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Sougata Mitra, EU Sales


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Sougata Mitra, EU Sales

  1. 1. Sougata Mitra Business Specialist Smart Grid IT | OT | GIS
  2. 2. SOUGATA MITRA Building No 7A, DLF Cyber City, DLF Phase III, Gurgaon – 122 002 Flat No 2K, Block II, Sunny Bloom, PO Laskarpur, Kolkata 700153 +91 9910238111 | |INTRODUCTION SPECIALIST – ENERGY & UTILITIESBusiness Management Professional with about 15 years’ experience in Good domain knowledge on the utilities marketIndia Geography, having worked in different Business and Support roles. orked segment priorities, challenges and the role of IT &Client base served in the Large Enterprise space with software solutions OT as a solution. Expert in crafting high-level & highcentered on Enterprise Application & Geographical Information System. complex IT & OT integrated solutions with strongPresent Engagement as India Business Manager - Smallworld focus on value creation.Geospatial products with GE Energy across Indian Sub al Sub-Continent. Earlierengagements were with TCS Limited, SAP India, ESRI India and Rolta Expert in knowledge of own products, solution &India Limited. Professional Degree – BE (Chemical) from National service offerings as well as competitors offeringsInstitute of Technology Durgapur in the year 1997 Base Education of 1997. to be able to sell to Energy & Utilities customer.secondary & higher secondary at St Xavier’s School/College, Ranchi. Expertise in crafting high- -level & complex IT & OT integrated solutions with clear value defined.MISSION: To proactively identify potential Business, invest time in Have core SAP ISU product implementationcustomer development efforts and create a demand of company’s experience with understanding of majorproducts, solutions, and services to clients new and old. Objective is to o functions and positioning of Energy Portfoliogenerate leads, develop prospect into clients, and meet business Management, , Device Management,mandates assigned by Leadership. Connection/Disconnection, Customer Support &VISION: A successful and respected IT business professional Billing in T&D and retail segment.acknowledged as being one of the important change agents who Exposure to multiple products in both IT & OT andenabled customers attain operation excellence and growth, thereby end-to-end implementation experience creates a endcreating a vibrant Indian Economy by the turn of the decade decade. balance view of IT framework to Business ValueOBJECTIVE: The next step for me in the career ahead is to engage with of the organization in business role which serves large En Enterprises Can represent both the practice/domain in dealproviding Technology Solutions in form of end to end IT Services Services, negotiations in the sales support cycle, and leadProducts and Advisory services.. The ideal role would be in which delivery issue resolutions when required.organizations are searching for a senior professional for delivering awell-managed, profitable and growing business produced through managed,relationship excellence and sales excellence practices.ROLE EXPERIENCE & CUSTOMER INTERACTION NTERACTION Engagement Prospec t Sign Servicing Value Creation Upsell Retention Exp Phase Acquisition Realization Value Mining Years Business Role Business Manager 5 Business Development 1 Business Relationship 6 Consulting Engagement 1 Technology Owner 1
  3. 3. PORTFOLIOSOFTWARE PRODUCT – DESKTOP USE ENTERPRISE APPLICATION IT SERVICES Suite of application built to be platform Implementation and managementSingle / Suite of application built to be for further development by hired IT Services of the Enterprise product thatused without any further development Service Provider. Revenue is from Sale meet the needs of the business. ITby customers, businesses or of Software package, Technical Services drives the revenue.consumers. Revenue is from Sale of Support and Packaged Services.Software package & Technical SupportSoftware Products handled are as Software Products handled are as Services Offering handled are asbelow: below: below: GE Smallworld GIS Products in  SAP ECC/ Business suite in ERP,  System integration projects Electric Office, PNI, CST, GDO, GTO CRM, SRM & HCM containing Hardware, Network, & Mapframe.  SAP Industry Solutions for Utilities, Application implementation & GE Energy Poweron for OMS, DMS Public Services, Mining & Support. & EMS with SCADA Manufacturing  ADM ESRI ArcGIS Desktop with  SAP Netweaver certified products  Outsourcing / Managed Services Extension  IT Advisory Services Integraph Geomedia GIS Products  Business Transformation support.VERTICAL BUSINESSE&U Vertical ExpertContinously buildupon domain knowledge and technical skills to be able to provide expert opinion on projects execution aswell as business acquisition. Can offer multiple solutionsto problems through existing and new methodologies and thenexercises judgementto determine most appropriate solution. Have developed sufficient expertise to write and presentwhitepapers and articles in recognised magazines and industry forums.Relationship a. Exhibit deep understanding of the customer business, strategies, Markets, competitive landscape and operating methods. b. Craft customer-focused strategies that deliver positive impact for customer, customer’s customer and own business. c. Manage conflict at all levels, driving through acceptable outcomes for all parties. d. Deploy effective negotiating and selling strategies in the key account and internally, using other resources as required to achieve outcomes.Customer SupportMaintain appropriate levels of involvement in customer issues requiring resolution and escalation, including but not limitedto invoices for License Fees, Maintenance, Consulting and Training. Continually search for ways to improve customerservice and find flexible options to meet customer needs. PARTNERSHIP WINSEcosystem Management  TCS SAP combination hasExperience in Sales operations role that needs one to develop and maintain a enabled major wins in CSEB,personal and professional relationship to synchronize the involvement of WBSEB, RAPDRP, GRSE, COCHINImplementation Partner, Infrastructure Solution Provider, IT Consultants and Port, OMC, HPSEB, PowergridCustomer. and few close losses in OPTC & HP RAPDRP.GTM  SAP Wipro win at NALCOPartner with various System Integrators having undergone multiple time throughthe entire cycle of identifying the correct partner; build a value prop for thepartnership, Identify potential customers and implement the GTM with a strong focus on the targeted business parameters.Some of the major success in my career has been the identification of correct partner for wins.
  4. 4. ATTRIBUTES: LEADERSHIPTeam AnchorAnchor large, complex, long sales cycle opportunities requiring multi-service line or cross-brand integration by engagingwith the customer showcasing the depth of understanding of the project requirements, Experience in similar situation andglobal best practice aligning to our strengths and creating a larger mind share.Mentor:Establish and maintain CXO relationship and provide sales leadership to the team members in order to achieve and exceedorders targets. Effective in providing advice and counsel on complex performance management issues to the team byaddressing performance gaps and facilitates discussions/ process to assess appropriate action. Manage conflict at alllevels, driving through acceptable outcomes for all parties. Guide Team members for deploying effective negotiating andselling strategies in the key account.Thought Leadership:Collaborate with customers to create POV documents and joint presentations in conference/workshops. Keep oneselfaware about the new products & its positioning, Key market communicating; presenting; adapting approach to meetcustomer needs; overcoming objections; reporting; and closing. Participate in technology blogs, network etc to keepupdated. Also refer continually about Technology movement in articles from Forrester, IDC, Gartner , Pike Research andwhite papers from various solution providerATTRIBUTE: ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIESGE Energy(Jan 2012 – Present)Senior Sales Manager – Smart GridAccountable for the overall sales performance of the direct sales force and distribution partners including the achievementof revenue, profit and sales related expense budgets on a quarterly and annual basis in India Region. Duties also include themanagement of the sales force to set and achieve their sales targets, seek new markets and expand sales within the TradeArea.TCS Limited(Oct 2008–Apr 2011)Business Development ManagerThe Business Development Manager responsibility was to target sales of TCS’s entire portfolio of IT Outsourcing servicesincluding Consulting, BPO, ADM, IS and Engineering Services for targeted firms. The work required developing revenue-producing relationships with decision-making CxO level executives at targeted firms, as well as drives the sales cycle of allassigned sales opportunities from initial prospect communication through contract execution.SAP India(Sep 2006 – Sep 2008)Senior Account ManagerThe role of the Senior Account Manager is to manager a number of key accounts in each specialist sector within the SAPdomain. The Senior Account Manager develops field services business opportunities with existing clients and long-termrelationships with these clients. As well as Account Management, the role will consist of working closely with the Pre-salesteams and partners in developing opportunities with new clients.ESRI India(Jan 2000 – Sep 2006)Regional ManagerSpearheading the coverage & territory assignment, shared resource capacity planning, quota setting and territory salesplan with Field Sales and support teams. Forecast annual, monthly and quarterly sales revenue and product demand inforecasting system. As Team manager, one had to provide advice and counsel on complex performance managementissues to the team by addressing performance gaps and facilitates discussions/ process to assess appropriate action.Coach Team members on all aspects of performance including delivering efficiently and improve effectively.
  5. 5. LARGE ENTERPRISE BUSINESSLarge Enterprise: Organisations who have invested in manpower/ materials to conduct business which could be multi-product, multi- location or Transnational in one location. Most of the large enterprise have varios methods of conductingbusiness which have evolved over time. LE customers invest in IT Solutions for operational excellence, better customersupport and conduct business across the globe. Government owned organisation is always considered as a part of LEspace irrespective of size or location.RAPDPRP WBSEDCLPower Distribution System Integration of Key Technologies and IT infrastructure under the Government of India’s majorTechnology Program R-APDRP. The major process areas which are under implementation are Distribution Management,Energy Sales, Operation & Maintenance and Customer Information System. The major components in the project were SAPEnterprise Applications (MBC, EAM & NetWeaver), ESRI GIS Platform, System Software (EMS, Email & Workflow, DocumentManagement, RDBMS, Middleware and OS) and Customer Contact Management System. Infrastructure created for theproject was Data Centers with DR, Office automation products, Online Connected Network backbone (at device level) andOperations support enabling devices. OBV was 206 Crores for 2009-14.  Solution ownership, Effort Estimate & Alternative products of the business applications for different modules (SAP & Oracle) and GIS architecture (ESRI & GE Smallworld) considering the existing implementations undergoing in WBSEB, MPEB, GEB & CSEB.  Collaborate with OEM for product positioning, license optimisation, feature mapping and finally the pricing and mandated documents for the bid submission.  Showcase solutions with GEB, CSEB & WBSEB on SAP and incorporate changes in the structure if required.The most dificult situation we faced when the RFP came out in Public and there were hardly any time between thesubmission date. Each and every member of the team showed extreme dedication and we manufactured bids, collated itand submitted the same. The results was quite pleasant as we won WBSEB, MPEB and GEB within a month of the starting ofawarding the bids. For this succesful 12 month Sales Cycle Completion, TCS Management confered us the “ChampionTeam” award for 2009-10 year.CSEBIn order to be at the forefront of the ‘power revolution’, Chhattisgarh’s power utility companies needed to adopt anintegrated view of their enterprise work and assetmanagement as it would have helped them increase Customer Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board/efficiencies, reduce costs and deliver substantial value to Chhattisgarh State Power Distributionits Customers. In 2005, the management at CSEB Company Limiteddecided on an ERP solution to integrate all available Business Initially bundled utilities, later onlymodules and to computerize its business functionalities Distributionwith SAP modules of IS-U/CCS (LT & HT Billing and Solution SAP Business Suite (ERP & SRM), IS UCCSCustomer Care), MM (Materials Management), FI-CO Location Raipur for project site. All state for roll out(Financials – Controlling) and HR. This made it the firstGovernment Power DistributionUtility in India which implemented SAP Solutions for billing.However, this journey was not easy. The start of the project was in trouble for multiple reasons and was leading to almost adecision of dumping the project. The challenge was to co-ordinate activities and understands customer and partnerthought process and put the implementation in track.task was to understanqd the soft issues which were there between TCS and CSEB. Both. Along with SAP Industry Managerand Consulting, we were able to bring both of them at a same stage with the commitment that SAP would ensure theimplementation succeeds. We prepared the recovery plan and did get commitments from both sides.Following measured activities were done to bring back from redundant to a light house customer. Few highlights of the2006-2008 periods were:  Got SAP Consulting and Support to run through the blueprint and suggest any changes. Each module has a separate consultant and was an investment from company which was approved on my assurance to bring business from CSEB.  Structure to the training and got the “train the trainer concept.
  6. 6. Incidentally, CSEB won the SAP Ace 2008 award for best implementation in Utilities in India which became a majormilestone in my career.Post stabilization and roll out to 300 different locations, TCS was entrusted to do a Technical and Functional upgrade andminimize the custom objects. Co-ordinate, Lead and review the implementation team for business process evaluation,requirements gathering, system analysis, system design, software / hardware applicability studies and systemimplementation plan. Also laid major emphasis on Governance, Entry-Exit criteria for tasks, & PMO structure.  In a parallel activity, designed the ASAP Methodology alongwith the project manager with the Q gates, deliverable and responsibility matrix clearly defined submit for approval.  Design of the technical landscape with server sizing & Network Requirements done by the IS specialists offshore. Also sensitize the customer and project team members about the documentation available in form of Master Guide, Component Installation Guide, Implementation Guide (IMG) and Solution Management Guide.  Participate in the SME and customer interaction to understand the As-Is and To-Be of the system. The process shortlisted for phase I implementation were Account and Contact Management, Billing of Energy & Services / Energy Data Management, Device management, Customer Complaints Management & Response, Grid operations in Procurement management & Workforce design, , Connection/ Disconnection and financial reporting.  Lead the signing of the milestone achievement with PM, SME and Module leads and book revenue for the same.NALCOEnterprise application implementation for entire operations of Government of India enterprise in business of AluminumProducts. The Project Core was to implement SAP ERP in materials, sales & distribution, production planning, quality, financeand human resource management modules. Additional modules of SAP such as supplier relationship management (SRM),advanced planning & optimization (APO), document management system (DMS), business intelligence (BI) and employeeself-service (ESS) were also implemented during the project.GRSEEnterprise application implementation for the EC&O business of India’s major Ship builders under the Ministry of Defence,Government of India. The project envisaged implementation of SAP core components using SAP best practice in EC&O andIntegration with the incumbent ship design software Tribon.ENTERPRISE GIS CENTRAL COALFIELDS : GIS based Land Information system for query, analysis and provide structured information to the Planning department who require the data for Resettlement and Rehabilitation in Coal India subsiary in Coal production. CMPDIL: ESRI GIS platform implemented for delivering organization-wide geospatial capabilities while improving access to geographic information and extending geospatial capabilities to non traditional users of GIS under Government of India program of Integrated Coal Resources Information System. KMC: GIS Solution for Urban GIS Project under Capacity Building Program of Asian Development Bank in City Municipal Corporation. NSDI: Development & Implementation GIS Solution for Spatial Data Creation, updation & Distribution to the NSDI nodes in Geological Survey of India and NATMOINTEREST : COLLABORATIONShare self written / analysts various methodologies, point-of-view, research and white papers. Co-create with partners &Customers utilizing the same in building relationship. Apart from the above, also share the Industry Best Practices & GlobalTrends, Customer Networks and Industry Networks. List is the White papers and articles for E&U segment authored/co-authored by self: • GIS & Smart Grid – Infrastructure change. / GIS- Lifeline for Utilities. • DMS: Catalyst for IT & OT Blending. • Article: CSEB- Yesterday, today & tomorrow co-authored with EITC, CSEB. • Mix & Match GIS software for “Best value of Money” Transmission Companies. • Changing “huge on data, low on information” using Analytics • Guide for optimizing licenses and negotiating Enterprise Support from SAP
  7. 7. PERSONALEDUCATION Professional Degree as Bachelor of Chemical Engineering graduated from Regional Engineering College Durgapur in 1997. Higher Secondary Education (1990-92) in Science from St Xavier’s College & Secondary Education (1979-90) from St Xavier’s School Ranchi.PERSONAL DETAILSCommunication Address Flat No 2K, Block II, Zone III, Sunny Blooms, Purbapara, PO Laskarpur, Kolkata- 700153Telephone No +91 9910238111 Email +91 9910582080 Sougata.enu@gmail.comCurrent work Location Gurgaon Location Preference Kolkata, Mumbai or NCRNotice Period 30 Days Passport Available. Valid till 2019FEATURE: RECOMMENDATION (FROM LINKEDIN PROFILE)Sougata has the ability to understand Sougata is a rare combination of deep Sougata is a trust worthy, self startedclients need from their perspective. his industry knowledge, above average and highly motivated sales background helps organisation to solution knowledge, excellent account He can independently manage largechoose the right solution. he is detailed management skills with hardcore businesses, and one of the best teamoriented and goes all out to bring number focus. This makes him a rare & players I have seen. He is a veryclosure. He is a team player and a highly coveted Sales & Business effective on-field sales person,good human being. I wish him all the development professional. In addition tremendously driven by the need tobest for his present and future to this he has shown great dexterity in achieve & exceed his quotas.assignments. managing teams, & business units.Probal Chakravorty, Prathick Sarkar Manideep SahaClient Partner at Tata Consultancy Sales Specialist - Industry at SAP India GM – BD IntergraphServices Pvt Ltd