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Sote Innovation Fair 2018 - Recommendations from the judges


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Short document with major recommendations for startups that competed at Sote Innovation Fair 2018 how to improve their products and find ways to reach economic viability.

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Sote Innovation Fair 2018 - Recommendations from the judges

  1. 1. SOTE INNOVATION FAIR  JUDGES COMMENTS ON ECONOMIC VIABILITY    Three comments before discussing the individual ideas and their potential for viability.    ● Firstly it was impressive that the students were in touch with the pressing matters facing  the nation and various incidents and were moved to build solutions to solve these  problems. Things that made the headlines found their way into their innovation e.g. The  Solai Dam incident, road accidents, electoral fraud.They also dealt with things that  weren’t headlines but were societal issues such as dangers facing the girl child, maternal  mortality, waste management and food security.    ● Secondly there was a lot of contextual innovation especially around the areas of wildlife  conservation and the other on the Tomoko (Custard apple) fruit which again was  impressive.    ● Finally teacher effort reflected in the presentation and innovations - some students  seemed to have good ideas but seemed to be pulling the weight by themselves.    VIABILITY  Viability can be looked at in several ways - we will try to classify it as follows  1. Viable if remixed and combined  2. Viable if improved  3. Viable but has to compete with existing solutions (not unique)  4. Viable with focus on a paying market  5. Viable as is 
  2. 2. VIABLE IF REMIXED AND COMBINED  Three solutions around wildlife can be viable if remixed and combined as one. Anisan, Pori  Booster and Okoa Rhino all focused on wildlife tracking.   In the news this week the KWS had launched an app called WILD to combat poachers.   
  3. 3. So while on their own Anisan, Okoa Rhino and Pori Booster might not compete. A combination  of the three which offers  ● Signal boosters when the animals are moving around which help in relaying data  ● Monitoring of animal vitals - Blood pressure, infections, injuries impeding movement  (reduced motion)  ● Monitoring of environment - Air quality and other measures    Then they can compete.  Also they can use the recent history of Anisan having competed in the US and the fact that they  are high schoolers.  VIABLE IF IMPROVED  The two waste management solutions are viable if improved.    1. The smart bin from Moi Girls (a. Globe?) the sensor part is great and also the fact that it                                      allows household collectors means every house doesn’t have to keep a bin for long and                              whichever garbage collection or sanitation company that adopts it will win.   The additional improvement that might work will be to add compartments for different                          type of waste e.g. plastic, organic and the rest (highly likely paper) and a chemical filter                                component which by assessing carbon combinations can determine what kind of waste it                          is without passing the cognitive load to the homeowner.    2. The sewer management from Murray Girls need to focus on repackaging the output                          from sewage recycling… while people might find it obnoxious to eat food grown on                            sewage… no one will find it obnoxious to use sewage to grow trees or rehabilitate desert                                areas. Circular management is a big thing in the world right now… they are onto                              something but it needs work. Also sewer isn’t the best of names - maybe again focus on                                  the end result Green Africa or something… Also the other uses might have been viable                             
  4. 4. but the fact that they presented all of them in one sitting made the waste the focus of the                                      presentation instead of making the new output the focus.    VIABLE BUT HAVE TO COMPETE WITH EXISTING SOLUTIONS (NOT  UNIQUE)    Reflux GT and other teams working on car trackers as well as all other teams working on  employment solutions have to compete with existing solutions in the market. Nothing really  differentiates them. The biometrics solution and Linda Mama also did not have a differentiator.  It will require too much of an investment to compete.  VIABLE WITH A FOCUS ON A PAYING MARKET  All the winning solutions need to find a paying market. WE - SAFE​ while we understand that they would like to alert residents on dams breaching can  be viable if they focus on possible payers (other interested parties in dam levels)  ● KENGEN  ● City Water companies  ● Emergency response organizations (Red Cross)  ● Horticultural farms with similar installations to Solai    S-APP​ has a great concept of peer to peer learning. If they can sell the concept to schools it  would be an easy win. If they can’t they will have to work with advertisers and student data to  make revenue (of course this will have privacy and consent challenges)    Sitaki ​can also be used by organizations working with women and girls such as CREAW and  others. Licensing can be the business model and they can use high schools to increase the  number of girls on the application (numbers are what will sell to any NGO).    Ukulima Digitech ​need to focus on the Urban Household - they should tailor their solution for  the person growing food in their flat terrace. This means they have to cut costs to be less than  the average spend on groceries, offer support and advice on growing. To sell in bulk they will  have to target real estate developers who can offer houses which come with a unit of their  invention  VIABLE AS IS  Tomoko Juice is viable as is. They just need to find a distribution model and slightly improve  packaging but they are good to go. They need to get rid of “Afia” from their name - too similar  to Afia. 
  5. 5. P. S - It helps if the team names have memorable names that allude to the product SAWABE  seem to have good marks on our sheets but we can’t remember what they were working on