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Specialist john dorman


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Specialist john dorman

  1. 1. Specialist John Dormanin 1973 when I told my mother I have decided to join the U.S. Army “My mother was so upset at me. But it was something that I felt I needed to do. I was attracted to the military having grown up during the Vietnam War and seeing news clips of the war on TV. I have no regrets. In fact, one of my proudestaccomplishments is finishing my military career as aMedical Specialist with the 801st General Hospital at Fort Sheridan…
  2. 2. Rosalina Rosa Dorman and Specialist John Dorman at Fort Sheridan
  3. 3. Thank a Veteran for Your FreedomIt’s a bitter pill to swallow, upon returning to the great USA , wethe veterans are immersed in a largely unsupportive socialenvironment where few have any real understanding or empathyfor what it is like to risking our life every day, and watching ourfriends and colleagues die, without much value being placed onthat sacrifice,, by our fellow citizens .I can sadly remember theJane Fonda era,we were called baby killers then
  4. 4. Specialist John Dorman 3rd.Army Germany• Assigned to the• 1/15 Inf.Div. America ’s soldiers deserve your heart-felt thanks and support
  5. 5. Specialist John Dorman inWurzburg Germany 1975
  6. 6. Germany
  7. 7. Vietnam
  8. 8. Freedom is not free
  9. 9. In honor of our SoldiersIn every war The United States has fought, ourbrave soldiers has always answered duty’scall of commitment and bravery • In every war The United commitment and bravery. States has fought, our brave soldiers has always answered duty’s call of John
  10. 10. American Pride• The American Soldier has made so many sacrifices in the past to create a better and brighter future for us all. By seeing a service member wearing a proud military medal, it shows the highlights of their career. This is what drives some of us to join the military and serve our country as a proud and honorable troop.
  11. 11. In order to be successful inthe Army, you must learn towork as a team, and youmust learn to be a goodleader. I enjoy working as ateam, and I enjoy being aleader. When youaccomplish a mission, it issuch a wonderful feeling, andyou feel so proud to be a partof the Army
  12. 12. Making the decision tojoin the military can be adifficult one, looking backon 15 plus years ofservice in the UnitedStates Army; I hope toinspire young men andwomen considering acareer in the ArmedForces with reflections onmy career to this point.“War is an ugly thing, butnot the ugliest of things.Being exploited by yoursiblings is much worse.
  13. 13. My name is Specialist Dorman and I am a member of the Greatest Fighting Army in theworld today. I have served in numerous locations throughout the world including; Nam,Georgia, Germany, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Louisiana. I am married andhave 2 wonderful kids. I am currently retired and living la vida loco in the Caribbean
  14. 14. My Time In The Army Has Been Very Rewarding
  15. 15. John Dorman Living a Legacy
  16. 16. • The Army Has Provided Multiple Opportuni The Army Has Provided Multipl
  17. 17. I grew up in the small town ofVieux Fort ,Saint Lucia and neverthought I would join the military,much less end up going tocollege. The army experience hasbeen great. While there arenumerous recruiting videosshowing all the benefits that theArmy can provide you, the Armyhas truly provided me withopportunities that I would havenever imagined. Educationally, theArmy allowed me the opportunityto earn a college Education thatpaid dividends for me.
  18. 18. Proud to be an AmericanAs a teenager I can remember these words, "Ask not what your country can do for you,ask what you can do for your country..." Long before I knew who I was I felt I owedsomething to this great nation. Born in Vieux Fort St. Lucia, under unusual conditions,exploited somehow by my brother Jack, Fatherless and semi-motherless at the time .In1973 America was seeking for a few brave men to defend the American way of life .In aNew York second I joined the Army. The Army instilled in me pride, honor, and valueHere I enjoyed the freedoms and security uncommon in my native country. I completedcollege ,invested wisely in America made a small fortune currently am basking inparadise Saint Lucia. .God Bless America
  19. 19. vietnamArmy Strong Through the Army Values
  20. 20. Im Proud of My Service, To my country
  21. 21. The U.S. Army: Opportunity for a Dynamic Life Of all occupations available to the American public, the U.S. Army providesone of the most dynamic opportunities to live, learn, and lead
  22. 22. My Qualification Bars