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SBTPI - SOSS - Rommel Rebollido

  1. 1. SBTPI/SOSS B y R om m el G . R ebollid o
  2. 2. Established in June  2003 as an enterprise by three journalists and three other entrepreneurs based in General Santos City Registered with the  SEC that same year Initial plan was to  start a publishing venture (newspaper) but was shelved for financial reasons
  3. 3. SBTPI Shifted focus on offering journalism trainings involving  students, local firms, government agencies and local government units In 2006, SBTPI published a quarterly/special edition business  news magazine Mindanao Economic Review Strengthened training component, with focus on specialized  journalism skills and new media Established partnerships with academic institutions (KNCHS)  and media institutions to beef up the new media training program
  4. 4. Mindanao Economic  Review's T'nalak Festival 2007 Special Edition
  5. 5. Journalism Trainings
  6. 6. FOSS and SBTPI I egr ed FO SS nt at  applcatons i new m edi ii n a tai ng pr am s ( r ni ogr desktop publshi i ng) Som e m em ber st t t s ared o  m i at t open sour gr e o ce oper i syst s atng em
  7. 7. Joi ned FO SS and  new m edi tai ngs a r ni ( a Sour I i Asi ce I n Sukabum i I , ndonesi a and Seacem 's Brdgi t N ew i ng he M edi W or a kshop in Kual Lum pur a , M al a) aysi
  8. 8. March 2007 SBTPI started FOSS advocacy  Acted as secretariat for the then Socsksargen  Open Source Network Initial plan was to launch training programs on  new media using FOSS applications
  9. 9. August-September 2007 SBTPI helped organize the 1st Open  Technology Fair of Koronadal National Comprehensive High School
  10. 10. October 2007, SBTPI  pushed for the reorganization and expansion of SOSN The new group adopted the  name Socsksargen Open Source Society (SOSS) SOSS core group is based  in Koronadal City
  11. 11. What SOSS wants to achieve: Help mainstream FOSS, at least in Southwestern Mindanao or Region 12 (mainly in the provinces of South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani and the cities of Koronadal and General Santos)
  12. 12. SOSS is composed of: Journalists (print, radio)  Teachers/Instructors (High School/College)  Entrepreneurs  IT Professionals (programmers, graphic  artists, etc) Etc (Bronx - :) 
  13. 13. Members (25 active) are from South Cotabato, Sultan  Kudarat, Sarangani and cities of Koronadal and General Santos Meets once weekly and maintains daily exchanges  through googlegroups ( SEC registration is now in the works  We welcome other FOSS advocates to join us 
  14. 14. Activities SOSS was adopted by MSU-GenSan as working  group for the 1st OpenHUBS Maintain exchanges with UNDP-IOSN for FOSS  advocacy efforts with Socsksargen or Region 12 Work closely with the KNCHS FOSS Society for  learning exchanges with students
  15. 15. Plans/Upcoming Activities: FOSS Camp (Socsksargen high schools/PC for Public  Schools program recipients), third week of January 2008 Launch non-formal/formal computer education classes  using FOSS in coordination with DepEd and TESDA, June 2008 Launch trainings on FOSS for B'laan and T'boli high  school students, Summer 2008 Launch 'Open Socsksargen 2008,' a regional open  source festival
  16. 16. Set up open source showcases in trade fairs (SME  Week, MICT, T'nalak Festival) Offer FOSS training programs for local companies in  partnership with academic institutions Organize the 2nd Open Technology Fair (KNCHS)  FOSS for Journalists? 
  17. 17. We need to generate resources to fund our advocacy... Our strength is in publishing (web and print)  Partner with SBTPI for a web-based news magazine  venture Long term: showcase a publishing venture  (magazine, weekly community newspaper, web news magazine) operating mainly on FOSS
  18. 18. We need to learn/update ourselves on FOSS, etc... We created a training committee that will look for  FOSS training opportunities for members (local or outside the region, preferably free :) Link up with other FOSS groups  Mentoring/sharing within the group 
  19. 19. Daghang Salamat!