programming Approach for Radio-Based Localization of Shipping EM063 2012 Containers in the Presence of Incomplete Proximity Information64. Enhancing electronic systems with reconfigurable hardware EM064 201265. High-Accuracy Reference-Free Ultrasonic Location Estimation EM065 201266. Design of intelligent home appliance control system based on ARM and ZigBee EM066 201267. The simple microcontroller based capacitive sensor with screen EM067 201268. Developing a 32-bit microcontroller board for embedded applications EM068 201269. RF/Photonic Link-on-Chip PIC EM069 201270. Implementation of a home automation system through a central FPGA controller EM070 201271. Speech recognition based wireless automation of home loads with fault identification EM071 2012 for physically challenged72. Smart home services — Integrated infrastructure and provided services EM072 201273. Design and implementation of emotion-based interactive user device for energy EM073 2012 efficiency and service quality enhancement Further more details visit : send your request to :
  4. 4. 28,South Usman Road,, TNagar, Chennai-17. Ph : 044-43855940 Mobile : +91-9042085008 Web : email : temasolution@gmail.com74. A method of remote control for home appliance using free hand gesture EM074 201275. An Effective Approach for Home Services Management EM075 201276. A Distance Laboratory System for Electronic Engineering Education EM076 201277. Automatic control of irrigation systems aiming at high energy efficiency in rice crops EM077 201278. Optimal design of solar powered fuzzy control irrigation system for cultivation of EM078 2012 green vegetable plants in Rural India79. Model predictive control of combined irrigation and water supply systems: EM079 2012 Application to the Guadiana river80. GasMon: A Sensor Network System for Residential Building Gas Leak Monitoring EM080 201281. Energy efficient clustering protocol for early warning system for miners safety in EM081 2012 coal mines82. Feasibility of Intelligent Monitoring of Construction Workers for Carbon Monoxide EM082 2012 Poisoning83. Design and implementation of Android phone based group communication and EM083 2012 navigation system84. Design and implement of 3G mobile police system EM084 201285. Robust railway crack detection scheme (RRCDS) using LED-LDR assembly EM085 201286. FTrack: Infrastructure-free floor localization via mobile phone sensing EM086 201287. A system for mobile assisted living EM087 201288. A wireless surveillance and safety system for mine workers based on Zigbee EM088 201289. Efficient implementation of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for ARM based EM089 2012 platforms90. Design of image acquisition and storage system based on ARM and embedded EM090 201291. Design of emergency remote security monitoring and control system based on ARM EM091 201292. A Single Supply Standard 8051 Microcontroller Based Medical K-grade Isolation EM092 2012 ECG Module with Graphics LCD93. Research of coal mine production safety and risk management system EM093 201294. A survey of techniques to add audio module to embedded systems EM094 201295. 1-Wire Search Algorithm and its Application EM095 201296. Evaluation of Power Efficiency for Digital Serial Interfaces of Microcontrollers EM096 201297. The house intelligent switch control network based on CAN bus EM097 201298. Design of Distributed Greenhouse Big Awning Monitoring System Based on Field- EM098 2012 bus Further more details visit : send your request to :
  5. 5. 28,South Usman Road,, TNagar, Chennai-17. Ph : 044-43855940 Mobile : +91-9042085008 Web : email : temasolution@gmail.com99. Study on the Embedded CAN Bus Control System in the Vehicle EM099 2012100. The design of stepper motor system based on CAN bus EM100 2012101. MEMS Accelerometer Based Nonspecific-User Hand Gesture Recognition EM101 2012102. Estimation of Human Foot Motion During Normal Walking Using Inertial and EM102 2012 Magnetic Sensor Measurements103. Recognition of Coffee Using Differential Electronic Nose EM103 2012 WIRELESS104. A Passive UHF-RFID System for the Localization of an Indoor Autonomous Vehicle EM104 2012105. Accurate Pedestrian Indoor Navigation by Tightly Coupling Foot-Mounted IMU and EM105 2012 RFID Measurements106. Low-Cost Capacitive Humidity Sensor for Application Within Flexible RFID Labels EM106 2012 Based on Microcontroller Systems107. An RFID-Based Position and Orientation Measurement System for Mobile Objects in EM107 2012 Intelligent Environments108. RFID implementation with secure mutual authentication protocol EM108 2012109. Mutual Authentication Protocol for Enhanced RFID Security and Anti-counterfeiting EM109 2012110. A real-time RFID localization experiment using propagation models EM1101 2012111. A Novel Carrier Leakage Suppression Front-End for UHF RFID Reader EM112 2012112. Polymer-doped UHF RFID tag for wireless-sensing of humidity EM113 2012 ZIGBEE/BLUETOOTH/WIFI113. Environmental sensor networks using existing wireless communication systems for EM113 2012 rainfall and wind velocity measurements114. Design of remote intelligent home system based on ZigBee and GPRS technology EM114 2012115. Parking spaces detection in indoor environments based on Zigbee EM115 2012116. The Design of Network Coordinator Based on ZigBee and GPRS Technology EM116 2012117. Zigbee RF signal strength for indoor location sensing EM117 2012118. Implementation of wireless network using location fingerprinting technique for indoor EM118 2012 positioning119. WiFi-Based Passive Bistatic Radar: Data Processing Schemes and Experimental EM119 2012 Results120. ZigBee standard in the creation of wireless networks for advanced metering EM120 2012 infrastructures121. Research and Application of Remote Monitoring System for Central Heating EM121 2012 Further more details visit : send your request to :
  6. 6. 28,South Usman Road,, TNagar, Chennai-17. Ph : 044-43855940 Mobile : +91-9042085008 Web : email : temasolution@gmail.com122. Efficient group key management of ZigBee network for home automation EM122 2012123. Energy Monitoring System Using Sensor Networks in Residential Houses EM123 2012124. A human detection method for residential smart energy systems based on Zigbee EM124 2012 RSSI changes125. Exploiting Bluetooth on Android mobile devices for home security application EM125 2012126. On energy consumption of Wi-Fi Access Points EM126 2012127. Wireless sensor networks for fire emergency and gas detection EM127 2012128. Investigation of indoor localization with ambient FM radio stations EM128 2012129. Remote management and control system for LED based plant factory using ZigBee EM129 2012 and Internet130. An Enhanced ZigBee Indoor Positioning System With an Ensemble Approach EM130 2012131. Voice over ZigBee wireless sensor network applications EM131 2012132. Speech codecs for high-quality voice over ZigBee applications: Evaluation and EM132 2012 implementation challenges133. Remote control with switches on fingertips EM133 2012134. Smart building architecture: Communication subsystem EM134 2012135. Modeling and analysis of a solar powered wireless sensor node EM135 2012136. Wireless Sensor Network Based Home Monitoring System for Wellness EM136 2012 Determination of Elderly137. One-to-Multipoint Laser Remote Power Supply System for Wireless Sensor Networks EM137 2012 GSM/GPRS/GPS138. GPS-tag for indoor location information and additional user information providing EM138 2012139. Performance of differential GPS based on a real-time algorithm using SMS services EM139 2012 of GSM network140. Development of a GPS/INS system for precision GPS guided bombs EM140 2012141. Location based services combined with GPS and 3G wireless networks EM141 2012142. Wireless Local Area Network Assisted GPS in Seamless Positioning EM142 2012143. Study and realization of Vehicle Guidance System based on GIS and GPS EM143 2012144. Design of the automatic acquisition system based on GPS EM144 2012145. Matching Raw GPS Measurements on a Navigable Map Without Computing a Global EM145 2012 Position Further more details visit : send your request to :
  7. 7. 28,South Usman Road,, TNagar, Chennai-17. Ph : 044-43855940 Mobile : +91-9042085008 Web : email : temasolution@gmail.com146. Body effects on the GPS antenna of a wearable tracking device EM146 2012147. Mobility tracking using GPS, Wi-Fi and Cell ID EM147 2012148. Car-to-Car communication for accurate vehicle localization — The CoVeL approach EM148 2012149. Map-Aided Integrity Monitoring of a Land Vehicle Navigation System EM149 2012150. Remote energy monitoring, profiling and control through GSM network EM150 2012151. Home automation using Cloud Network and mobile devices EM151 2012152. CellSense: An Accurate Energy-Efficient GSM Positioning System EM152 2012153. Essential SMSs: developing a service management scheme for semiconductor factory EM153 2012 management systems154. Analysis and implementation of a wireless sensor network with remote access through EM154 2012 SMS155. Design of concealed alarm system based on GSM EM155 2012156. Metal mine underground safety monitoring system based on WSN EM156 2012 INSTRUMENTATION157. Portable and Scalable Vision-Based Vehicular Instrumentation for the Analysis of EM157 2012 Driver Intentionality158. Adaptive Control of an Intelligent Tank Using Fuzzy Logic EM158 2012159. Design and performance evaluation of a low cost wind velocity meter EM159 2012160. Development of vision-based sensor of smart gripper for industrial applications EM160 2012161. Internal Model Control of pressure process using ARM microcontroller EM161 2012162. Online control of fuzzy based mine detecting robot using virtual instrumentation EM162 2012163. Parameter Optimization Design for Touch Panel Laser Cutting Process EM163 2012164. Temperature Control Using Intelligent Techniques EM164 2012165. Remote monitoring and controlling of gas sensors using VPN connection EM165 2012166. The Monitoring System Design of Harmful Gas Inside Special Vehicle EM166 2012167. Sensor network based on gas smart sensors for environmental monitoring EM167 2012168. A Design and Realization of Ore Sinter Data Acquisition System Based on Socket EM168 2012 Communication169. Design of Remote Data Acquisition System Based on 3G EM169 2012170. Development of a real-time, high-speed distribution level data acquisition system EM170 2012 Further more details visit : send your request to :
  8. 8. 28,South Usman Road,, TNagar, Chennai-17. Ph : 044-43855940 Mobile : +91-9042085008 Web : email : temasolution@gmail.com171. The design of ZigBee protocol based mobile node in wireless sensor network EM171 2012172. A USN based Automatic waste collection system EM172 2012173. The water quality monitoring system based on WSN EM173 2012174. Integrated Communication Technology for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition EM174 2012 System of PV Power Station175. An Engineering Instance on the Emission Reduction of Coal Mine Wastewater EM175 2012176. Energy-Saving Emulsion Pump Automatic Control System EM176 2012177. A novel method of measuring quantity of coal dust charge EM177 2012178. The implementation of a shared bus architecture for Home Energy Controller EM178 2012179. Wireless temperature & humidity monitor and control system EM179 2012180. Fuzzy logic blend with PID controller for humidity process - a rule based approach EM180 2012181. A design of the wireless detector of temperature, humidity and light intensity EM181 2012182. Capacitive Pressure Sensing Based Key in PCB Technology for Industrial EM182 2012 Applications183. A Passive Radio-Frequency pH-Sensing Tag for Wireless Food-Quality Monitoring EM183 2012184. Design, Sensing, and Control of a Scaled Wind Tunnel for Atmospheric Display EM184 2012185. Detection of Magnetic Object Movements by Flux Density Tracking Control EM185 2012186. A Compact Rotary Series Elastic Actuator for Human Assistive Systems EM186 2012187. Development of an In Situ pH Calibrator in Deep Sea Environments EM187 2012188. A Real-Time Visual Inspection System for Discrete Surface Defects of Rail Heads EM188 2012189. A Factorized Quaternion Approach to Determine the Arm Motions Using Triaxial EM189 2012 Accelerometers With Anatomical and Sensor Constraints190. A PC-Based Wattmeter for Accurate Measurements in Sinusoidal and Distorted EM190 2012 Conditions: Setup and Experimental Characterization191. IMA: An Integrated Monitoring Architecture With Sensor Networks EM191 2012192. A Device for the Skin–Contact Thermal Resistance Measurement EM192 2012193. Contactless Rotor RPM Measurement Using Laser Mouse Sensors EM193 2012194. Very Fast Measurement of Low Speed of Rotating Machines Using Rotating EM194 2012 Magnetic Field195. Accurate and Wide-Field-of-View MEMS-Based Sun Sensor for Industrial EM195 2012 Applications Further more details visit : send your request to :
  9. 9. 28,South Usman Road,, TNagar, Chennai-17. Ph : 044-43855940 Mobile : +91-9042085008 Web : email : SENSOR & MEASUREMENT196. A New Method for Detecting Leaks in Underground Water Pipelines EM196 2012197. Energy-Aware Pipeline Monitoring System Using Piezoelectric Sensor EM197 2012198. Target Detection and Classification Using Seismic and PIR Sensors EM198 2012199. Light-Weight On-Chip Monitoring Network for Dynamic Adaptation and Calibration EM199 2012200. Smart Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor for Personal Protective Equipment EM200 2012201. Thermoelectric Flow Sensor Integrated Into an Inductively Powered Wireless System EM201 2012202. Design of Access-Tube TDR Sensor for Soil Water Content: Theory EM202 2012203. Liquid Leakage Thin Film-Tape Sensor EM203 2012204. Development of Microcontroller Applied to Chlorine Ion Measurement System EM204 2012205. Distance Measurement With Inductive Coils EM205 2012206. Results on Gas Detection and Concentration Estimation Via Mid-IR-Based Gas EM206 2012 Detection System Analysis Model207. Ultrasonic Arrays for Localized Presence Sensing EM207 2012208. Inductive Sensor for Temperature Measurement in Induction Heating Applications EM208 2012209. Sensor Network Based Oilwell Health Monitoring and Intelligent Control EM209 2012210. A Camera Phone-Based UV-Dosimeter for Monitoring the Solar Disinfection EM210 2012 (SODIS) of Water211. Sensors-Based Wearable Systems for Monitoring of Human Movement and Falls EM211 2012212. Autonomous Depth Adjustment for Underwater Sensor Networks: Design and EM212 2012 Applications213. High-Accuracy Reference-Free Ultrasonic Location Estimation EM213 2012214. Design and performance evaluation of a low cost wind velocity meter EM214 2012VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY & AUTOMOBILE & MECHATRONICS215. An Intelligent V2I-Based Traffic Management System EM215 2012216. A New Approach for Co-Operative Bus Priority at Traffic Signals EM216 2012217. An Interactive Web-Based Public Transport Enquiry System With Real-Time Optimal EM217 2012 Route Computation218. Map-Aided Integrity Monitoring of a Land Vehicle Navigation System EM218 2012219. Urban Rail Emergency Response Using Pedestrian Dynamics EM219 2012 Further more details visit : send your request to :
  10. 10. 28,South Usman Road,, TNagar, Chennai-17. Ph : 044-43855940 Mobile : +91-9042085008 Web : email : temasolution@gmail.com220. Real-Time Drivers Stress Event Detection EM220 2012221. On charging equipment and batteries in plug-in vehicles: Present status EM221 2012222. Leveraging Electronic Ticketing to Provide Personalized Navigation in a Public EM222 2012 Transport Network223. Harmful Exhaust Emissions Monitoring of Road Vehicle Engine EM223 2012224. Automatic Ambulance Rescue System EM224 2012225. Research of a intelligent traffic model based on Ad Hoc network EM225 2012226. Development of a multisensor road surveying measurement system EM226 2012227. The Design of the Steering Wheel with Anti-fatigue Driving for Vehicles Based on EM227 2012 Pattern Recognition228. Camera-aided human navigation: Advances and challenges EM228 2012229. Bus Monitoring System Based on ZigBee and GPRS EM229 2012230. Design of Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder Based on ARM EM230 2012231. Design of the Smart Vehicle Control System Based on ARM and µC/OS-II EM231 2012232. Performance analysis of speed detection in Bus Detection Devices (BDD) EM232 2012233. Detecting Aircraft With a Low-Resolution Infrared Sensor EM233 2012234. FPGA-Based Track Circuit for Railways Using Transmission Encoding EM234 2012235. The Viability of Using Automatic Vehicle Identification Data for Real-Time Crash EM235 2012 Prediction236. Optimal Lane Reservation in Transportation Network EM236 2012237. Validation of a New Functional Design of Automatic Protection Systems at Level EM237 2012 Crossings with Model-Checking Techniques238. Interacting Multiple Model Filter-Based Sensor Fusion of GPS With In-Vehicle EM238 2012 Sensors for Real-Time Vehicle Positioning239. Tracking and Pairing Vehicle Headlight in Night Scenesz EM239 2012240. Water-Cluster-Detecting Breath Sensor and Applications in Cars for Detecting Drunk EM240 2012 or Drowsy Driving241. Real-Time Monitoring of Railway Traffic Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors EM241 2012242. Hand-Motion Crane Control Using Radio-Frequency Real-Time Location Systems EM242 2012243. Pressure-Based Clutch Control for Automotive Transmissions Using a Sliding-Mode EM243 2012 Controller244. Low-Cost Imaging Photometer and Calibration Method for Road Tunnel Lighting EM244 2012 Further more details visit : send your request to :
  11. 11. 28,South Usman Road,, TNagar, Chennai-17. Ph : 044-43855940 Mobile : +91-9042085008 Web : email : temasolution@gmail.com245. A Multiple Inductive Loop Vehicle Detection System for Heterogeneous and Lane- EM245 2012 Less Traffic246. A Mixed Filtering Approach for Track Condition Monitoring Using Accelerometers EM246 2012 on the Axle Box and Bogie247. Parameter Optimization Design for Touch Panel Laser Cutting Process EM247 2012248. Urban Rail Emergency Response Using Pedestrian Dynamics EM248 2012 BIOMEDICAL249. Compressive sensing for ECG signals in the presence of electromyographic noise EM249 2012250. Time-Based Compression and Classification of Heartbeats EM250 2012251. Sensor based decision making inference system for remote health monitoring EM251 2012252. A watch-type human activity detector for the aged care EM252 2012253. Pulse Oximetry in the External Auditory Canal– A New Method of Mobile Vital EM253 2012 Monitoring254. Dry and Noncontact EEG Sensors for Mobile Brain–Computer Interfaces EM254 2012255. Human Body Parts Tracking Using Torso Tracking: Applications to Activity EM255 2012 Recognition256. Human activity classification using vibration and PIR sensors EM256 2012257. A state preserving approach to recognizing human behavior using wireless infrared EM257 2012 and vibration sensors258. Video-Based Abnormal Human Behavior Recognition---A Review EM258 2012259. Fall Detection Based on Movement and Smart Phone Technology EM259 2012260. Indoor optical wireless system dedicated to healthcare application in a hospital EM260 2012261. Home healthcare self-monitoring system for chronic diseases EM261 2012262. XBee wireless sensor networks for Heart Rate Monitoring in sport training EM262 2012263. Operability of Joystick-Type Steering Device Considering Human Arm Impedance EM263 2012 Characteristics264. Low cost solar ECG with Bluetooth transmitter EM264 2012265. A wireless wearable ECG sensor for long-term applications EM265 2012266. A portable ECG recorder EM266 2012267. Low-Power Analog Integrated Circuits for Wireless ECG Acquisition Systems EM267 2012268. ECG Pattern Analysis for Emotion Detection EM268 2012269. Compressed Sensing System Considerations for ECG and EMG Wireless Biosensors EM269 2012 Further more details visit : send your request to :
  12. 12. 28,South Usman Road,, TNagar, Chennai-17. Ph : 044-43855940 Mobile : +91-9042085008 Web : email : temasolution@gmail.com270. Performance of wireless real-time system for ECG monitoring in hospitals EM270 2012271. Driver Alertness Monitoring Using Fusion of Facial Features and Bio-Signals EM271 2012272. Miniaturized One-Point Detectable Electrocardiography Sensor for Portable EM272 2012 Physiological Monitoring Systems273. A Sensor System for Automatic Detection of Food Intake Through Non-Invasive EM273 2012 Monitoring of Chewing274. Noninvasive Bed Sensing of Human Biosignals Via Piezoceramic Devices EM274 2012 Sandwiched Between the Floor and Bed275. A Fast and Easy-to-Use ECG Acquisition and Heart Rate Monitoring System Using a EM275 2012 Wireless Steering Wheel276. Dew-Based Wireless Mini Module for Respiratory Rate Monitoring EM276 2012277. Optical Device Indicating a Safe Free Path to Blind People EM277 2012278. A Smart Health Monitoring Chair for Nonintrusive Measurement of Biological EM278 2012 Signals279. Electrocardiogram-Assisted Blood Pressure Estimation EM279 2012280. A Reliable Transmission Protocol for ZigBee-Based Wireless Patient Monitoring EM280 2012281. Mobile Medical Visual Information Retrieval EM281 2012282. Design and Evaluation of a Telemonitoring Concept Based on NFC-Enabled Mobile EM282 2012 Phones and Sensor Devices283. Optimizing Medical Data Quality Based on Multiagent Web Service Framework EM283 2012284. Emerging Technologies for Patient-Specific Healthcare EM284 2012285. Assessment of Sensing Fire Fighters Uniforms for Physiological Parameter EM285 2012 Measurement in Harsh Environment286. Personalization and Adaptation to the Medium and Context in a Fall Detection EM286 2012 System287. Real-Time Sleep Apnea Detection by Classifier Combination EM287 2012288. An Electronic Patch for Wearable Health Monitoring by Reflectance Pulse Oximetry EM288 2012289. A Miniature Vibrotactile Sensory Substitution Device for Multifingered Hand EM289 2012 Prosthetics290. Toothbrushing Region Detection Using Three-Axis Accelerometer and Magnetic EM290 2012 Sensor291. Tongue-Rudder: A Glossokinetic-Potential-Based Tongue–Machine Interface EM291 2012292. Physiological Parameter Monitoring from Optical Recordings With a Mobile Phone EM292 2012293. Onboard Tagging for Real-Time Quality Assessment of Photoplethysmograms EM293 2012 Acquired by a Wireless Reflectance Pulse Oximeter294. Design of blood pressure measurement with a Health management system for the EM294 2012 Further more details visit : send your request to :
  13. 13. 28,South Usman Road,, TNagar, Chennai-17. Ph : 044-43855940 Mobile : +91-9042085008 Web : email : aged295. XBee wireless sensor networks for Heart Rate Monitoring in sport training EM295 2012296. On Design and Implementation of Neural-Machine Interface for Artificial Legs EM296 2012297. Secure Management of Biomedical Data With Cryptographic Hardware EM297 2012298. A Smart Health Monitoring Chair for Nonintrusive Measurement of Biological EM298 2012 Signals299. A Device for the Skin–Contact Thermal Resistance Measurement EM299 2012300. Context-Based Electronic Health Record: Toward Patient Specific Healthcare EM300 2012301. Trigger Learning and ECG Parameter Customization for Remote Cardiac Clinical EM301 2012 Care Information System302. Quantitative and Comparative Assessment of Learning in a Tongue-Operated EM302 2012 Computer Input Device–-Part II: Navigation Tasks303. Development and Evaluation of an Ambulatory Stress Monitor Based on Wearable EM303 2012 Sensors304. Optical Device Indicating a Safe Free Path to Blind People Biometric EM304 2012 BIOMETRIC305. Robust Mobile Device Integration of a Fingerprint Biometric Remote Authentication EM305 2012 Scheme306. Indoor person localization system through RSSI Bluetooth fingerprinting EM306 2012307. Implementation of wireless network using location fingerprinting technique for indoor EM307 2012 positioning308. HuMan: Creating memorable fingerprints of mobile users EM308 2012309. Human Identification Using Finger Images EM309 2012 Further more details visit : send your request to :