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Soulife Singapore

  1. 1. SOULIFE SINGAPORE We reserve only the best. BLK 196 PANDAN LOOP #07-14 SUITE 2 Pantech Business Hub Singapore 128384 Copyright © 2013 Soulife Singapore Pte Ltd. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Collection de Haute Perfumerie Adding finesse to your current line of perfumes has never been this easy. Soulife Singapore’s luxurious Oudh extracted from above 100 year old Aquilaria trees has delicate qualities that can create top-of-theline fragrances for your most lucrative and demanding affluent market. Endorsed by The Royal Thailand Family, Soulife Singapore’s brand represents the finest in Agarwood (Oudh) production industry. Our worldwide patented technology by expert advisors have proven to have production qualities and quantities superior to regional competitors. We are also one of the few corporations endowed with legal permits to export our quality products internationally. Having worked with major brands in the region for some time, our production process is refined to cater for mass production, without compromising on the quality of our products. Soulife Singapore works with several renowned research facilities to ensure the purity and safety of our wood and oils. We also have our own research facilities in Chiangmai. Quality Assessment Reports can be generated for the purpose of quality control, which is often impossible or neglected by other Agarwood production companies. Soulife Singapore’s expert advisor, Dr. Pheeraphan Wijitphan, more commonly known as “Dr. Hom” (Doctor of Fragrance), has been leading the research of Agarwood production for the past 40 years. Currently, Dr. Wijitphan is the world-record owner of more than 59 commercial trade secrets, trademarks and copyright in relation to Agarwood. As a form of corporate responsibility, we have created sustainable regeneration of precious, endangered Aquilaria trees under Dr. Wijitphan’s innovation and empowered local farmers to create their cultivation and production of commercial Agarwood. Thailand is now the leading country for commercial Agarwood. Our selection of Agarwood collections spans from cultivated, high quality wood and oils that cater to the mass fragrance market, as well as the vintage, intriguing and rare Agarwood generated from majestic, wildlife Aquilaria trees aged between 70 - 350 years of age. If your esteemed brand is eagerly searching for reliable source of Oudh supply, choose Soulife Singapore as your trusted, key supplier. Simply drop us an email or a call to fix an appointment with us today! Copyright © 2013 Soulife Singapore Pte Ltd. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Surging Market Demand in Global Fragrance Industry According to research reports, perfumes and fragrances have now evolved into a mainstream business within cosmetics and personal industries. With a consolidated CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of approximately 3.7% in 2013, the multi-billion dollar industry is buoyant despite several economic downturn led by Europe. The largest market for fragrances is Brazil, with a sales of around $7billion in 2011. Emerging markets such as Africa, China and India are also contributing to the rapid increase in revenue. The potential for continued expansion of the Fragrance market is endless, as it looks to take over cosmetics as the leading consumer product in the personal care industry before 2020. Middle East, the Land of Premium Fragrances The Middle East region alone accounts for 20 per cent of worldwide perfumes market, valued at 11AED billion. Figures cited from Euromonitor saw fragrance sales in United Arab Emirates (UAE) reaching AED890 million in 2012, a steady growth rate of 7%. The dominance of growth was led by a surge of demand for premium fragrances, which accounted for 70% of total fragrances in the region. As the affluence of Middle East countries continue to mature beyond expectations, future premium fragrance are set to be dominated by the region by a forecasted 2018. It is then crucial for fragrance brands to devise their positioning strategy in order to capitalize on the future prospects of a larger market. Cater to the Affluent. Find their “Right choice” The average citizen in UAE spends no less than 1,225AED yearly, solely on his or her personal fragrance (Reported in 2006). As disposable income of population in Middle East ranks the highest in the world, the opportunity is excellent for existing and new brands of perfume to develop premium options for this lucrative market-of-the-future. Premiumisation, as termed by Euromonitor, is the new direction for any fragrance brands in the Middle East region. What then, does an affluent individual seek in his or her fragrance? Our research has concluded that the most demanded premium fragrances have integrated the following elements to satisfy the desire for individuality of the affluent: a. It should endow an emotional experience for consumers b. It needs to be authentic and obtain credentials of luxury c. It requires exclusivity and limited access to obtain d. It contains rare raw materials that are rich in quality and texture, and preferably even having a heritage As a starting point, quality raw materials trigger the experience of luxury and authenticity demanded by premium consumers, justifying the high price of luxury fragrances. Brands are more willing to trade inexpensive alcohol or IRR solvents for rare, high-valued Oudh to develop fragrances. While traditional labels of Oudh fragrance are still dominating on market share, contemporary luxury brands like Christian Dior and Tom Ford have begun to increase their market dominance with the introduction of fragrances based on Oudh. The strong financial capacity and market adaptation could see these European or Western labels continually increasing market capitalization in Middle East and beyond. Proper strategy is required for existing brand labels to strengthen their expertise in Oudh, particularly through innovating and continually surpassing the limits of luxury. With Soulife Singapore, this is now a realizable goal. Copyright © 2013 Soulife Singapore Pte Ltd. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Sustainability of resources “More and more companies are reaching out to their suppliers to work jointly on issues of sustainability, environmental responsibility, ethics and compliance” Simon Mainwaring Sustainability is a big word for corporate leaders, who have an accustomed to a “low cost margin” profit strategy for centuries. However, for businesses to survive in the long-term, it is vital that the issue of resource sustainability stands equally as other agendas of marketing and branding. While “Branding” has become a major corporate success strategy by providing experiential influence in the consumer’s decisions, the force also acts conversely on businesses. Consumers expect the brands they love to also participate in social issues, including the address of environmental concerns. This begins by first establishing a self-renewable system independent of environmental exploitation, before moving on to other issues. The single largest concern for Oudh fragrance brands today is sustainability of supply. For brands whom have decided 20 years ago on establishing their own plantation or work closely with highly-sustainable suppliers, it is now the single most impact on their consumer confidence and product satisfaction. Are all suppliers of Oudh raw materials sustainable? Hardly. The process of obtaining Oudh is a delicate and time-consuming one, resulting often in low volume of production and lack of quality control. For the ones who have found their footing on supply, eventually introduce their labels to compete with major fragrance brands, on the advantage of their personal sustainability for future market capitalization. Fragrance De Bois is a typical example of such a business model. With the pressure piled up on traditional fragrance brands, the onus is up to their leaders to reconsider the importance of sustainability. Soulife Singapore holds worldwide patents in Agarwood Technology (US: 7485309, 7803384) and can produce Oudh in a period below 2 years. We have sizable production facilities in North and South Thailand, a key factor for our business partners whom take large orders when rates are lower*. Soulife Singapore is the only authorized corporate owner of wildlife Agarwood trees across Thailand, apart from our own plantations. Our corporate advisor, Dr. Wijitphan’s greatest life achievement, was our Agarwood trees being endorsed by the Thailand Royal Family in 1995, 2003 and 2005. We have been leading the industry of Oudh production in Thailand to partner with businesses in the region, empowering them with sustainable, convenient supply. Additionally, we are the only company who has limited legal access rights to majestic Agarwood trees that are aged between 70 - 350 years, a significant market advantage for luxury fragrance partners whom generally gain access to expensive but relatively young Oudh oil qualities. Copyright © 2013 Soulife Singapore Pte Ltd. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. WHO WE ARE Soulife Singapore was founded in 2013 by Mr. Thomas Won Choon Fei (Managing Director). Our company adopts a self-produce, selfmarketing business model. While the Agarwood trade has been consistently outperforming itself in the global market, the quality of products today have become largely inconsistent. Some companies have even gone to the extent of creating counterfeit products. We believe in taking tangible steps to ensure top quality of products from our supply, through to our end users. This includes proper certification of ownership, and scientific proof of its purity aligned with international standards. In this way, consumers can be assured that they are paying a fair price for what it is worth. While the current trade market is only able to offer Agarwood products manufactured from young cultivated trees, Soulife Singapore is the only authorized company in the world that offers a higher end choice for end users who value luxury and exclusivity – The refined, pure heartwood and Oudh oils extracted from wildlife Agarwood trees aged at least 100 years old. Copyright © 2013 Soulife Singapore Pte Ltd. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Legend: Extinct Remaining WHERE CAN YOU UNCOVER KINAM TODAY? Many people believe that the legendary Kinam (Kyara) originated from Vietnam. The mythical term “Kinam” (Kyara) was used only to describe Aquilaria of the highest quality known to consumers. The truth, is that authentic, wildlife Aquilaria species were spread across Southeast Asia. Its large plots of dense, natural forests hosted more than 15 Aquilaria species. Amongst these species, Aquilaria Malaccensis and Aquilaria Crassna is scientifically proven to be of highest quality and most well received by fragrance lovers. When international demand increased, traders emerged in droves into the forests and began extracting and exhausting the last of wildlife species in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Fortunately, Thailand has a strong control over its land use, and have successfully preserved its wildlife heritage till today. Thailand is a critical source of naturally aging wildlife Agarwood trees today. The resource we have are now mature, and capable of high renewability. Soulife Singapore’s has been the main supplier for our Southeast Asian large Agarwood firms for some time, and is now ready to expand our operations in other mature consumer demands such as China, Japan and Middle East regions, offering finesse for fragrance brands with our vintage collection of 100 year old pure Oudh oils. Copyright © 2013 Soulife Singapore Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. 6
  7. 7. The Insider: Dr. Pheeraphan Wijitphan To any Agarwood industry professional, Dr Wijitphan is no stranger. Graced with the title “Dr. Horm” (Doctor of Agarwood), his lifelong effort in the research of the valuable Aquilaria species has been well recognized by the native Thailand citizens, the royal Thailand family, as well as global accredited research foundations in Agarwood. Patent: 7485309 B1 / 7803384). There are a total of 59 registered commercial trade secrets, trademarks and copyrights worldwide under his name, rendering him the record number of legal endorsements for his expertise and knowledge in all species of Agarwood. As a socially responsible citizen himself, Dr. Wijitphan is not apprehensive to share his Dr. Wijitphan’s forefathers were knowledge. Since 1992, he has began providing seminars the pioneers of the vibrant across Thailand, to empower global trade market for them with the knowledge and Agarwood in Southeast Asia, skills to commercially which has been a key global trading port for two centuries. manufacture Agarwood in order to improve their own With the knowledge and lives. By 1995, the seminars expertise spanning two had attracted the attention of generations as well as international news and media, hisdedication to research, Dr. whom brought more than 1000 Wijitphan was industrial leaders across the able to create globe to Thailand, eager to breakthrough learn from his vast knowledge technologies to in Agarwood cultivation, resin transform the current stimulation and market. With his extraction. patented technology, Agarwood trees as “Greed for more and the young as 5 years old, fear of depleting wildlife to as old as 350 years Aquilaria trees have old can form thick and triggered many to dilute resinous heartwood. the quality of products using Today, Dr. Wijitphan chemicals, is the inventor and which risks exclusive worldwide the health of patent holder for users. whole-tree resin stimulation technology of Aquilaria trees (US Unknowingly, these substances enter through their breathing system to cause an irreversible problem”, says Dr Wijitphan, a doctor by profession. “My support goes for companies such as Soulife Singapore who are truly passionate about delivering only products of the highest and purest quality to end users.” Under the lead of expertise by Dr. Wijtphan, Thailand is the leading country for commercial cultivation of Agarwood, contributing to the sustainability of this precious, endangered species. Dr. Wijitphan is a proud corporate advisor (Expertise in Agarwood technology) for Soulife Singapore. Copyright © 2013 Soulife Singapore Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. 7
  8. 8. AQUILARIA CRASSNA LIQUID GOLD Known to be one of two “Wood of Gods”, the Aquilaria Crassna is a huge, sturdy tree with its canopy seemingly reaching for the skies. Its birthplace is within the damp, evergreen forests of Northern Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. It is believed that the Crassna species was the highly valued “Kinam” largely shipped through Vietnam into Japan and Taiwan, due to its alluring fragrance and resinous heartwood. Scientifically, Crassna species has one of the highest resin content that can be proven by modern technology. While there have been attempts to plant this precious species, the quality of a young Crassna tree is incomparable with that of an ancient, huge and resinous wildlife Aquilaria Crassa trees aged 100 years and above. Discover this treasure with Soulife Singapore today. AGE: 174 YEARS HEIGHT: 15M CRASSNA GOLD CRASSNA HEARTWOOD CRASSNA LEGEND (KINAM) When applied to the skin, Crassna Gold oil releases a soft, sweet fragrance that is calm and soothing. It is representative of its well-known namesake, “the everlasting king of fragrance”. Apart from its distinctive fragrance, the oil can be identified by its rich, gold hues. The oil is ingest-able, which is why we have created health supplements from pure Crassna oils. Minimum Order: 1 Litre Wood chips from aged, wildlife Aquilaria Crassnan trees have a crisp, yellowishbrown colour. When ignited, it releases just a small wisp of white smoke, followed by an uplifting fragrance. and is often the prime choice for medicinal and cosmetic uses. Minimum Quantity: 1 Kilogram Only when Aquilaria trees are aged above 100 years old, will there be a slight probability of uncovering our nature’s treasure. Formed deep underground in the roots of trees, the solid and resinous crystalline is uniquely shaped to be oneof-its-kind. Its quality and earthiness is like non-other. Exclusive collector’s item. Available upon Special Requests. Copyright © 2013 Soulife Singapore Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. 8
  9. 9. AQUILARIA MALACCENSIS BLACK DIAMOND Known to be one of two “Wood of Gods”, Aquilaria Malaccensis is the most well recognized Aquilaria species in the trading market. Its birthplace is in Southern Thailand, selected areas in India and Indonesia, where moisture levels are very high. A mature Aquilaria Malaccensis can grow up to 400 years old, and has a majestic size, compared with its Aquilaria counterparts. Aquilaria Malaccensis is capable of producing resinous heartwood that is black with delicate fine lines. Its quality is a notch of above all Agarwood products in the market, according to experts. It is a clear definition of nature’s most prized assets hidden within the damp, tropical forests. Discover this natural beauty with Soulife Singapore now. AGE: 220 YEARS Legend MALACCENSIS ESSENCE MALACCENSIS HEARTWOOD MALACCENSIS LEGEND (KINAM) The fragrance from Aquilaria Malaccensis is especially well-received in the traditional Arabian culture. The scent offers a sensual boost with its deep rooted earthiness. A pure natural classic. Its jet black coloured oil releases a distinctive scent that evokes strength and confidence. Minimum Order: 1 Litre Dark, densely resinated wood chips from the trunks of wildlife Malaccensis trees emit a strong scent of the forest, reminding people of the power of nature. Extracted naturally without any complex processing, the wood is highly demanded for medicinal use and for its fragrance. Minimum Quantity: 1 Kilogram Owning a piece of our premium-grade Malaccensis collection is akin to gaining an priceless asset. It is extremely rare to uncover an intact Malaccensis Kinam, its quality richer than our best wood pieces. With Soulife Singapore’s ancient heritage of trees, we seek to help the right buyer will find what is well worth his pursuit for excellence. Available upon Special Requests. Copyright © 2013 Soulife Singapore Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. 9
  10. 10. Why Soulife Singapore could be a top choice as your long-term supplier: - Experienced Oudh producers with patented Agarwood technologies Environmentally responsible Agarwood stimulation techniques Well recognized by peers in similar industries Well organized, rapid Oudh processing chain with high production capacity. Our 100 year old Luxury Oudh and Oudh oils are undoubtedly exclusive. A vast selection of different grades of oil, catered to your requirements. Quality Assurance through our lab testing facilities One of few CITES approved companies for international export of Agarwood Highly credible source of supply and knowledge, through with our Expert Advisor CONNECT WITH US TODAY. Call: +65 92977493 (James Won, Asst. Director) Email: Subscribe: Youtube Channel: Agarwood Siam