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Internet and Society of Interaction


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This is a short presentation of why the Internet is so much important.

Published in: Technology, Education
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Internet and Society of Interaction

  1. 1. Internet & Society of Interaction Serge Soudoplatoff
  2. 2. Internet is an alphabet Knowledge manipulation Knowledge sharing Writing Alphabet Farming society Book Print Industrial society Computer Internet Interaction society
  3. 3. Why Internet Our days are made of hundreds of interactions, creating huge constraints A system needs to reconfigure under constraint (Prigogine) Stability is no longer the truth; we are a dynamic recreating system (autopoiesis) Accurate information is what creates horizons of stability in a chaotic system (Lyapunov) Internet helps information to flow more efficiently
  4. 4. Digital disruptions Scarce information Abundant information
  5. 5. Digital disruptions Closed innovation Open innovation
  6. 6. Digital disruptions Hierarchy Community
  7. 7. Digital disruptions External regulation Internal regulation
  8. 8. Digital disruptions tangible economy intangible economy
  9. 9. Digital disruptions Expert design Collaborative design
  10. 10. Towards the Noosphere Atmosphere : what brings us oxygen to live Biosphere : what brings us energy to sustain Noosphere : what interconnects minds… to face challenges of our 7B people hugely interactive world