Do You Love Me? How we're focussing on the wrong things in SharePoint Projects - London SUGUK


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This presentation, first presented at London SharePoint User Group June 2012 explains how we are focussing on the wrong parts of SharePoint projects and that we should consider them more like a long-term relationship!

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  • So that’s the definition of governance nailed.But what about SharePoint itself? Well I think and I’m sure you all think that SharePoint is actually pretty great, a platform that has huge capabilities and can deliver a significant amount of value to an organisation…BUT, If SharePoint is such a great product and governance is such as straightforward concept then why are we having this conversation?
  • Project failure – is not that you haven’t delivered SharePoint project, hit the targets on the Gannt chart – its that you’ve not delivered the expected outcomes of the business:User Experience isn’t what they wantNot delivering business valuePoor user adoptionLack of ROI
  • SharePoint projects failing is fundamentally because of the “Celery Effect”Celery contains 6 calories. But the mere act of digesting said stalk burns more like 10 calories, resulting in a negative caloric intake.This is like spending lots of time and effort, licenses, hardware and project time and money, but not delivering anything the business needs¾ of SharePoint projects I was aware of over the past 5 years DID NOT deliver true Business ValueWhat are some of the key reasons?
  • No Shared Understanding or proper business IT alignmentResults in the IT and business rift growing further… burning bridges when we’re meant to be working together and delivering measurable value.
  • We’re looking at problems with an IT/Technology focus – SharePoint Knows Nothing…It doesn’t know your business, sector, organisation, business problem
  • We allow projects to be specified as SharePoint features not business outcomesWe ask people what do they want and they ask what the technology can do… saying “anything” never works, so we turn to the wheel for a grounded explanation.STORYRequirements copied and pasted from the Microsoft web site!Have any of you seen that kind of behaviour from a client?
  • Notice I haven’t said that the technology sucksI haven’t said that SharePoint “can’t be made to do that”The technology isn’t the problem here guys…You guys are awesome and we can make SharePoint do ANYTHING… So why is this all so hard?Why are there SharePoint project problems?Why do we have a HUGE SharePoint Business Value problem?
  • As we said at the start, Governance is key to delivering SharePoint well and we need a new view to inspire people to change the way they work.REAL SharePoint Governance is the key to solving this dilemma.But what most of us do at the moment is very myopic; we need a different view, a wider view…Lets think about a couple of specific things I think warrant getting right and being clear about
  • Flirting – the idea, understanding the value, a mini relationship
  • The Proposal – The business case, getting approval… whats important, ROI, proof, measurable outcomes
  • Wedding Planning – The SharePoint Project Plan….
  • The Big Day – Project Go-live…. Surely the project is a success now?
  • Honeymoon – The excitement, the attention…..
  • Back down to earth with a bump… the difficult times…
  • Happily Ever After – The hard work… Tummeler / Change Management / Centre of Excellence
  • Do You Love Me? How we're focussing on the wrong things in SharePoint Projects - London SUGUK

    1. 1. Do you love me? London SUGUK 14th June 2012
    2. 2. @Soulsailor 07887 553551
    3. 3. so why is it like this?
    4. 4. the celery effect..
    5. 5. SharePoint knows nothing…
    6. 6. tech features not outcomes
    7. 7. I don’t see a tech problem It’s Not Technology Problem
    8. 8. we’re not focussing right
    9. 9. what’s important
    10. 10. Flirting
    11. 11. the proposal
    12. 12. wedding planning
    13. 13. the big day
    14. 14. honeymoon
    15. 15. the arguments
    16. 16. business case
    17. 17. holistic governance
    18. 18. proactive governance
    19. 19. SharePoint Tummeler
    20. 20. centre of excellence
    21. 21. I REALLY love you
    22. 22. @Soulsailor 07887 553551