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Cadbury Dairy Milk

  1. 1. Cadbury Dairy Milk Packaging Group No.3
  2. 2. Sweetest Story Ever Told • Cadbury story is a fascinating story of a family business that grew in one of the biggest, most loved chocolate brand in the world. • A story that you will remember as the story of “The taste of life”.
  3. 3. Milk Chocolate • First made by Cadbury in 1897 by adding milk powder paste to the dark chocolate recipe of cocoa mass, cocoa butter and sugar • After a considerable amount of research a new recipe was formulated fresh milk and new production processes were developed to produce milk – chocolate
  4. 4. PACKAGING • It is an important decision in the present age of globalization. • Important for a manufacturer. • Vital component of a product. • Major contributing factor for its increasing marketability. • Develops a positive image about the product • Protection of product.
  5. 5. Benefits Of Packaging • Designed to take care of the quality • Most Consumers remember products through their packaging • Brand identification
  6. 6. Features Of Packaging • Advertise the brand and manufacturer. • Self identity and Differentiating feature of the product. • Attractive when placed in shelf. • Design and size of product packaging. • Shelf life and space occupied. • Eco- friendly and hygiene in packaging should be maintained
  7. 7. Brand information • Cadbury’s - India’s no.1 Chocolate • Cadbury has grown from strength to strength with new technologies • Cadbury today manufactures product in 60 countries and has trade in 120 countries • Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM) entered the Indian market in 1948
  8. 8. History of CDM Packaging 1820- 1914 • Decorative Packaging - Engravings of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. • 1st chocolate box - Designed by Richard Cadbury with painting of his young daughter. • 1905 - First proper Cadbury logo by William Cadbury. • CDM started its pack in pale purple with red script, in a continental style ‘Parcel Wrap’.
  9. 9. History 1915 – 1940 • It first used the colours of purple and gold. • Stylized cocoa tree interwoven with the Cadbury name. • Cadbury script logo first appears • Based on the signature of William Cadbury • The full Dairy Milk range became purple and gold in 1923. • Glass and a half full symbol introduced Cont..
  10. 10. History Contd… 1941-80 • Cadbury hired Norbert Dutton – Popular Industrial designer, to 'review all the Firm’s labels. • Dutton created new designs, using traditional Cadbury purple and gold for milk chocolate & red and gold for plain chocolate.
  11. 11. Present CDM Packaging 1990-2011 • Usage of gold foil to pack the chocolate & paper wrap on top of it then the dairy milk main wrapper is used to pack. • Uses Air tight packaging. • Perforation on pack – Easy to tear.
  12. 12. Present Packaging
  13. 13. Special packaging • Cadbury has introduced special packaging for special occasions such Diwali, Rakhi etc. • It introduced cartoon chocolates in name Cadbury dairy milk - Wowie
  14. 14. The Dairy Milk worm case • Cadbury's found itself guilt, when a few instances of worms in its Dairy Milk bars were reported • Negative Publicity – Sales down by 30 %. • In October it launched Project 'Vishwas’. • Imports machinery- revamps Packaging. • Brand Ambassador as Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.
  15. 15. Importance of Packaging • Packaging conveys a number of utilities. • Communicates important information about the product, price, manufacturer and the consumption precautions etc, to buyer. • Packaging plays a key role in success or failure of product. • Packaging is an important component of the product.
  16. 16. Purple goes green Purple Goes Green is Cadbury’s commitment to shrinking its global environmental footprint. Targets: • Energy • Packaging • Water
  17. 17. SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS • Highly reputed company • Well known to people • Positive perception • Dairy Milk is the most consumed chocolate in India • Very good R&D department WEAKNESSES • Strong branding demands substantial financial investment • Chocolate is not regarded healthy • Sales tend to be seasonal • Products are a bit highly priced
  18. 18. SWOT Analysis OPPORTUNITIES • Established products can be revived with new packaging • Healthy eating products are yet to be fully exploited • Cadbury’s has still got a large room for expansion • It can look to develop new products in new markets THREATS • Lot of competitors in the market • Healthier options could cause problems • The high level of investment needed to launch national brands deters product innovation • The pricing of their products is too high
  19. 19. Conclusion • Cadbury’s a great player in the chocolate industry • Consistent changes in Packaging. • Adopted to Indian culture. • Special Chocolate packs. • Packaging - An interactive marketing tool. • Packaging helps in Brand Identification. • Packaging – plays a vital role.
  20. 20. THANK YOU !