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Web Science Research Week


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Published in: Education
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Web Science Research Week

  1. 1. WEB SCIENCE Institute Research Week 2014 Call for Participation UNIVERSITY OF Southampton The  Web  Science  Research  Week  will  launch  a  series  of  research  challenges  with   par)cipa)on  from  postgraduate  students,  researchers  and  academics  from  across  the   University.  The  aims  are   •  to  generate  insight  on  issues  relevant  to  the  Web,  Internet  and  Digital  Economy   •  to  build  rela)onships  between  Web  Science  partners  from  industry  and  academia     •  to  expose  students  to  influen)al  figures  from  government,  industry  &  commerce.   We  are  seeking  proposals  of  research   challenges  for  teams  to  address  over  the  week   e.g.  Internet  availability  of  recrea)onal  drugs;   extending  economic  models  to  handle  social   and  cultural  value  of  web  pages;  the  flow  of   cultural  artefacts  observed  in  sales  on  eBay;   new  business  models  based  on  personal  data;   na)onal  &  personal  cybersecurity.   To  submit  a  proposal  or  to  register  your   par)cipa)on  in  the  Research  Week,   please  email   Opening Session