Folklore Ensemble Usmev from Horni Briza


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A short description of the ensemble history and achievements.

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Folklore Ensemble Usmev from Horni Briza

  1. 1. 1958 2013 Folklore Ensemble
  2. 2. Horní Bříza CZECH REPUBLIC
  3. 3. 1958 - The Beginning I t was the year 1958 and the town of Horní Bříza in the North rural district of Pilsen (Czech Republic) had a new cultural event to be recorded in its chronicle – the folklore ensemble “Úsměv” was founded. Z deněk Bláha, a music journalist and folklorist, was present at its birth and is still its artistic director. The great music and dance background of the areas of Horní Bříza, Dolní Bělá, Plasy, Kralovice and Pilsen became the source of the ensemble’s artistic activities.
  4. 4. G e tt i n g E x p e r i e n c e . . . G radually they developed their own style of interpretation, whose background was evident. In the Czech language the word “úsměv (smile)” evokes joy; therefore the ensemble bearing the name endeavored to bring wit, joy and gentle humor to the stage. And it has been drawing on these traditional optimistic sources ever since.
  5. 5. S o l i d Fo u n d at i o n s T hanks to its great singers and musicians in the band and the interpreting abilities of the dancers, the ensemble has found its place among the ranks of the best folklore collectives in our country.
  6. 6. B e c o m i n g T h e B e st I n the seventies and eighties when national folklore festivals were held, it was the only ensemble to be awarded the main prize twice – in Poprad and Košice. It won awards in later years too – for its arrangement, music and choreography.
  7. 7. Conquering T the Wo r l d he ensemble has successfully presented its distinguished style at many international festivals and tours all over Europe.
  8. 8. E u r o p e a n F e st i v a l s
  9. 9. N a t i o n a l F e st i v a l s
  10. 10. Te l e v i s i o n T he ensemble has also had its own TV shows, there are several videorecordings, and group has appeared in several foreign studios. Píseň to je touha - TV film 1974 30th Anniversary of Liberation - concert in the J.K.Tyl theater 1974 Sunday in the Club - TV show 1974 From Šumava to Tatra Mountains - TV film with Karel Gott 1975 My Country - TV broadcasting from the J.K.Tyl theater 1975 Jede forman jede - TV show 1975 To se to tancuje - TV show 1975 Sunday in the Club - TV show fimled in Horní Bříza 1976 Postcard from Moravia- TV film with Karel Gott 1976 Den stavbařů - TV show 1979 Sunday in the Club - TV show 1983 Amadeus - TV film by Miloš Forman - won 8 Oscars 1986 Dneškem k zítřkům - TV show 1986 Respirium - TV Chrostmas show 1987 Roses from the Šumava Mountains - together with Lesanka 1988 Orbis Roots - TV show filmed in Horšovský Týn 1988 Television in Prague 1990 Proč dudáci tupají- TV show 1993 TV Show with Šťáhlavská šestka 1994 35 úsměvů - 35th anniversary of Úsměv 1995 45th Anniversary of Liberation of Pilsen 1998 Silvestr - TV show 1999 Koncert jubilantů from Stážnice 2001 1973 Silvestr s Jožkou Šmukařem- TV show 2003 Kořeny (Roots) - TV show filmed at the chapel in Horní Bříza 2004 Christmas in Europe - TV show for German TV station 2007 Christmas in Europe - TV show for German TV station 2008 Putování za písničkou - TV show
  11. 11. Te l e v i s i o n F ilm „Postcard from Moravia“ with Karel Gott F ilm „Amadeus“ directed by Miloš Forman
  12. 12. Recordings T he ensemble has recorded over 250 songs in the studio of Czech Radio and record labels have made 5 LP and 12 CD recordings with it.
  13. 13. 2 1 st C e n t u r y
  14. 14. 2 1 st C e n t u r y © Milan Pták © Milan Pták
  15. 15. 2 1 st C e n t u r y © Milan Pták © Milan Pták
  16. 16. 2 1 st C e n t u r y
  17. 17. I n its artistic production the “Úsměv” ensemble tries to remain worthy of what professor Karel Plicka said of it: „Czech songs and dances have a heritage of optimism, which your interpretation makes bloom.” Published by Folklore Ensemble Úsměv Horní Bříza. Photos are taken from the ensemble archive, except those on pages 14 and 15. © Úsměv 2013