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  • BUDDYOrder 10 shirts first so whats the logo describe the logo colour and the sizeShort sleeve t shirt round neck collar and sleeves red and the rest of the shirt right and save the sharks at the front4 colours for the logoBack any logo: two logo coloursGive you an estimate total for 10 pieces such colourful logos will cost expensive price is about 161 per pieceSpecial discount offer price will be around 150 per piece as special student and non profit organisation2-3 weeks every Friday TSHIRT MAN100 shirts is the absolute minimumSolution: sew our own shirts in DIY fashion Transfer paperMrwindle
  • Research & planning - Sophie Walker

    1. 1. DESCRIPTION, AIMS & GOALSOur description and main objective:We plan to raise shark awareness in Island School Hong Kong.This process will be part of our ICT IE award project. Create andsell a product successfully, make a profit which we would thendonate to the HKSF.Goals-Raise the awareness of the HKSF inDiscovery Bay-Get Parents and children involved with thefoundation-Earn profit from selling a product that wecan later donate to the foundation.
    2. 2. AIMS AND OBJECTIVESAims: We aim to: - Make profit from products we will sell- Get more people involved with the HKSF (E.g volunteering)- Create the product on a computer based applicationObjectives:- By the end of the project we hope to have at least 5 student volunteers for the HKSF- Make notice of our Project through posters around db.- Design and make t-shirts to sell on Photoshop
    3. 3. They replied with CLIENT CONTACT Hi Teresa, Thanks for your email and support! Your idea is fantastic. HKSF encourages the youngHere is the email thread ones to take action in raising the awareness on shark——– Original Message ——– conservation. You have our full support!Subject: Island School You might already know that HKSF also sellsFrom: ―Teresa MCGILLIVRAY [11D]‖ merchandise to raise funds. We are running a programme called ―Man & Shark‖Date: Sun, August 26, 2012 9:24 pm Book Donation. Anyone donates a HK$100 wouldTo: becomes a donor of a copy of the book. The book will then be sent to a school chosen by theDear Hong Kong Shark Foundation, donor. Or people can simply go to our online shop toWe are a group of students from Island School who are keen to help the purchase, raise money in order to help the sharks and aid the foundation. We also have a student organization called students forWe have decided to incorporate this work into our ICT IE award sharks!project. What we would like to do is to raise money within Island thanksSchool for the HKSF, which we would then donate. We would be making Berthaour own product and a website or blog which will be part of the IEaward. We aim to gain awareness for our project from the island schoolcommunity through this website/blog and to make money off the productwe sell. But in order to do this we will need permission from theHKSF.Please consider our proposal and get back to us,Thank you After we have confirmation with Hong Kong Shark foundation we will go forward and start to plan what technical skills we would like to show to raise shark finning awareness. My partner emailed our desired client. As you can see from the email HKSF wants to work with us. They already have a program for students raising awareness. TheHKSF has accepted our offer to raise awareness, we now have to start our ultimate project within the school. The first is using photoshop to design t-shirts to sell. The T-shirts must include the HKSF sign and must look good enough for younger teens to wear.
    4. 4. RESEARCH – STUDENTS FOR SHARKSThis is the program we will be working with to achieve our goals. We plan to join a school programe that HKSF is going to launch in September, it’s called “Students for Sharks”.We are going to engage students to support the Government introducing enhanced shark conservation measures. A webpage under HKFS website will go live in which students acquire the background information, fill in their details and customize the letter template HKSF drafted. They can then send the letter to the designated District Councillor by one click. The sent records will be stored in our system and they will be used for further government the link for the student for shark website. It is easily This is lobbying actions. accessible form their website and you can sign up straight away. This is the program we will be working with as i am a student and this would be the better option to helping promote shark awareness for students around the school.
    5. 5. BRAINSTORM
    6. 6. ELEMENTS OF A SUCCESSFUL PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGNPromotional Promotional elements Strategies forCampaign successHong Kong shark Flash mobs Celebrity endorsementfunning Awareness Website Instantly recognizable Protests Moral obligation to Campaigns support charity logo (HKSF) Making it look like funThese are just a few promotinal ideas that the HLSF have alreadyused to promote their campaign. We plan to have a stall outside ofschool to sell our t-shirts. (preferably somewhere busy) we canadvertise our stall buy asking the HKSF to advertice it on theirwebsite and also either hand out flyers and create a facebook page.This is the link of the flashmob HKSF did to promote shark finawarenes
    8. 8. RESEARCH - TSHIRTSSince i will be designing my own t shirt to sell, i will have to look at products that are already being sold. this way i can find a unique selling pointwithin my design. this will also mean that my tshirt will be different towards any others being sold. HKSF already have a specific design: As you can see from this snapshot. On the Hong Kong shark foundation website they sell the same t-shirt for men, women and children. the men and women designs are the same but the childrens one is in a orange colour. From looking at this i can now make a decision of making a more visually appealing shirt at a cheaper price.
    9. 9. RESEARCH - TSHIRTSWhat I have learnt form this mood board is that most of the shark awareness shorts out there are very similar. Most of them include funny puns, either cute or scary images of sharks and also lack colour.After researching I have come to a conclusion that my shirt will:1 – have more then one basic shirt colour2 – promote the “cute” side of sharks rather then the scary3 – have a fact about shark finning on it4 –make the shirt memorable either by having a funny pun or picture.Some inspiration from the shirts from the mood boards:
    10. 10. SURVEYBecause of our survey results the public is now our key audience, and customers for our t-shirt. We plan to ask random people in the streets of all ages what they think of selling shark shirts for the HKSF. (cost about $30) I will design a number of design which the public will then decide which one is their favorite. Once we count up our result we can then decide which design to use, where we are going to sell our product and how we are going to advertce our event.Questions we will ask1- How old are you?2- Are you aware of the HKSF?3- Which is your preferred design?4- Would you purchase a t-shirt when the proceeds go toward the HKSF charity?5- Would you donate money?(DESIGNS CAN BE SEEN IN THE ORGINALITY AND CREATIVITY SECTION)
    11. 11. SURVEY RESULTS Person Person Person Person Person Person Person Person Person Person 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10How oldare you? 34 15 47 28 52 31 44 19 21 58Are you No No Yes No No No Yes No Yes Yesaware ofthe HKSF?Which is Design Design design Design design design design design design designyourpreferred 3 1&3 2 1 2 2 5&6 3 2 5design?Would you yes yes yes depend yes maybe depend yes yes maybepurchase at-shirt s swhen theproceedsgo towardthe HKSFcharity?Would you yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesdonatemoney?
    12. 12. SURVEY ANALYSISFrom our survey we realized only a few people knew who the HKSF were and what they were trying to do. We also realized that most people preferred design 2. We can now progress further into designing the final t-shirt on Photoshop and how we can advertise. From the survey we also found out that not many people know about the HKSF.The next stage is to1 – design the final t shirt2 - raise awareness through media (posters, video, leaflets)3 – contact the client with our final idea
    13. 13. T-SHIRT PRINTING COMPANIESThese are the two most popular T-shirt printing companies in hong kong.Buddy Over 10 years of service- Range of shirt colours and designs- Slightly more expensive- Have to order in big quantities- Worked with many famous brand (adidas, panasonic, nokia, xbox, cocacola)T-Shirt Man Can prodce a smaller number of shirts- Lower price- Less designsIn conclusion I think we will be working with Buddy. Although it is not the cheapest It hasthe main shirt structure that we require which is very important. If the shirt doesnt’t lookgood then people wont buy it.
    14. 14. TIMELINEFinal T-shirt Design 11/11/12: This is the date n which we hope to have the deign complete on Photoshop. Iwill be designing the t-shirt on illustrator and Photoshop. We can finalize this design with an extra surveyto determine weather or not the public like it.Printed 28/11/12: We would like at least one trial t shirt to be printed by this date. This way we can see ifthe product is worthwhile to print from this t shit company. If not we will till have time to change the T-shritprinting company.DB flea Market2/12/12: This is the date when we first plan to sell our t-shirts.Christmas holiday selling 27/12/12-5/1/13: During our Christmas holidays we will sell our t-shirtsthroughout areas in Hong Kong. Specifically busier areas such as Stanley and central.School Bake sale 8/1/13: We will then hold a bake sale to the school to raise some more added profit andspread awareness around the school.Final sales 19/1/13: This is when any leftover shirts will be sold. We will then collect our money and give itto the HKSF as soon as possible.