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Retail By Soumitra Kisku


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It is class presentation on Retail industry. Discussed about the growth, opportunity and threats.

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Retail By Soumitra Kisku

  1. 1. Retailing in IndiaPresented By : SOUMITRA KISKU PRN No : DM11M24 Pune Institute of Business Management
  2. 2. Introduction What is Retail ? Comes from the Old French word ”tailer ” Types of Retail outlets : Department store Discount store Specialty store General store Convenience stores Hypermarkets Supermarkets E-tailers etc.
  3. 3. Retail in India• India has 12 million retail outletsMARKET SIZE: Unorganized market is worth Rs.5,83,000 cr. Organized market is Rs.5,000 cr.Growth :Expected to grow by 20% annually
  4. 4. Problems in organised retail in India• Stiff competition• Opposition to FDI• Shortage of retail space• Customs duties• Shortage of retail space• Multiple and complex taxation system• Poor supply chain• Trained work force• Lack of Retailing Courses and study options• Technology
  5. 5. Opportunities for organised retail sector in India• India’s booming economy• Indias huge population• Spending with earnings• Boost in consumption.• Urbanisation• Nuclear family• Plastic revolution• Demography Dynamics• Double Incomes
  6. 6. Competitive advantage• Wide range of choices• Better shopping experience• More convenient• Discounts• Less problems of stock out• Bypassing of the intermediaries
  7. 7. Organised Retailing• Advantages to the Indian Economy Link with Agriculture Link with Manufacturing Boost to Exports Impact on Growth and Productivity Impact on Employment and Prices Improvement of Government Revenues
  8. 8. • Government has to formulate a separate policy for the industry• FDI needs to be encouraged• Land acquisition rules required modification• Retail as a separate industry