The Digital University #IDRW2014


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Presentation to Interdisciplinary Week on the Digital University - bringing together research and education

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The Digital University #IDRW2014

  1. 1. WUN - International, Interdisciplinary and „On the Move‟ - The Digital University Eleonora Gandolfi (International Office) Les Carr, Graeme Earl, Lisa Harris and Chris Phethean (Web Science Institute)
  2. 2. Today • The World Universities Network • The Digital University • Collaborations within geographically dispersed research groups • Education and Research links • Online speed dating session with other researchers
  3. 3. Activity: Projects and Dating Wall • New project in mind? • Need some help? • Skills and advice to offer? @intersoton #idrw2014
  4. 4. WUN? • The Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) seeks to create new, multilateral opportunities for international collaboration in research. • Current partners: • Maastricht University, Nanjing University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Pennsylvanian State University, The State University of Campinas, University of Alberta, University of Auckland, University of Bergen, University of Bristol, University of Cape Town, University of Leeds, University of Rochester, University of Sheffield, University of Southampton, University of Sydney, University of Western Australia, University of Wisconsin, Madison, University of York, Zhejiang University
  5. 5. Web Science MOOC • What is Web Science? • Web Science MOOC is Southampton focused with input from external WSI partners via hangouts • Involvement of PhDs and ECRs in the MOOC. Web Science free MOOC – how the Web is changing the world.
  6. 6. DTC and WSI on tour • Physical visits to different institutions by PhD students and staff • Encouraging research collaborations
  7. 7. Visualisation I – User Profile Data 0.00 5.00 10.00 15.00 20.00 25.00 30.00 35.00 40.00 location-enabled protected Percentage of protected and location- enabled accounts (Twitter) South Korea UK “Investigating cultural differences based on privacy and security attitudes of UK and Korean people online”
  8. 8. WUN Partnerships • The Research Mobility Programme (RMP) offers early career researchers (senior PGRs, postdocs and junior faculty members) the opportunity to visit one of the international WUN partners in Europe, Americas, China, South East Asia and Australasia to establish and cultivate research links at an institutional and individual level. • The University of Southampton is pleased to host incoming Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) visiting research students and faculty under the Research Mobility Programme. • The Research Development Fund is a catalytic fund bringing together WUN researchers from around the world to undertake innovative, high quality, sustainable research that addresses one of the four WUN Global Challenge. Grants of up to £15,000 (to be matched by the institution)
  9. 9. UWA • “Many WUN projects are supported by virtual seminar series which allow early career researchers and masters students access to world class research at the same time as facilitating faculty collaboration and research community building.” • Technology for sharing research data e.g. RTI • Rock art recording including ECRs and PhDs "A long-term goal of this pilot project is the establishment of collaborative relationships for the development of procedures, records and tools that enable Traditional Owners to engage with rock-art in new ways and at the same time staying in control of the level of access that is given to different interested parties, including members of the community and tourists."
  10. 10. Activity – Sharing research activities • Ever written a document collaboratively e.g. Google Doc? • Have you ever worked on a research dataset together remotely? • Do you make use of peer review of different kinds?
  11. 11. Rochester, NY • “Many WUN collaborations include activities that produce resources for use in teaching or which provide early stage researchers with opportunities to develop presentation skills. • Different research communities share modules on Masters degrees, develop archives of virtual seminars for use in teaching and postgraduate research, as well as providing virtual Master classes and organising international summer schools.” • Engineering and Archaeology • ECRs and PhDs • Online open course • Open text book and research papers
  12. 12. Activity: Open Scholarship • Do you understand your open publication options? • Is open publication worth less? • What are open educational resources? • Do you share research data openly? • What are you required to do?
  13. 13. Sydney • Indigenous Networks • ECRs and PhDs • Social media in multiple cultural contexts e.g. access restrictions “Of the seven billion people in the world today, approximately six billion are from the global South, largely Indigenous and living in poverty (Mignolo 2012). There is no doubt that this group of people will largely determine world futures, particularly given the changing nature of world environments, economics and politics. This rapidly changing world order requires a new order of global engagement around scholarship.”
  14. 14. Activity: Social media • Social media uses in education? • Social media uses in research? • Do you contribute to blogs?
  15. 15. Other International Connections • “The Global Partnerships Award aims to promote the strategic priorities of the University of Southampton and raise the University’s international profile… The primary funding streams are Research and Education” • Increasingly these incorporate digital connections to other institutions, and this could be a fascinating growth area.
  16. 16. Northwestern • Awareness • Digital Humanities • Interconnected Labs
  17. 17. Activity: Awareness? • Internal Communications Network • How do you find someone to work with at Southampton? • Have you ever found a collaborator outside and later found a UoS partner would have been better? • Southampton Interdisciplinary Research Forum (SMuRF) • Mining Eprints and profile pages?
  18. 18. UCSD • Innovative interdisciplinary activity • Virtual spaces • Collaboration between ECRs and PhDs
  19. 19. Activity: Research Space • How important is being in the same space with other researchers? • How well do digital tools work instead? • How can we improve our research spaces? • Technological research spaces?
  20. 20. Portus MOOC • ECRs and PhDs at its heart • Portus Field School • MOOC exam • Flipping the UoS classroom • MOOC “skunk works” • Citizen science • UG, PGT, PGR, LLL • Blending digital and physical spaces
  21. 21. Activity: Digital University • What would make Southampton a more Digital University? • Does the Digital University offer any more opportunities to ECRs and PhDs? • Do we need more skills to make this work? • Does digital pose a threat to the University? • Citizen science? Activity: Speed Dating