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  1. 1. Lao People’s Democratic Republic Peace Indepenence Democracy Unity Prosperity Counterpart Logo DOMEP No………….. Vientiane Capital, Date………. BDS Network Development TOR on BDS Market Assessment (Demand Side) and Lao BDS Network Manual Updating 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Place: Department of Small and Medium Enterprise Development (DoSMEP) Project Name: BDS Network Development, GIZ-HRDME Field Cooperation: Capacity Building on BDS Network Development Activity Name: BDS Market Assessment and Lao BDS Manual Development. Activity-Code (DOSMEP and GIZ-HRDME):… 09.2296.3.001.40 Implementing Agency: DoSMEP Collaborating staff: DoSMEP; Mr. Sa Siriphong, Director of SME Support Division, Mr. Soutchay Chayvong (Deputy Director General of DoSMEP, and DoSMEP technical staff. GIZ-HRDME: Mr. Sith Soukchaleunphone (SME Development Advisor) and support by Mrs. Kirsten Focken (Senior Advisor) and Ms. Jasmin Khalaf (Associate Advisor). 1. Background The overall objective of DoSMEP’s activities in the field of Business Development Services (BDS) is to improve the performance of small and medium enterprises (SME) in Laos, in order to achieve higher economic growth and employment, reduce poverty, and meet social objectives. The term BDS providers encompasses all enterprises and organizations whose services have the potential to improve the performance of businesses, especially the wide array of nonfinancial services critical to the entry, survival, productivity, competitiveness, and growth of enterprises (Donor Committee for Enterprise Development, DCED 2001). DoSMEP sees the enhancement of BDS provision as a priority and consequently, several measures of the SME Development Strategy/Action Plan 2011 - 2015 have been geared towards supporting SMEs with business development services. One of these measures is the formation of a BDS Provider Network. A BDS provider network has recently been established in Laos by DoSMEP, with financial and technical support of GIZ-HRDME and the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The BDS Network comprises four main activity areas that have been identified by DoSMEP together with BDS providers during the first annual work plan, which covers a time period up to 2014. The activity areas encompass supply and demand side stimulation, network structure strengthening and capacity building for staff in charge of the network. As part of this Action Plan, DoSMEP now requests GIZ HRDME to support the operation and development of the network in the scope of a market assessment of the demand side. 1
  2. 2. 2. Objectives of the Assignment The objectives of the BDS market assessment are to analyse the BDS demand, identify constraints that hinder market development, and to identify facilitative interventions that address these constraints in order to stimulate demand.. The findings will be presented at a stakeholder’s workshop and the opinions and recommendations of the participants shell be taken into consideration. This report will hence provide insight into the BDS market and a number of options that could stimulate the BDS market. 3. Description of Assignment tasks The Consultant will work closely with DoSMEP and the BDS Provider Advisory Board in order to conduct two major activities: The first activity is to conduct a study on the SME market potential for the BDS Network in Vientiane, Luangprabang and Savanakhet. Status quo. opportunities as well as constraints should be identified and BDS market development interventions suggested in order to efficiently provide BDS services required by SMEs for growth and competitiveness. Second phase is to conduct a workshop with the BDS advisory board and network members, to present the findings of the BDS market assessment to the BDS Network and finalize the report according to recommendation from participants. The specific tasks of the assignments are as follows:  To explore/identify the existing SME demand for BDS as well as to identify other new potential BDS target markets in the studied provinces.  To conduct a detailed survey to identify SMEs requirements/needs, considering the key opportunities and constraints to deliver required services for SMEs.  Categorize and prepare roster of SMEs and BDS providers for SMEs in target areas. 4. Deliverables and time frame     The consultant is expected to deliver (i) a market assessment for BDS amongst SMEs in Laos, (ii) a catalogue of potential activities to address market constraints and stimulate demand, and (iii) a register of SMEs and BDS providers for SMEs in target area. The duration of this task shall be two months after signing the contract agreement with DoSMEP. The draft version of the assessment report should be submitted two weeks after the field research is completed. The final version shall be submitted one week after receiving DOSMEP and GIZ-HRDME comments on the draft version. The results should be presented using PowerPoint to the BDS Provider Network Advisory Board and its members. All deliverables are to be submitted electronically to HRDME staff. 5. Consultant Requirement & Experience  Must be working in a similar or related field for at least 5 years.  Knowledge of relevant research approaches,design of subsector analysis and market assessments 2
  3. 3.        Strong skills in data gathering (through different techniques as appropriate; such as surveys, focus group discussions, secondary sources) Good quality control systems for data gathering Strong knowledge of SME promotion and BDS markets Basic vision for what the project should aim to achieve (for example, enhance efficiency and competitiveness of SMEs) Awareness of the local culture, values, and circumstances Presence in the country and existence of basic infrastructure (such as office,) Ability to see the bigger picture to combine various aspects of the research and recommendations into a coherent project 6. Budget The consultant must submit a detailed financial proposal and cost breakdown Inputs from DOSMEP and GIZ -HRDME The following inputs will be made available from DoSMEP and GIZ-HRDME:  Budget to carry out the assignment, relevant documents, and other available information.  Staff inputs to assist the consultant in the various stages of assignment. Staff inputs from DoSMEP: 2 technical officers and 1 supervisor, staff input from GIZ-HRDME: 1 SME Development Advisor. Contact person: Sith SOUKCHALEUNPHONE, SME Development Advisor Human Resource Development for a Market Economy Tel: +856 20 23033338, 56505557 Email:, 3