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Triz comp 2013 (taruc)


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TRIZ COMPETITION 2013 Part 1a,2,3

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Triz comp 2013 (taruc)

  1. 1. The material is misaligned after the emerges process in the furnace. Before entering the furnace, materials was aligned properly. If the problem is solved, the productivity of the products will increases and the risk of the failure will be lower.
  2. 2. Misaligned MMCB not stable Roller shacking Vibration Motor Speed & Torque Lack of Service No proper guideline Design limitation Lack of Experience Impact on materials Height difference Design Error Type of MMCB Thermal expansion and contraction
  3. 3. Improving Feature Worsening Feature #13-Stability of the object’s composition #34-Ease of repair #11-Stress NO. Inventive Principle #2 Extraction #10 Preliminary action #16 Partial or excessive action #35 Parameter change #40 Composite materials Side view Product SELL
  4. 4. The Work piece is a fail prototype which the hole is not perpendicular. Having trouble on operating hand drill?? Loves to DIY. However sometimes… Lead to sadness and disappointment. Over Drill The drilling process fail although marking was made on the drill bits and the measurement unit attach on the hand drill is to prevent over drill. However if over force was applied it will still cause over drill. Reason 2 : The method use for prevent over drill is not effective Reason 1 : The Drill is not Accurate
  5. 5. Drilling not accurate User problem Lack of experience Never try before or lack of practice Afraid Failure Failure can cause the project cost increase Drilling vibration is too high No feedback Drilling position not handle properly Using wrong Drilling tools User careless The surface of the material to be drill is not smooth The materials selection is wrong If feedback process is properly done. Then the accuracy of the drilling process is increased. But the loss of time and the device complexity will be increased. Improving Feature Worsening Feature #24-Loss of Information #25-Loss of Time #36-Device Complexity NO Inventive principle 24 Intermediary 26 Copy 28 Mechanics Substitution 32 Color Changes Inertia Measurement Unit(IMU) is a sensor that are used for balancing while in this hand drill application, it function by providing feedback on the degree of angle of the hand drill Ultrasonic sensor is the sensor to provide feedback on the distance
  6. 6. Control the motor direction