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TouchTone is an electronic musical instrument for children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy designed with the goal of making music Easy, Fun, and Social.

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TouchTone by UserINNOV

  1. 1. When I was 22, my older cousins started producingbabies.
  2. 2. I had no idea what to do during thefrequent nephew-uncle moments.
  3. 3. At 26, I felt equally awkward around a bunch ofphysically challenged kids at a school.
  4. 4. I had an insight.
  5. 5. DIFFERENCE, not Disability,is the problem.
  6. 6. We had to find something that we couldDO TOGETHER.
  7. 7. Music got me friends before I could speak Dutch.
  8. 8. Making music is a fantastic TOGETHER activity.
  9. 9. It has been taken seriously for a while now.
  10. 10. Music therapy uses musical activities as a medium. • Language • Palliative care • Quality of life, pain management • Mood and social interaction • Psycho-motor development • Communication skills
  11. 11. But the tools are a problem.
  12. 12. Making music requires skill, practice and years of work.
  13. 13. Not good for people with less than normal physical abilities.
  14. 14. What could I do with my passion for music anddesign?
  15. 15. I could use my expertise and experience with
  16. 16. -to-start-playing, quick-to-learn,ability-agnostic, and social.
  17. 17. So I designed TouchTone.
  18. 18. TouchTone
  19. 19. here:
  20. 20. 01. More about TouchTone.
  21. 21. Designed in 2009 a my MSc. thesis project
  22. 22. Designed in cooperation with music therapists.
  23. 23. Is self-funded and exists as a single prototype.
  24. 24. Has been tested as a concept.
  25. 25. Has received much academic attention. Conferences Reviews “With Soumitra Bhat we have a lovely synthesis of music, technology and social impact. It’s a clever way of giving these children access to the joy and therapeutic benefits of making music.” – Publications Bhat, S. 2010. TouchTone: an electronic musical instrument for children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy. In Proceedings of the Fourth international Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied interaction (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, January 24 - 27, 2010). TEI 10. ACM, New York, NY, 305-306.
  26. 26. Found benefits for parents and Music Therapists.What makes your work interesting You are doing great work, I lookfor us is that my son has reduced forward to your keyboard beingmobility in his hands as well as legs, made available for sale.especially the left, and a hearing – Lisa G, Music Therapist,disability (he uses hearing aids to Australiaboost high frequency sounds) but isnonetheless very keen on music. It was great to see the actualHe also likes computers, but then product on the websites. Thedont all kids now? access is fantastic. Is there anyIf there is some opportunity to try way we can purchase one?your instrument, wed be really - Tessa H, IICP, Kolkata, Indiainterested.– Thom G , Parent, Denmark
  27. 27. 02. What I want to do.
  28. 28. Children are the main beneficiaries.WorldwideRate of incidence: 2 to 2.5 per 1000 births. Today: 3.6 million out of 1.8 billion children < 14yrs of age have CP.Hemiplegic CP: 1/3rd of CP cases... Which is 1.2 million children today.
  29. 29. Music Therapists and Centers are key intermediaries. International MT Associations: 50+ Average membership: 2000 Total: 100,000 MTs growing at 10%/yr Each MT facilitates: 2 children of 8-11 yrs. That’s access to 200,000 children growing at 10%/yr
  30. 30. 03. What I need to know from you.
  31. 31. Benefits. How can TouchTone benefit you as a Music Therapist, Association, Researchgroup, Parent, etc?. What would you do with TouchTone?. What are the most valuable things about TouchTone according to you?Partnerships. Would you like to work with me to develop TouchTone, the therapyprograms, retailing, advocacy, fund-raising, etc?. Would you be interested in using TouchTone for longitudinal studies aboutimpact of music therapy?Network and funding. People and institutions that you believe I should reach out to becausewe share similar goals, interests and activities.. People and Institutions that can support TouchTone financially over along-term.
  32. 32. 04. What you can do:1. Connect with me via email/skype.2. Tell me what you think about TouchTone.3. Share your ideas for possible collaboration and support.4. Help me spread the word about TouchTone to people who you think might benefit from it.
  33. 33. More about TouchTone, me, my band, etc 1. Email: 2. Skype: soumitrabhat 3. (about TouchTone) 4. (about Me) 5. (my professional profile) 6. (my music)
  34. 34. Remember, TouchTone To ensure that the joy and benefits of making music are accessible to ALL OF US to partake of TOGETHER.