Descovering the Yoga. Dossier english


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Descovering the Yoga
Dossier english

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Descovering the Yoga. Dossier english

  1. 1. Discovering Yoga with Susana Corvillothe Yoga for everybody
  2. 2. All we can improve Yoga is within usour health actively naturallyToday everyone knows that a healthy physical favors a vital and Whenever we contemplate the But those moments, even ifoptimistic mind, and that a balanced mind directly affects overall sea, every time we look at the they are intense and powerful,health. stars, every time we play with are few, and usually depend on our kids, whenever we enjoy external circumstances, again.Our environment is often aggressive and destabilizing, and it af- a job well done, whenever wefects us deeply. care to help someone, we are Unless we generate those cir- doing Yoga spontaneously, un- cumstances in an autonomousWorking the mind is a great challenge that, every day, psycholo- consciously. way.gists, educators, neurologists, etc., are used to fund Those moments of happiness And, how?But each of us has an invaluable tool with which to fortify our and tranquility make our mind,physical and mental health, although the exterior and the circum- body and spirit form a solid and In a very simple way: using ourstances around us: our body. stable Union. body consciously doing Yoga.And the system that best integrates physical exercise, mental Many reputed universities andbalance and spiritual calm is, without doubt, the Yoga. researchers in the world now agree that that welfare state keeps our health in their best.Yoga it’s for everybody!
  3. 3. Yoga and its benefitsDiscovering the yoga inour natureIf yoga is within us, it will be something simple to bring conscious into a practice and effective.That’s what motivates us on Discovering Yoga: doing yoga again to be part of our physiognomy, ourmental state, our calm, naturally, close, understandable.Discovering yoga in ourselves we will have the proof that all that potential of health and balanceexists in each of us.It will be our backs it will be our neck, will be our arms and legs, will be our hands and feet, who putan end to our sorrows, calm our anxiety, and who give us space and time devoted ourselves.We will discover that, with continued practice we will obtain many benefits physical, mental andspiritual, and realize that they are all interconnected.MENTAL BENEFITS • We will have mental • Our blood pressure will SPIRITUAL BENEFITS tools to reduce the vi- fall.• It will lower the level of cious cycles of frustra- • We will be able to release • Cultivating the intention of self-examination and improvement, will generate feelings of grati- stress hormone and de- tion, regret, anger, fear the muscles voluntarily, tude, empathy and forgiveness, and a sense of belonging to something bigger and increased pression (cortisol) and desire, that cause avoiding tensions. self-esteem.• We will improve our de- stress. • We will improve respira- • We will help to reduce anger by increasing feelings of compassion and interconnection, which pression by increasing tory function. simultaneously calm the nervous system and the mind. serotonin levels. PHYSICAL BENEFITS • We will get pain relief. • We will increase the capacity of “distancing” the drama of life, to stand firm facing the bad• We will improve coordi- • We will increase the abil- news or disturbing events, reducing the suffering of ourselves and others. nation, reaction time, and • The joints and spine will ity to feel what the body • We will develop a sense of friendship, compassion and great equanimity. memory. improve thanks to broad- is doing and how it is lo- • We will cultivate the emphasis on avoiding harm to people, telling the truth and taking only• It will stimulate relaxa- en the movement. cated in space. what we need. tion, and we will be more • Will lower resting heart • We will improve signifi- • We will understand that what everyone does for himself is what matters: We get involved in able to focus on the pre- rate, will increase its cantly the physical bal- our own care. We will discover that by engaging we receive enough force that drives change sent. strength and will in- ance. and to see that we perceive the change, we receive hope. And hope can be curative in itself.• From the first practice crease its potential oxy- we will improve our qual- gen supply during exer- ity of sleep. cise.
  4. 4. Yogathrough the science ConsciouslyAccording to Dr. Alan Kristal, Division of Public “Yoga starts from the fact that the body and the practicing YogaHealth Hutchinson Center (http://www.fhcrc. mind are connected, thus relaxing the body, isorg/en/news/releases/2009/08/yoga.html): achieved also relax the mind, which helps to better manage stressful situations and take a“Yoga stimulates the production of dopamine, more restful lifestyle” Regardless of what our mo-which makes us feel satisfied sooner and there- tives, the practice of yoga is afore helps us to eat less during the day and also A study by Yale University found that prac- path whose the greatest suc-to become aware of the mind-body connection, ticing yoga at least three times a week to im- cess will be to follow it.enables us to improve our eating habits” prove heart health by 70%. According to Satish Sivasankaran cardiologist (http://google.yale. An asana (posture) is veryDr. Karen Sherman of the University of York edu/search?q=yoga&btnG.x=12&btnG.y=8& beautiful if well executed, butin England, said that ( btnG=Search&sort=date%3AD%3AL%3Ad the most important is thesearch/?q=yoga&btnG=Search&site=yo 1&output=xml_no_dtd&oe=UTF-8&ie=UTF- conscious implementation,rkweb&client=yorkweb&output=xml_no_ 8&proxyreload=1&client=bluesite_frontend&p thoughtful presence in everydtd&proxystylesheet=yorkweb): roxystylesheet=bluesite_frontend&site=Yale_ movement, and the observa- University): tion and oneness between our“Yoga would be even more effective than drugs mind and our body.or other treatments for back pain, chronic or re- “This may be because the yoga improves flex-current” ibility of blood vessels and the heart muscle The body responds to exercise function and reduce blood pressure.” recovering naturally, by itself,Practicing yoga three times a week would regu- and in due time, its missinglate the production of certain neurotransmit- In a study of 123 diabetics, Dr. Shreelaxmi elasticity and strength.ters, Dr. Chris Streeter, Boston University, says Hegde, the Srinivas Institute of Medical Sci-( ence, explains that in India found that (http:// Therefore, the mind must notaps=1&q=yoga&search=Search): come to obsess about it, but some-benefits-for-diabetes/841804): simply handle its own exer-“Yoga helps to increase levels of GABA, which is cises, which are the interioriza-deficient in people with depression” “Patients who did yoga had lower sugar levels tion, the observation, and the and controlled, and a lower risk of complications, awareness.According to the therapist Aaron Mattes, State such as retinopathy and cardiopathies”University of Wisconsin ( Because yoga is not a compe-search/?cx=001601028090761970182% According to Dr. Cathryn Booth-LaForce, Uni- tition, nor between people or3A2g0iwqsnk2m&cof=FORID%3A10&q=yog versity of Washington (http://www.washing- with ourselves.a&search_button=Go%21): 7331%3A04hcho0_drk&cof=FORID%3A0&q“Yoga improves flexibility by causing stretching =yoga&sa=Go):the muscles, joints and tendons. This is impor-tant for overall health, for good flexibility would “Yoga, reduces stress and regulates the nerv-reduce the risk of joint pain and loss of mobility “ ous system reactions, making it easier to fall asleep and get a deeper sleep. If you suffer fromProfessor Victor Angel, University of Bar- insomnia, a yoga class a week is highly recom-celona, explains ( mended “html?query=yoga&x=0&y=0):
  5. 5. ... And with Yoga, we will discovermeditation. In health, we will enjoy a more efficient physi- Sara Lazar, Massachusetts General HospitalIn a very light way, and as a finishing touch to learning, and we will be better able to stay fo- ological functioning, a more effective interaction (United States) said (http://www.massgeneral.our yoga session, we will introduce a brief guid- cused when we are under pressure, as well as with the environment, it will cause beneficial ef- org/search.aspx?q=yoga&st=0&x=32&y=8):ed meditation, so that, bit by bit, class to class, facilitating the flow of creative energies. fects on the respiratory system, we will reducewe learn to make this meditation practice an in- the probability of heart attacks, will achieve a “Although the practice of meditation is associ-strument to draw on in our lives daily. We will also act in our time for leisure and fun, more youthful appearance, improved health ated with a sense of peace and physical relaxa- producing intensified enjoyment through some and longevity in elderly. Will reduce the need for tion, its practitioners claim that also providesWith this we will insist actively on our wellbeing senses more aware and conscious, enjoying an medical attention, and we’ll get a reduced inci- cognitive and psychological benefits that con-becoming managers of our own health: immediate focus on the activity that we are de- dence of disease. tinue throughout the day, after the session” veloping, improving our capacity for total com-In the physical aspect, we will diminish the ten- mitment, and ignoring the unnecessary seri- In our social behavior we shall have cultivated Judson A. Brewer, professor of psychiatry andsion, we will calm the psychosomatic ailments ousness. a self-image improved, thanks to the previous lead author of the study, published in the journalcaused by this tension, we will diminish the personality development. We will have a faster Proceedings of the National Academy of Sci-mood that favor the stress, we will regulate Of course, the world of relationships will be recovery from stress and a reduction in caf- ences notes that ( pressure, we strengthen our immune sys- deeply and significantly, affected also by culti- feine, snuff, alcohol and drugs. ?fulltext=Judson+A.+Brewer+meditation&subtem, and delay our aging process. vating more confidence in ourselves, more tol- mit=yes): erance, more sensitivity, more authenticity, to And in managing business and personal or pro-On the psychological level, we will achieve develop the mental potential, to optimize brain fessional projects, we will acquire increased “The ability of meditation to help people stay fo-states of calm, tranquility, we will energyze our function by expanding the understanding and productivity, improved relationships at work, cused on the moment has been associated withpsyche, we will move away concerns, we will improve the ability to focus, to develop creativ- greater relaxation and lower physiological increased happiness.”integrate psychologically, will bring clarity, en- ity and intelligence, and the ability to learn more. stress, and better health- performance at workhance the feeling of no psychological depend- and satisfaction. “It has been shown that meditation helps in aence, and we will foster the development of per- variety of health problems, such as quittingsonality. Are Holen, Norwegian psychiatrist (http:// smoking, coping with cancer and even prevent psoriasis»In our work we will improve active concentra-tion, we will reduce the tendency to distraction, “Recent research shows that people who medi- According to researchers at Yale Universitywe will expand memory, we will facilitate faster tate have a thicker layer of the cerebral cortex. have conducted a study using brain imaging: Another study shows that meditators live long- er. At low stress, lowers cortisol and raises the “People who practice meditation are often ableYoga immune system itself, and also affects a num- to” turn off “the areas of the brain associated ber of substances that control tumor cells. It af- with daydreaming and wandering as well as & fects the immune system, anticarcinogenic and psychiatric disorders such as autism and schiz- heart” ophrenia”personal developing
  6. 6. This project is a young, dynamic, whose any well-meaning interpretation in general,original essence and most important moti- is the way, but it takes dedication and timevation is to bring the knowledge of Yoga to that not everyone has.many people as possible. So Discovering Yoga offers a simple ap- DiscoveringYoga, from its arrival to the Western world, proach to practice, in a language that ishas suffered an infinity of diversifications, identified with the way we experience thetransformations and adaptations more or familiar sensations of our body, our mindless valid that , for an uninitiated person, in- and our spirit. Yogavolve considerable complexity. Through Yoga, we return to simply be con- theUnder this circumstance, in any context, scious creature that we have always beenit is always appropriate to return to the since our mental maturity, and we are liber-source, where it turns out that the concepts ated from all the wrappers, that mask andare clearer, more direct, more surprisingly classify, facing the outside world.near. Classes for all ages We returned to find our one body, no more,Read the original texts, undress a discipline, as the only instrument, and working with itlike this, of all the garments with which we find peace, quiet and, most importantly,have covered the passage of time, the vari- our center and axis, our foothold, our equi-ous cultures that have passed through and librium.In each class we willdiscover the yogaOur hour and a half classes are open to all levels In our classroom practice exercises will be asand all physical. small capsules where we will focus on balancing the intellectual fatigue, the stresses of physicalDiscovering Yoga is approaching your work- inactivity, lack of motivation, lack of attention,, your educational institution, or otherplace if you have a minimal wide space, clear For Professionals of tension charged by their ac-and airy. tivity oriented to the public or under great stress and efficiency of production, will enter yoga re-Private lessons or group, long or adapted to re- lieving tensions and blockages that paralyzelaxing moments at work, or in teaching, the im- muscles, ligaments, neurons and creativity.portant thing is that yoga reaches every personresponding to their need and their ability to adapt. And even after the class we abandon the mats, yoga will have been in our mobility, our relaxa-In our group classes, a very gentle warming, tion, and our later activity for hours.soothing or energizing session, as required, anda final relaxation will be the perfect prelude to a The feeling is similar to a new awakening, full ofsimple meditation induced by visualizations or freshness, energy and clear mind, and our healththe sound of a Tibetan singing bowl. will begin to prevent spoilage and will accumulate improvements as continue Discovering Yoga.
  7. 7. YOGA HAS BEEN WITH US FOR THOU- So much so that the practice of the various dis-SANDS OF YEARS. ciplines that make up the system of Yoga, much of the time, recover, in us, experiences that, au-(A note about its essence and origin) tonomously, we already knew.Yoga is the name given to the Union between And indeed, it is the practice of Yoga, by any ofthe parties that have always shaped the Whole his ways, which teaches us to regain the lookUnit. on ourselves, which helps us to rediscover our inner universe, and guide us to expand withoutThis Unity is not created. Exists. limit in the existence of which already we are One with All.Shiva, with his drum of creation, carries therhythm of an eternal cycle of big bangs, in which In this particular case we have chosen our and matter meet disintegrate and eter- And it will be the Yoga which, naturally, meetnally, in the Universe, at sub-atomic level, and our physical with our mind throughout the core of our consciousness, generating And each of us it will be who will understand hisawareness of the variety of what exists. own way, in their time and spontaneously.But in any case, the Unity remains in each of Yoga On the way we will recover the confidencethese planes and among themselves : so when, in our strength and health, the welfare and en-for example, we contemplate the sea largely, joyment of our body, and the tranquility and theand we lose track of time and space, uncon- control over our mind..sciously we perceive the connection betweenour immaterial consciousness and infinite mat- Freeing ourselves from everything that slowster. And that is Yoga. Like Shiva would do, the di- us down, all that immobilizes us, physically andvinity emerges in us from our core, the place that mentally, we will find the spirit in which we rec-has always resided in and always will reside. ognized us long ago, perhaps in our childhood, and we will know how to distinguish what lifeNow we begin to discover through science that has charged behind us, that destroys us, offavoring the perception of this Unity is closely what life has planted in our core, which enricheslinked to the balance of our lives, in our bodies us and forms part of us.and in our minds. No mystery, no complexity, the simple fact ofMore than 3,000 years ago, when even we the observation of what we are, reunites andidentified ourselves integrated with all the Exis- resets our focus together with the very sourcetent, we could decipher, in the dances of Shiva of our being.incarnated, a language of the body and of the Yogaspirit that shaped the system of Yoga. For body, we understand the muscular and ner- vous systems, sanguineous and respiratory, di-And the essence of the very system itself has gestive and excretory systems, each and everybrought Yoga to us, over time, as it relies on the one of their networks and connections, bodieselimination of the superfluous for finding the au- and cores, and parts centers. All separately, allthenticity of Reality itself. together. So our body and mind work as well acts Yoga.In fact, Yoga, as we have said, is just a name, as Origensso natural to our existence, now and forever, the We ourselves are a large system, infinite as theman appeals to the experience of oneness as universe itself. Observe ourselves is like watch-necessary for our physical and mental integrity. ing Eternity. No limit on such experience.
  8. 8. Discovering Yoga with Susana Corvillothehttp://descubriendoelyoga.wordpress.comTelf: 615081392sothiaco@yahoo.esGroup classes of yogafor all ages Yoga for everybody