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How to Avoid (causing) Death by Powerpoint!


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Simple tips and tricks you can use to avoid making the audience pull their eyes out with your horrible Powerpoint Presentation!

This is part of a training for "Presentation skills" delivered to the members of AIESEC in Athens in February 2015.
There are some videos inside the presentation. Since they don't work on this format, if you want the links for them, feel free to contact me!

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How to Avoid (causing) Death by Powerpoint!

  1. 1. HOW TO avoid Death by powerpoint by Sotiris Baratsas
  2. 2. Technology has EVOLVED Over the years
  3. 3. 1988 2015 meh.. Woah! by sotiris baratsas
  4. 4. Our presentations however HAVE NOT by sotiris baratsas
  5. 5. 1988 2015 because really... Nothing’s changed by sotiris baratsas
  6. 6. OH NO! It’s 1999 again! by sotiris baratsas
  7. 7. of POWERPOINTMISUSEstill causes countless ideas   to   FAIL. by sotiris baratsas
  8. 8. doesn’t lie with your idea The problem by sotiris baratsas
  9. 9. doesn’t lies with your PRESENTATION The problem by sotiris baratsas
  10. 10. Rules To Fix your Horrible powerpoint5 by sotiris baratsas
  11. 11. 01 by sotiris baratsas
  12. 12. 01 More than 40 words per slide is a document. Are you giving a Presentation or a document? by sotiris baratsas
  13. 13. 02 COLOR PALETTE Define a specific   by sotiris baratsas
  14. 14. 03Have a killer First slide TITLE& by sotiris baratsas
  15. 15. 04 by sotiris baratsas
  16. 16. 04 SUCK Bullet Points   Proven to be the worst way to remember stuff! WHY? by sotiris baratsas
  17. 17. 04 by sotiris baratsas People start writing things down of paying attention to you! INSTEAD  
  18. 18. 04 combine Instead   Short text points with visuals   by sotiris baratsas
  19. 19. Technology has EVOLVED Over the years Remember? by sotiris baratsas
  20. 20. Martin Luther King STYLE by sotiris baratsas
  21. 21. Version 1 The Manifesto of Civil Rights: •  All of us, black or white, must have equal rights, because this is the only way to have a society of prosperity and access to opportunities. •  To achieve this, we must love each other and respect each other’s opinion, whether we agree or not. •  If we want to be successful this must be integrated in the law of every state and be implemented on a national level. by sotiris baratsas
  22. 22. Version 2 How to move our society forward =equal rights for all love each other in every state by sotiris baratsas
  23. 23. 05 Use rich content. by sotiris baratsas
  24. 24. Let’s SUM UP by sotiris baratsas
  25. 25. Let’s SUM UP 1.  Keep it short & simple 2.  define a specific color palette 3.  Have a killer title & first slide 4.  Don’t use bullet points Combine short points & visuals 5.  Use rich content by sotiris baratsas
  26. 26. Sotiris Baratsas @sotirisbaratsas Sotiris Baratsas Change artist
  27. 27. by sotiris baratsas Thank.U!