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Placebo effect


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What is Placebo and why placebo

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Placebo effect

  1. 1. Placebo Effect The Power of Nothing Presented By: Soumya Mishra Roll No.14 MBA 021 Department of Business Administration Utkal University
  2. 2. Placebo Effect • What Is Placebo and Placebo Effect? • Different Placebo Different Effect • How Placebo Work? • Why Placebo Work? • Placebo vs. Nocebo • Application in Life 2
  3. 3. Placebo and Placebo Effect 3
  4. 4. Different Placebos Different Effects • Size • Quantity • Type • Colour • Brand • Price • Packaging • Different Geographical Regions 4 Fig: Colour of Placebo Stimulating Effects
  5. 5. How do Placebo Work? 5 Patient Factors Treatment Environment Administration of SPECIAL TREATMENT Response due to Psychosocial Factors and Treatment Response due to Psychosocial Factors Only Clinician Factors Interaction Psychosocial Factors Administration of PLACEBO Fig : Insides of Medicinal Treatment and procedures
  6. 6. Why Do Placebo Work? 66 Nervous system Endocrine System Immune System Psychosocial factors Brain Cost Benefit Fig : Cost Benefit Model Fig : Neurobioimmunology
  7. 7. Placebo vs. Nocebo Inert Medicine +ve Belief Placebo 7 Inert Medicine -ve Belief Nocebo
  8. 8. Applications and Prospective • Acts as Control for Drug Testing • Effective in Incurable Diseases • Desire Expectation Model • Effect of care and observation • Power of Mind 8
  9. 9. 9