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Research and Planning


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Research and Planning

  1. 1. Description of project : Raiseawareness throughout IslandSchool of the cause and our work.Create and sell a productsuccessfully, make a profit whichwe would then donate to the HKSF.Goal: Our goal is to raise theawareness of Island Schoolstudents of the HKSF and what theydo. We would also like to getstudents involved with thefoundation whilst earning profit forproduct that we can later donate tothe foundation.Client: The Hong Kong Sharkfoundation
  2. 2. Aims: We aim to:• Make profit from products we will sell• Get more students involved with the HKSF (E.g. volunteering)• Get some donations from Island School and the general publicObjectives:• Produce and sell our product with at least 1,000$ earned through this and through donations• By the end of the project we hope to have at least 5 student volunteers for the HKSF• To have an HSSA (HKSF Student Shark Ambassador)• Make notice of our Project through posters around Discovery Bay advertising our sale.
  3. 3. Brainstorm
  4. 4. My research will firstly, beon the client: The HKSF(Hong Kong SharkFoundation).I will look at their aims andobjectives in relation toraising awareness andfunds throughout HK andcompare their aims to myown. I will see how theyadvertise, sell and pricetheir products.
  5. 5. “HKSF’s main goal is to raise awarenessabout shark conservation, with particularemphasis on the unsustainable practice ofshark finning, and to enlist support inhelping to reduce the consumption of sharkproducts in Hong Kong.”Our aims and objectives are closely similarto HKSF. The prime purpose of this projectis to increase the awareness of IslandSchool to needs of shark conservation. Wehave a list of aims which are more preciseon how we hope to achieve this. This listhas been expanded a through ourobjectives which clearly identify how wewant to achieve our aims.
  6. 6. A more thorough researchinto the different possibleproducts we could makeand sell. Comparison ofother companies, charitiesand foundations that havedesigned, sold and chosenapparel. A look into ourtarget market: Island schoolstudents and the DiscoveryBay residents .
  7. 7. The HKSF in particular sells shirtsfor children, women and men. Theirshirts come in different colours forchildren and only the navy foradults. HKSF sells wristbands for adecent price of $20, they also sell abook in which all the money made isdonated to a charity.
  8. 8. Cute icons of sharks promotes their conservation. Whereas more frightening image do not.T-Shirts
  9. 9. Most of the T-shirts I found havesome form of image which attractsthe customer. As our customer isthe HK public it would be logical notto use an aggressive image of ashark but a cute image as it wouldpromote their conservation andprobably sell better. We alsodecided that most shark T-shirts onthe market have dull colours andconvey their message fairlystraightforward. We have decided toinclude either a pun or a rhyme aswe feel it would appeal more to ourcustomers but also convey theimportant message we are trying todeliver: “Stop shark finning”
  10. 10. T-shirt design
  11. 11. 1. http://www.buddy-ch.com2. http://www.tshirtmanhk.comThese are the two most popularT-shirt printing companies inHong Kong. 1 is slightly moreexpensive than 2, company 1requires orders in largequantities whereas 2 can make asmaller number of shirts.Company 1 has the main T-shirtstructure we require so they arethe company we are likely to gowith.
  12. 12. After some extensive researchand surveys we know that ourtarget audience, Island Schoolunlike the public audience has apreference to bake sales andgeneral food sales rather thanour idea of a product. As a resultwe have decided to continue ouraim of creating and selling asuccessful product butinstead, to the public who aremore interested in purchasingdesigns. As an extra we havedecided to raise money for theHKSF within the school via thesefood sales.
  13. 13. Because of our survey resultsthe public is now the keyaudience, and customer forour T-shirts. We plan to askpeople on the streets whetheror not they would purchase aT-shirt for charity which wouldcost them approximately 50$and if so their preferreddesign. Once we count up ourresults we can then decidewhich design to use, where tosell and how we mightadvertise our event.
  14. 14. Survey questions in chronologicalorder:1. How old are you?2. Are you aware of the HKSF?3. Would you purchase a T-shirt when the proceeds go towards the Hong Kong Shark Foundation charity?4. Would you donate money?5. If you were to purchase a T- shirt which is your preferred design?(shown the design sheet)
  15. 15. Survey results
  16. 16. From our survey results it isclear that not many people knowwho they HKSF are. Most peoplepreferred design 2 to the rest.We can now develop the roughdrawings on Photoshop andsend them off to be printed.Now we need to contact ourclient with our final Researchand Planning idea and get theirpermission to move forward. Wealso need to design anadvertisement campaign in orderto publicize the HKSF and ourproject.
  17. 17. • Posters around school• Bulletin announcement(All advertisement forschool food sale) Posters put up in our main selling areas. Possible distribution of flyers/leaflets(All advertisement for publicproduct sale)
  18. 18. Discovery Bay holds a flea market on thefirst Sunday of every month, this is an idealplace for us to sell our product. Theres alsoStanley market, and markets held all overHong Kong that we can rent a stall to sellour product at. We could show people ourdesigns and wear our product as well and ifthey are interested in buying we may takedown their names and delivery address andwe will take in the money and deliver oneweekend. DB Flea Market: 3/3/2013 Stanley market: During x-mas holiday (date & availability not confirmed) IFC bridge: During x-mas holiday (date not confirmed- donations ONLY)
  19. 19. TimelineTime line objectives:• Final T-shirt design : We plan to have our final T-shirt design chosen and ready to print on the 11th of November. We will determine our final design through public surveys on IFC bridge.• Printed: On the 28th of November we plan to have our T-shirts printed off and sent back to us.• DB Flea market: We plan to sell our T-shirts at the DB flea market and hope to make a good profit.• Sale in Stanley market: We plan to sell in Stanley market during Christmas as it is a prime tourist location and we are likely to make profit as there will be people doing Christmas shopping• School bake sale: We plan to hold a bake sale in school on the 8th of January to raise extra donation money for the HKSF.• Final sales: We will have our last product sale on the 19th of January in IFC. Once all the money and shirts have been delivered and collected we will then donate on behalf of Island