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Soul Curators | Profile


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Soul Curators | Profile

  1. 1. THECOMPANY PROFILE MUSIC | ARTISTS | EVENTS GREEN ACTION Our efforts are to organize Green Events, by reducing waste, plastic & paper. Efforts are made to keep a minimal carbon footprint and minimum power consumption. [1]
  2. 2. ‘A Curator is essentially, a guardian, who cares for or in charge of a art. Soul Curators are just that for all artists & performing arts we promote. Our aim to nourish the new and evolved talent while support more established artists in expanding & experimenting with new ways to reach out to their growing audience.’We organize outdoor events around The organization is founded with the vision of takingbeautiful destinations!across the country Indian music & artists to international stage and notas Music, Arts & Adventure Festivals. limited to just a small elite. We aim to become one of the most highly regarded organizations in the area of theHosting music, arts & adventure performing and visual arts – for the diversity ofenthusiasts over a short period, our performances as well as for the unusual manner infestivals! showcase some of the best which each one of our events is and emerging! India has to offer in We create events that can be described as historic,music,! performing talent, films and innovative and radically different in each arena wephotography and arts. develop. These include live performances amid ancient monuments as well as in public parks or even in houseOne of our key objective is to! promote venues. We aim bring many events that will be done forconcert tourism and encourage the first time ever in India and attract thousands ofresponsible travel! in India amongst audience.the!increasing domestic travelers. Soul Curators identifies itself with excellence, innovation,- We promote Indian artists and creativity and courage. And it is this that lends emphasis musicians across the country and to uncompromising quality and aesthetics, which are internationally. today hallmark of every Soul Curators event.- We offer a cross cultural event platform We are driven by ideas that change perceptions. We for people in age groups from turning work for your brand, bringing new ideas, trends and 16 to going 60. concepts to get you closer to your target group.- We encourage the younger generation Soul Curators, music commune’s biggest goal is to & parenting families to support their identify all potential markets where live performance is children in performing arts as a full time consumed in any capacity. Defying the limitations of career and not just a hobby. - genre, our prime objective is to develop talent across different sectors in the entertainment and music- We explore more open venues like industry. We look for talent from across the country andmonuments, gardens & open parks for help it get noticed through the right platforms. Our aimperformances rather than a restricted is to provide quality entertainment to the seekers ofauditoria. good music. [2]
  3. 3. Entertainment MediaOur job Event Planing Audio & Visual‘Music is not just a sound, but a Event management, logistic planing Theme AV | Editing | Sound recording |feeling that gets people together.... creative renditions & on ground Content development.Promoting music, is promoting execution.harmony through our work’ Artists Films & Photography Local/ International Celebrity & Professional shoot and editing of private & Artist Management. Choreographed corporate events. Themed photography for events, Bands, musicians, DJs & weddings and special events. Cultural artists. Special Projects Social Media Special property events remain one Online promotions though social mediaWhat do we do? of the best ways to connect with content. Article based promotions and your audience on a visceral level. editorial content. Promotions across!"#$%&$(#)%#$*+ (,+ -.$/+ .0&+ business & social portals like facebook,1%2+3&.405$+6+7%&8(5%99 linkedin, twitter, google, etc. Event Planners Special Projects Exhibitions & Conferences Thematic Concepts Live Music Concerts Domestic & International Fairs - Creative communications Brand properties & Expos Teaser Campaigns Television events Creative Conceptualization Conferences & Seminars Live & TV concerts Signages & Visual - Brand & Product Launches Bollywood star nights Merchandising B2B & B2C Events High profile media events Exhibit & Retail Design Networking Events Film premieres 3D PDU Design & Production VIP Visits Music releases Fabrication & Installation Facility Inaugurations Fashion shows Site Survey & Inspection Employee Events Destination weddings Stall Management. Awards functions Entertainment events Audio & Visual Media Relations Channel partner meets Theme/ Conceptual AV Press conferencesCustomer interaction programs Outdoor/ indoor Photography Press announcements & - Design & Fabrication Editing footage for content launches Venue Management Visual content development Media nights & PR Sound & Light Management Location & Product shoots Television advertisements TVC We provide a full press office Artist Management Documentaries & Short Films service that includes writing, International musicians Sound recording & compositions researching and placing press Indian music bands releases, opinion pieces and Indian artists & celebrities Radio case studies, feature tracking Cultural performances Radio commercials. and on-line media relations. Special acts & performers Thematic jingles. Thematic choreography On air promotions. Music releases. [3]
  4. 4. Sounds United Project - Aims to promote a community ofindependent artists & musicians in collaboration for creative LENS Creativity - The Art in Photographyand inspiring music. The concept is to present artists in theirindividual capacity, in unique non band format. Musicians Soul Curators, initiated L.E.N.S. Creativity as project towardswork with artists from other cultures, countries and styles to the passion for photography. It’s about seeing beauty income up with refreshing music recorded in audio visual everything around and viewed by millions of online audience around theglobe. . L - love of music & adventure | E - energy around us | N - nature & outdoors | S - soul & sound - These are the primaryThe community aims at showcasing inspiring collaborations subjects for LENS Creativity as a project.with our destination’s local musicians and artists. Creatingnew genres of collaborative sound in harmony with the local Featuring, showcasing & promoting free-lance & professionalelements, yet an global appeal. S.U.P. promotes budding photographers, Our vision, through LENS is to use outdoorsmusicians, bands, artists and percussionists in finding new as a studio for capturing creativity.content for their individual styles and music communitiesnationwide.Green Knights are Electronic Dance Music Eventsshowcasing the best of EDM, Live Electronica | House | Soul Film Festival is a short film festival inspired by music,Techno | Minimal | Dub-Step & Mash ups with logistical, outdoors, culture & environment. SSF, aims to showcase acreative & promotional support. selected collection of short films from the best in new cinemaThey key messaging around the theme of these parties is to & creative films, from budding film makers & emerginginstill the thought of going green through visual studios. Special Screening of some of worlds most creativecommunication. It brings together renowned Indian DJs and & inspiring films around music, videos, shot stories andInternational collaborations to cater to a wide Indian and documentaries on music arts and adventure.International audience, showcasing India as a dance musicdestination. [4]
  5. 5. Cafe Terra | Social & Sustainable EventsCafe Terra as an open forum for musicians, artists, adventure A.I. | Adventure of Indiaenthusiasts, travelers, freethinkers, poets, natureenthusiasts, dreamers and visionaries with the love for music Nature Walk in the great Himalayan National Parks, visitingin life. Tibetan Monasteries, Camping in the woods, Hiking around the forests, Rafting the white waters, Canyoning, RockThrough workshops, seminars, exhibitions and travel meets Climbing, Mountain biking and a whole lot more, are theit aims to create engagements that empower, promote and experiences of A.I. Though the year we organize shortcreate a dialogue with the youth and the artists community. It weekend trips to the mountains with Live entertainment andalso targets local,! national and international press private events for groups seeking some adventure andand!media. peace, together. Corporates call them offsite, Students call it weekend getaways, we call them the Adventures of India.Cafe Terra is a non profit initiative of Soul Curators and aimsto contribute through involving the locals, artists and mediain creating action driven awareness to a greener life. Motorcycling the Riderthon means twists & turns along trips & tours, music in the mountains and a whole bunch more....United Artists of India | U.A.B. Wind through your hair, the winding roads brings magnificentU.A.B aims to promote artists in the creative fields of graphic mountains, pristine valley, beautiful river streams to thedesign, painting, sculpturing, installations and other modern mystical Himalayas.creative renditions of art like graffiti and tattoo art throughexhibitions, workshops and flea markets . These are usually The ride means different things to different people. Countrya part of our outdoor concerts and festivals. The idea is to cruiser, speed racer or cool city biker, an quick weekenduse music as a platform to showcase art from around other away from work or the ultimate symbol of individual freedomareas of creativity. To Be On The Open Road again! [5]
  6. 6. Woods Talk Festival, Rishikesh | Nov 2011Uttrakhand | 5500+ followers | 300 attendeesFollowing the concept of camping festivals as seen in most European countries, wehave taken it one step further by incorporating adventure sports and hiking activitiesinto the scheme of things. There’s a whole host of adventure sports and water sportsactivities that await you at the beckoning foothills. Quality alpine tents with top notchfacilities and extremely sanitary conditions promise to make your stay an absolutedelight while the foodies can expect numerous joys from the multi cuisine kitchen andthe barbecue grills or bonfires.Outdoor activities: White Water Rafting, Flying Fox, Hiking, Camping, Kayaking,Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Cliff Jumping, Canyoning, ….lazing at the beach.Music: Sifar | Sanchal Malhar | MAP & Manta Sidhu | Avi & the uprising | Rishi Inc. |Sajid Akbar & the lost boys | Travelling River Band | Silence of Souls | Tempo Tantrick |Jitter | Kohra | Space | Hashback Hashish | Audiogramme | Delhi Drummers | GloriaHays | Manzil Mystics | Didgeridoo players and more...Manali Summer Sundowners, Manali | June 2012Himachal Pradesh | 5500+ followers | 900 attendeesMusic in the Himalayas - Live Concerts | All Summer Weekends |Himachal’s Biggest Music & Arts Festival scheduled in June 2012 - The ManaliSummer Sundowners - Sounds United Project scheduled June 2012, is a GreenFestival, promoting Responsible Travel & Concert Tourism in India.The Manali Summer Sundowners gives a traveler something different and moreexperiential to do with their evenings. The music festival is positioned to attract boththe local and traveling community in Himachal. Featuring documentary screenings atthe Soul FIlm Festival, Art & Photography, Motorcycling tours, Day excursions totemples & Tibetan Monasteries, Alternate Lifestyle Courses & Himachal Ayurveda,Hiking around the Great Himalayan National Parks, Nature walks, Camping optionsand lots more.Gulmarg Winter Festival, Gulmarg | Mar 2012Kashmir | 9500+ followers | 200 attendeesLive Artists | Musicians | Bands | Skiing | SnowBoarding | Winter Sports | More...Indias 1st Winter Festival of Music & Adventure in Gulmarg, Kashmir.India’s 1st Winter Festival of Music & Adventure March 2012Propelling Indian Music & Adventure to glorious pinnacles beyond city limits. Hostingvarious interactive activities over the weekend, the G.W.F. 2012 creates a flurry ofexcitement.Gulmarg one of most beautiful destinations in the world, now hosts an iconic eventthis winter. Categorized as India’s first Winter Music & Adventure festival, the event is acelebration of winter sports, great music, wonderful people, vibrant cultures andsumptuous food, all with a common backdrop. Picturesque Himalayas, and lots ofsnow! [6]
  7. 7. [7]
  8. 8. Connect with usTHE vivek binepal curator | photographer call:+91.8130800033 vikas chauhan production | sourcing call:+91.8800759244 mail: soulcurators@gm b-65, ground floor | sec tor 36 noida 201301. uttar pra desh. India. t: +91.120.4228281business: www.soulcurators.coskype: binepalvivek [8]