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Sote Innovation Fair 2018 - List of startups


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A list of startup ideas from student teams that competed during Sote Innovation Fair 2018 in Voi, Kenya.

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Sote Innovation Fair 2018 - List of startups

  1. 1. Start-Ups. Sote Innovation FAIR 2018 This Edition Featured 26 participating schools from both Taita Taveta & Kwale Counties, that showcased at the fair. The following are some of the highlight exhibitors. LIBRARY INFO SYSTEM Ngozi Girls A library info management system to ease access and control of library materials in schools. WE SAFE Murray Girls A gadget that relays early warning system before disaster strikes for example the re- cent Solai Dam BIOMETRIC APP Marungu High school A synchronized biometric system to ease voting process, ensuring transparency, jus- tice and fairness PORI NETWORKING Kasigau Girls Solution for mobile network especially in rural areas, boosting connectivity and open- ing up villages JOB FINDER Chala Secondary A web and mobile platform for job seekers to connect to new opportunities and to employ- ers to reach out to potential employees UKULIMA DIGITEC Kasigau Girls Mobile irrigation. Sends SMS notification to the farmer when soil moisture reduces and triggers automatic irrigation to the crops ELECTRONIC Insect REPELLANT Chala Sec. Repels and kills pests and insects e.g. mos- quitoes DIAMOND ENTREPRISES Mwalukombe Girls A creative design agency hoping to give brands bold images, new designs RIGHT MARK. Marungu high school An online market place, mobile based that gives accurate information about products and services in different regions REFLUX GT -4O PJ Mwangola high school A sensor to alert vehicle owners when driv- ers are under influence of drugs or fatigued. This averts potential accidents OKOA RHINO Mwakitawa high school micro-chips with system integrations, that relays info on location of rhinos helping avert poaching and minimizing human wild- life conflict ABOVE: A student from Kasigau Girls makes a presentation on Kilimo Digital at the fair.
  2. 2. Sote Innovation FAIR 2018 SAWABE Kajire Girls An E saver multifunctional device for licens- ing, tracking about anything LINDA MAMA Buguta Girls Maternal health solution especially for rural women. The App/USSD solution relays time- ly info about development of the baby, doc- tors appointment, pre and ante natal care tips KAZI NET Mwagogho High school Creating a jobs search platform for both skilled and semi-skilled workforce where both employers and employees meet. MALKIA ENTREPRISES Mwalukombe Girls. A social enterprise focusing on bead works, selling and training fellow youth and women, giving them the power to fend for self SOPAPHO Mwakitawa Girls Solar Power casings for different household items that requires power e.g. phones, torch- es. This is a revolution for adoption of solar energy in rural economies NDOVU CARE Kajire Girls An elephant sensor that alerts Kenya Wildlife Service to respond whenever jumbos enters into villages. This group were already win- ners for Start Up Africa competition and had a trip to Delaware, USA ECO FRIENDLY EXPERTS Voi Girls high school Smart bins that send notification when full for collections. Envisions clean municipals, institutions, cities and homes E- RIDER Co. Mwagogho Boys An app and USSD technology on the back- drop of Uber model for riders. MATOMOKO AFIA PLUS. Mwagogho boys high school Using custard apples to make nutritious healthy juice. Anti-oxidant and lowers chanc- es of lifestyle diseases like cancer. Empowers local farmers to access high value markets GREEN HOUSE SECURITY. PJ Mwangola High school Smart self-regulated green house with sever- al auto features (lighting, cooling, watering, and security). Makes farming cool, reduces costs of production and increase yield ...Turning Ideas Into Business Call: +254 721 474 286 | Email: | off: Red Elephant Bistro, Voi BELOW: A winning team from Mwakitawa Girls High School receiving awards from Taita Taveta County Government, Education C.E.C.M. Hon. Daniel Makoko & KCB’s rep Mr. Ronald Regan (Centre)